Have You Ever Woken Up In The Middle of Night Paralyzed? You’re Not Alone

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How many of you have ever woken up unable to speak or move? If you have, you are not alone.

This phenomenon is called sleep paralysis. It may last a few seconds, several moments, or much longer, and usually occurs right before you are about to fall asleep or wake up. Many people report feeling a “presence” that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil, and often feel terrified while it’s happening.

The presence can be seen, felt, and even heard. People also report unique experiences like the sensation of floating or being outside the body. They believe the phenomenon to be an extremely spiritual one.

In the modern medical world, these experiences are defined as hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations (0), which is often the explanation when modern views of spiritual experience are combined with medical ideas that label them as psycho-pathological. It is well understood that sleep paralysis coincides with physiological mechanisms in the brain, but the strange feelings individuals have when experiencing sleep paralysis are still puzzling to scientists. The idea of spiritual experience as an explanation for a bizarre and complex phenomenon has been suppressed, thus discouraging discussion of it in modern society. (1)

“Beginning in college and graduate school I was particularly interested in the beliefs of ordinary people, especially the ones that were treated as nonsense in the academic world. The academic world treats spiritual belief in general that way. I was interested in alternative medicine at the same time for the same reason. Right from the beginning I was convinced that ordinary people are smarter, are more sensible than they’re given credit for by scholars, and that traditions that are widespread and deeply held probably have more rational basis, and more observation built into them than the theories that I was taught in graduate school. I couldn’t believe that all the beliefs of ordinary people that are not part of the academic worldview were nonsense. I have the impression that the academic world might be a little too narrow, and that regular people might have something to offer about it (sleep paralysis) through their experience and what they believed about things. There are beliefs that are based on experience that have been dismissed as superstitious beliefs that bear much more investigation, these are experiences that are built into the spiritual traditions all over the world. In the modern western world, for at least the past one hundred years, these phenomena have been explained on the basis of psychopathology. So the discovery that those experiences are common and that they occur among ‘normal’ people, that they are not in fact indicative of any type of disease, has tremendous importance for medicine. This isn’t a new phenomenon, we erased the knowledge of these experiences from the cultural repertoire.”

– Dr. David J. Hufford, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Penn State Medical School (1)

Almost all scientific approaches to sleep paralysis assume that the experiences it causes are hallucinations and dismiss any other theories. Just because there are measured biological and chemical activities occurring during sleep paralysis does not mean there is a causal relationship between the two. There are other things we must take into consideration and, as quantum science is showing us, there are definitely worlds within our world that we are not yet able to perceive easily. There is definitely a non-physical aspect to science in general that we are just beginning to wake up to.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

– Nikola Tesla

Spiritual Experience

Modern scholars have found spirit and spirituality difficult to define and, as mentioned earlier, usually place these topics within the circle of ridicule amongst the scientific community. Many reading this probably have a good idea of the terms that fit under the umbrella of “spirit” or “spiritual.” They involve out-of-body experiences, visits from entities not of this world, near-death experiences, frequency, vibration, and more.

It’s important to realize that many experiences people have within the “spiritual” realm occur when they are fully conscious, awake, and alert, and not during what sleep researchers call sleep paralysis. It’s quite possible that our level of scientific understanding is not advanced enough to explain certain phenomena, so sometimes they are grouped into the category of hallucinations, even though they are simply things we do not understand and cannot yet explain scientifically.

At the same time, some of what people experience during sleep paralysis could very well be hallucinatory, although I don’t believe this to be the case. I am very open to the idea that what is experienced for some during “sleep paralysis” is indeed intertwined with the true nature of reality — a reality we clearly do not yet fully understand. The point is we don’t know for sure, and for the scientific community to assume and label them as definite hallucinations and as a figment of the imagination is limiting.

Scientific evidence for out-of-body phenomena is sorely lacking, but it’s difficult to add to this body of research when so much of it is suppressed. I’m referring to developments within the world that are classified for the sake of national security. Recent leaks from the NSA were responsible for the very first public disclosure of a black budget, and the Canadian government was recently outed for muzzling scientists. (2)  This coincides with the remote viewing experiments that involved the intelligence community and Stanford University, among others. (3)(4)

Yet there is some science and official research behind these types of phenomena, though it lies within the hands of the intelligence community and remains highly classified, as with the experiments conducted at Stanford University. Among the varied hallucinations associated with sleep paralysis, out-of-body experiences and vestibular motor sensations represent a distinct factor. (5) Remote viewing is the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away. This phenomenon has been proven time and time again, and shortly after its publication the program was shut down by the Department of Defense.

