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We live in a time where our systems and overall society is crumbling or transitioning – media, technology, economies, education, consciousness, relationships and more. Our existing ways of looking at and understanding our world are no longer sufficient, and new conversations are encouraging us to look more deeply at why our world is the way it is, and what about us creates it to be this way.

The questions of who we are, why we are here and what we are capable of also sit at the core of what we’ve called a shift in collective consciousness, also now known as the metacrisis.

Beautifully, millions around the world are coming to a realize that there is a deep interconnection at the basis of our reality, something that connects all of us to everything, and this is beginning to shift our worldview.

Thus, Collective Evolution creates content and courses to help us explore the states of mind and embodiment necessary to witness our current state, make sense of it, and shift it to be in alignment with the ability to create a thriving world.

Over the last 15 years, CE has played an instrumental role in transforming culture by popularizing major insights around consciousness, personal transformation, cultural change, quantum physics, emerging solutions and more. Our content has been viewed over 1.5 billion times globally.

What do our current events say about how we operate as people? What do our societal structures and common issues say about our level of thinking (consciousness) and what type of ideas we’re bringing to the table? What if the solution to the many challenges we feel we face today is actually in changing how we think, relate to one another, and even relate to our world?

These are the types of questions that have emerged from CE’s core principles.

1. Interconnectedness – Our universe is intimately interconnected as one living being. There is a natural evolutionary process built within the fabric of our One consciousness.

2. Interbeing – We share a profound interdependent relationship with all things, including the planet, other living beings, and each other. As we stretch our understanding, we can come to see this interbeing galactically as well.

3. Thrivability – We can thrive as a species and are designed to. It is useful to move beyond the idea of sustainability which often suggests we must do less. Instead, how can we embrace interbeing while creating thrivability? Much of this comes down to how we relate to each other and our world, and the available technology held back by current economic models.

4. Humans Are Naturally Good – Human beings are not inherently bad or violent creatures, but this behavior emerges from unresolved trauma & stored survival stress. Shaped by a poorly design environment, we get stuck in disconnected states of survival. This truth can be garnered by understanding the healthy nervous system of a human being.

5. Change Starts Within – The concept we are best known for, here we suggest that in order to thrive in our outer world we must thrive within and vice versa. A paradox at first glance but given we are interconnected, our inner state and outer world is constantly reflecting and changing one another. For some, an unfolding process of personal transformation will lead to changes in our outer world, for others, those changes may pull them into inner transformation.  Wisdom emerges from this way of seeing. This process asks us to truly embody change and new ideas – allowing them to become an emerging quality of our being. This is as opposed to simply having an intellectual idea of something.

6. Good Sensemaking is Fundamental – In order to get on the same page about the nature of our world, we must be willing to come together in good faith and make sense of what’s going on. This means setting aside hardened political ideologies. Through inner transformation and the building of self-awareness, our own bias’ and agendas become apparent to us, giving us a chance to leave them aside as we make sense of our world and grow together in good faith. Conflict and disagreement can still exist, but won’t become a hindrance in human thrivability. In this process we acknowledge the importance of mind, body, and spirit without demonizing one for the other.

7. Collaborative Stewardship – Meaningful stewardship of our planet and wellbeing will come from unifying and collaborating vs incessant competing. While some competition is natural, deep collaboration is an emergent quality of humanity’s natural state.

Key Moments

Founded by Joe Martino 2009, CE quickly became an important voice for exploring new ways of thinking, transforming and making sense of emerging ideas. Generating 20 – 30 million readers monthly.

In 2011, Martino developed a voice and way of making sense of current events and ideas that’s now called Embodied Sensemaking. This became the basis of how CE content was produced for over a decade. 

In 2019, CE launched a membership platform that provides discussions, courses and live events to explore new paradigms, transform, and shift consciousness.

In 2021, CE moved its journalism initiative to a new brand called The Pulse. Where many of these same deep questions are applied to the exploration of current events through Embodied Sensemaking.

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