We have many examples of phenomena that would fit under the “spiritual” umbrella, and who are we to say that sleep paralysis experiences are imagined? Sometimes, ideas and concepts can be a threat to power, to control, and to the overall perception humanity has of reality as a collective. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. If the planet changed the way it looked at sleep paralysis and other inexplicable occurrences, surely this would contribute to one of the biggest paradigm shifts the planet has ever seen, and this is exactly what is continuing to unfold on planet Earth today.

Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away (even more) from their physical location. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/08/shocking-discoveries-made-studies-confirm-the-reality-of-remote-viewing/#sthash.L5wdaoUm.dpuf
Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away (even more) from their physical location. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/08/shocking-discoveries-made-studies-confirm-the-reality-of-remote-viewing/#sthash.L5wdaoUm.dpuf
Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away (even more) from their physical location. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/08/shocking-discoveries-made-studies-confirm-the-reality-of-remote-viewing/#sthash.L5wdaoUm.dpuf
Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away (even more) from their physical location. – See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/08/08/shocking-discoveries-made-studies-confirm-the-reality-of-remote-viewing/#sthash.L5wdaoUm.dpuf

“The ridicule of these phenomena is a level of social control. Scholars, academics and elite intellectuals in general constantly describe these things as, if not indicative of insanity, them being primitive, and being the product of a lack of education. These concepts in the realm of anthropology and history are taken to be the product of imagination.”

– Dr. David J Hufford (1)

My Experience With Sleep Paralysis

When I was a child, I remember having a number of lucid dreams. They seemed so real and I felt completely conscious during the experience. I was able to do whatever I desired while dreaming. My first experience with sleep paralysis didn’t occur until I was a little bit older. The very first time it happened, I remember suddenly waking up from a loud bang, a bright flash of light (although my eyes were closed), and a loud ringing in my ears. I could open my eyes, but I couldn’t move my body. It was almost as if my brain was awake but my body was still sleeping. I was terrified, and the reason I didn’t open my eyes is because I felt the presence of two beings on my left side, and two beings on my right side, and I didn’t want to see. I have no idea if they were real or not, or if I was simply dreaming..

Keep in mind that experiences like this can occur when people are totally conscious, driving down the street, going about their everyday lives. Many people have totally conscious experiences with things that seem to be beyond our understanding, and they are not paralyzed or asleep. I have also had bizarre experiences while conscious, which might contribute to my bias on this subject. I do believe that what people experience during sleep paralysis is more than just a trick of the mind. This particular experience I had during sleep lasted approximately five minutes, until I totally regained consciousness.

On another occasion, I again woke up in the middle of the night. I could open my eyes and I was totally aware of my surroundings. I was on the road in a hotel room by myself, I could see the TV, I could see the lamp in the corner of the room as well as the chair. I could not turn my head but I could look around. Although my eyes felt heavy, I could still open them. I couldn’t move and was pretty scared, and I remember thinking, “not again, why is this happening to me.” I saw a dark, shadowy figure come through the window that seemed to be about five feet tall. I was on the left side of the bed and the window was in the right corner of the room. It came across the room and across the foot of my bed to the left side of my head. It put its mouth up to my ear and started to whisper rapidly. I could not understand what it was saying, but it was whispering extremely fast.

I had a few other experiences after that which were pretty scary, and I started to desire more because I realized that although I couldn’t move, my consciousness was still there. I was still awake, alert, and able to perceive the environment around me. The next time it happened, I assured myself that I would not react in fear, and that I would instead embrace the experience and try to “play” with it, explore, and use this state of consciousness for further discovery about a potential world we are not usually able to experience. The next time it happened, I reminded myself to stay calm, enjoy it, and see what happens; this time I actually wanted to communicate with whatever I perceived to be there. When I did this, nothing presented itself. I still couldn’t move, but didn’t try to jolt myself out of it. I tried to float out of my body and was successful. I fully floated out of my body, but could only go so far, about one meter. I tried to go further but it was as if I was still attached to my body. This was a very cool experience, but unfortunately, after making the decision to try to manipulate the situation, the experience ended and I never had it again.

These type of occurrences are definitely intriguing, and nobody, including scientists, should dismiss the experience one has during sleep paralysis as illusory. The scientific community should be comfortable in a place of neutrality, instead of characterizing something as false without sufficient evidence to back up the claim. There is no need for ridicule. I hope I’ve provided enough information within the article, as well as adequate sources, for you to further your research if interested.

If you have experienced this phenomenon, I’d love for you to share your experiences within the comments section. Thanks for reading.










(1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qhS_47BqoY


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Arjun Walia

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Comments 1,505

  1. chibipaul says:


    Have had such experiences and there is nought esoteric about it

  2. Z says:

    this type of thing happens to me several times a month. there’s almost always a shadowy presence in front of me, and it feels like my body is convulsing as i struggle to force control of my body. i’ve gotten a lot faster at regaining control over the years. sometimes it’s not just paralysis, one time it was like my body was caught in a mini tornado on my bed or as if someone had hold of me and was swinging me around very fast. needless to say it was horrifying, but the fact that these things can only do so much while i’m in that vulnerable state kind of speaks for itself. oh also i’ve woken up feeling a warmth of a phantom body on my legs, then the bed gently started to rock and got stronger. the only thing i can compare it to is as if two people were having sex on top of my legs. lol anyways, i’d love to know what they’re trying to accomplish….probably just trying to keep people in a state of fear/anxiety.

    • john says:

      I had the same experience dude, it happened right before I was about to completely fall asleep I want to say. but a bright flash went through my head and then I could open my eyes but i completely paralyzed for a few seconds and I saw a shadowy figure too man!! not bs you I want to say it was 5 feet tall maybe a inch or 2 taller and it felt like it shifted to the center of my bed and it was done. and it happened April 6. is it an evil presence. I try not to be superstitious but this expirence freaked me out

      • owen says:

        owen.breen@yahooI have had many messed up dreams over the years, seen the tall things in my room u name it. The reason I’m on this site is the other night i was woken up to this bright light above my head, as it came closer to my head it looked like i could make out words of some sort in its beam. It went right into my head as that happend my whole body went into a shaking/fit state. I could not move somehow it stopped after a bit. The most strangest thing is I could here a woman reading a bible right after it stopped. This to me was more than a dream!

        • Chris says:

          Woah intense . .maybe God told that woman to pray for you, and God put a seal on you, to say you belong to him and not the devil??? . .I really have no idea though.

          • owen says:

            I hope so. I came across an other site and to my surprise it has happend to a teenager. Same thing but it was a man’s voices praying. Really freaky !

        • Andy says:

          Owen that is incredible! Ive had a very simillar experience. I awaked paralysed in bed and i felt this shadowy figure in front of me but insted of the women in the bible ive heard my mom right in my room door telling me not to look at them and to focus on this brighter light that was getting brighter and brighter in a sky full of stars, my body was like shaking as i entered the light and then it stopped. After a few seconds i was able to move again and Ive checked the clock and its 4:44. that was very weird. It was a very remarkable experience to me and never seen anyone with an experience so simillar to mine. Get back to me, I would like to know something more about your experience if you have something more to tell!

          • owen says:

            Hi Andy, nothing much more to say about that experience. I can say that it really affected me for a few weeks after it. I believe that it was a religious or extraterritorial experience. Either way it makes me believe that there Is some sort of afterlife.

          • Joanie says:

            Andy I have had these since 1996. I found a closed group dedicated to this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sleep.paralysis.group/

            See you there!

    • Elle Elle says:

      these things have happened to me also. namely the rapid whispering very near my ears…. one time it was happening and my eyes were looking toward a mirror on the wall near my bed. my bed did not move but its reflection In the mirror suddenly did, as if it had been shoved backward several hundreds of feet very suddenly. then the whispering began, all around my head, I couldn’t discern the words but it sounded unhappy. that was one of the first and there’s been many since then, but only a few have been as notably frightening experiences.

  3. I used to have them a lot as a small child, there wasn’t usually a feeling of something there but they were always very scary I realized I could wake myself by concentrating on moving my index finger and they stopped. I had them often again in my 20s during times of not getting enough sleep and couldn’t wake myself and they were very scary and when I would finally come out of it I would be in a panic state that would take hours to come down from. I have them very rarely now and when I do they are not scary and I just think to myself “stop” or “not now” and they instantly stop. One of the recent times when I was not scared I kept my eyes closed and asked to see something it was more like show me something and I could see some weird place and kind of moved through it awhile it was very interesting

  4. K says:

    I have had these experiences. Usually there is a shadowy figure there, sometimes I can hear it talk. It is never a comfortable situation. Sometimes I feel weight pushing down on me as it happens. I have a very hard time waking up and coming out of it. I sense that the shadowy figure is not good, and I can see it walking around the room.

  5. Beth says:

    I’ve had them many times though not lately – they are real experiences, how you interpret them, though, is up to you. In the beginning I was terrified of them, but then I learned to relax into it. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Since I started using a CPAP, they have rarely returned.

  6. kara says:

    Got the chills reading this because it is so similar to my own experiences. The first time, it was early morning and I heard my child in the next room. i Thought I had gotten up to go get him when I realized I was floating to him above the room. That is when I saw my husband get up walk around the bed and below me out of the room, I also noticed my sleeping body was still on the bed. i was yelling for my husband to pull me down from the ceiling. He didn’t see or hear me there, I started floating towards the open window and then I got scared and wanted back in my body, with a sudden swoosh I was back in my body and waking up. (my husband had really gotten up to go get my son) I have had several sleep paralysis when I think I have woken up, I can see my room although my eyeslids are very heavy like they aren’t really open. I am also aware that there is something to my left side at the edge of the bed, I think of it as the gollum in Lord of the rings, something creepy that is scary to me. I am always laying on my back when this experience happens. I am looking around my room and I don’t realize that it is the sleep paralysis until I try to move to get up. then it is shockingly scary. The first few times i fought to throw myself off the bed, and that would eventually wake me up and I would make a loud grunting sound which was really a screaming in my sleep.. I have had many episodes were I actually think I have woken up and am walking around in my own house but it seems dreamy and strange. The strangeness of the reality will clue me into the fact that I am not actually awake and when I try to then to wake up I experience the paralysis. One thing I have learned is to try and contain the fear, and just go with it… it has been happening on its own I guess when I continue to have these experiences of floating through my house and seeing what is going on in my house thinking I am awake, but I am not.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Thanks for sharing, it doesn’t have to be a scary experience, but it took me a while to realize that. We are always in control of that.

      • Lorilee says:

        I have had dreams like this since I was a small child. They are always frightening with a feeling of some entity crawling on me and choking me,trying to kill me! The only remedy that I have had through the years is to pray. When I pray constantly it’s slowly subside. Recently I’ve been handing solid vibrations up and down my back that are not painful but very very intense. I wake with a feeling of relieved and believe instantly that whatever is going on with me, will be fixed, and / or healed.

    • marcia says:

      I had the same experience. Exactly like that.

  7. Stephanie dell says:

    Had these experiences quite a few times…the first couple times it happened I would wake up and my body was paralyzed but my mind was aware and I had feelings of some sort of terror..and then one of the times this happened I woke up, body paralyzed, mind aware… And I could swear something was pulling me of of my bed by my legs…woke up sideways with feet over the side of my bed.. Another time it was like an outer body experience where I woke up, body paralyzed but it was like a demon was pulling me out of my body…he pulled me halfway out of my bedroom and as I was grabbing my doorway all I remember thinking was I have to get back to my body…he can’t have me yet….it was the scariest thing ever….as soon as I got back in my body I woke up and was terrified…I laid there for a few minutes and I thought it must have been a dream but I honestly don’t think it was..it sounds far fetched or something but I’ve had many nightmares, weird dreams, lucid dreams….nothing ever close to what I experienced that night.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Interesting, thanks for sharing. It’s crazy how many people perceive what they experience in so many different ways.

  8. waltinseattle says:

    your spiritusl is nit my dpiritusl. i gave up edoterica. this witld has eonder snd spirit eniugh that i no longer look to over there.

  9. John Schmalstieg says:

    I have had several but none as intense as yours. The one that frightened me the most occurred just as I was starting to go to sleep. I heard the bed sheets rustling as if someone was getting into bed with me. As I live alone I knew that it was not another person. When I tried to move to get out of bed I could not and had to lay there until it passed. Nothing was there when I could finally move. In one of the lucid dreams I had I could fly. I had a blast while it lasted. I wish it would happen again.

  10. Rafael says:

    I myself have had an odd experience. Back when I was 14 I fell asleep one night in my room, only to regain conciousness of my mind but not my body, as I was terrified because I could not breathe, and terrified because I felt heavy pressure on my torso. My eyes would not open and I remember thinking of an uncle who my family was very close to and we would visit him every year on his farm. I started praying and then I was able to regain control of my body. I went to school and when I came back my mother told me the same uncle I was thinking about had passed away that same night. When I told her my story she said his spirit was probably trying to say goodbye to me. It was pretty crazy.

  11. P says:

    Like 17 years ago I woke up in the middle of the night, I was paralysed, all I could move were my eyes, I saw a bright light in my room and heard a whooshing sound. I don’t know how long it took but it seemed ages to me. It was the worst experience ever.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Very interesting, if I had that experience now I think I would smile. It’s all how you perceive it that sounded beautiful to me.

  12. Temerity says:

    I have had this happen to me twice in my life so far. The first time, I was taking a nap on my mother-in-law’s couch. When I “awoke” I could see my husband watching TV by my feet and I was calling for him but he did not hear or see me trying to move. I was trying to move my toes or hands to get his attention but was unsuccessful. I thought it was a very interesting experience. This second time, I was sleeping in my bed and I tried to roll over (I was sleeping on my stomach, in both times actually) but i realized I could not. I felt a presence on my back so i was fighting trying to get it off of me, at the same time I was yelling and calling for my husband to help me. he did not see me moving or hear me yelling his name. I heard the presence whisper in my ear to stop moving or else it would call the cops on me. I kept fighting to get it off of me and I eventually completely woke out of it. I have had other experiences of seeing a giant black spider hanging over my head (I used to have this one at least once a month, I do not have this one anymore) I used to try and trap it under the covers and ran to turn the light on, of course I found nothing. I finally started ignoring it and just telling myself there is nothing there. It eventually just stop appearing.

    • The only time I ever experience sleep paralysis is after the use of drugs. It is most certainly a physiological reaction taking place in the brain. I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis as being terrifying either, except for the fact that I couldn’t move, and I’ve never ever felt anything remotely spiritual in it at all.

      • Arjun Walia says:

        Interesting, many experience it and have experienced it without any drugs. Maybe the ‘it’ you are speaking of is different, there really is no good set definition for sleep paralysis when you really look into it.

  13. Vince M says:

    I’ve experienced a more “physical” form of sleep paralysis, where I was conscious but couldn’t move or speak, but I felt something repeatedly tap my back, like it was trying to get my attention. It’s insane how real the tapping felt, it was just like a light, repeated tap. Of course I was feeling the fear as all of this was happening, and I kept trying to yell or scream to wake my body up. As soon I gained control of my body, I immediately turned around to where the tapping was, and nothing was there.

  14. John says:

    I’ve actually had a sleep paralysis experience. And I figured out what was happening as well. While living alone, in my 20’s, I awoke one night unable to move, a heavy sensation apparently keeping me pinned to my bed. My immediate reaction was “oh, no, poltergeist!” I searched the room for any signs of anything, not wanting to find anything. I even looked on the bed and my body for telltale signs of being held down… but saw nothing. The experience lasted at least a couple minutes. In that time, I calmed down somewhat and realized I could start to move. I also finally realized I had merely slept on my arms, cutting off circulation to the point where I wouldn’t move them and had no sensation or feeling in them. That created the heavy feeling. My panic and imagination had created the poltergeist. Nothing spiritual about it. No hallucination, either.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Interesting! Could definitely be one explanation : ) I hear a lot of interesting things. The fact that you did not see anything or hear anything is different from a lot of other ‘sleep paralysis’ experiencers.

  15. John says:

    Usually, the parts of ones brain reactivate nearly the same time. For some people, motor functions are last, causing them to have to stumble or drag themselves out of bed. For some, at times the “dream area” of the brain is last to shut off. The handoff between asleep and awake is blurred. I believe this is what is happening and that it not a true spiritual experience or hallucination. It’s just normal (albeit, rare) human biology and nothing to fear.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Yup, definitely interesting that the body goes into that state, the biology of it is interesting to. Definitely could be the stage between dreaming and sleeping. If the soul does come out of the body, or whatever happens, the whole biology of it all within the body at the time would be interesting to explore…if it was a spiritual experience . It can definitely be interpreted in many ways from many people.

  16. Rach says:

    I have had countless experiences like this. As a child, growing up in a very religous family, was convinced that it was to do with the supernatural (demons, ect…). I would be frozen, trying to open my eyes but couldn’t. With every attempted eye opening, I would see a flash of bright light trying to peak through, but felt a powerful force keeping them shut. Always, there is a feeling of weight on me, almost like some grabbing both my arms and pushing me into the bed. I’ve had experiences with loud, screaching like noise, almost animal like. As I’ve gotten older, the experiences have not been as intense, but still scary. Only recently have I tried to take control of the situation while it happens. It’s taking some getting use to, but getting easier each time.

  17. SS says:

    Here’s what happened to me: I was awakened from sleep by many voices that seemed to be garbled and “backwards,” as if they were spoken in reverse and slow motion. I felt a very strong presence in the house – at first, I thought the house was being broken into but then the noise was right there next to me, on my left side. I absolutely felt a malevolent presence, and tried to move but could not – and tried to talk but was mute – I was paralyzed except for my eyes. I was scared but somehow knew that letting go of fear would be beneficial to me, I “felt” these “entities” were from another dimension, and I actually allowed myself to go back to sleep, albeit with difficulty. I drifted into sleep and then awakened again some time later to the same thing, although it seemed there were “more of them,” and I willed myself to relax to let the paralysis dissolve. Every few minutes I tried to make a sound, until gradually my voice, and then some movement, returned, and it felt to me like fear would have made things so much worse, I actually projected “confident energy” to make myself strong, and went back to sleep. The next day I Googled until I found this phenomenon, and was astounded that it was an actual event that occurs. It creeped me out and stayed in my consciousness for a few days. It was not a dream, I was fully conscious.

  18. E.T. Guerrero says:

    Its actually a reassuring to know that I am not the only one who has had something like this happen to them, and like most of the comments here the exact same thing has happened to me. Hearing, sight, touch are all active senses but the ability to move or project a loud enough voice to call for help seem like the hardest thing to do. My earliest memory is when I was around six and woke to a little girl standing at the end of my bed….as the years went on the dark figures that everyone else reported seeing appeared, and I have even experienced the hearing of voices. Like the rest, I was afraid and thought it was an evil entity of some sort and even at one point tried to communicate with it. I think its been about a good month now since my last occurrence and after reading everyone else’s entries I have more confidence in knowing that individuals are actually trying to control the experience and find the “positive” of the situation. During some cases I have found myself actually able to talk…nothing serious but more like a whisper like talking with only my breath. Hopefully this could become something individuals are able to control and the rem state that everyone seems to get stuck in can be prolonged by will power alone. The only thing I hope never happens again is the big guy coming back..for a while there was just one big strong presence that placed his hand on my belly and pressed me against the bedroom wall. Scared the ba-jeezus outa me!

  19. pete says:

    I experience this very often. Ive had the shadow things tap on my head. Ive overcome the fear aspect and also wanted to play with it, and ive been successful going out of body but thats it,, I think.. What started to happens to me now is while im trying to go deeper into the experience I get a ‘tickling’ sensation right where your thigh and hip meet but on the front side. Not near the crotch, but right next to the side of your hip. And I cant stand being tickled, extremely unpleasant for me, so im forced to ‘wake’ myself up and end the expierence.

  20. MooPoo says:

    Hi all,

    I am interested to hear from fellow “sleep paralysis’ers”- whether you’ve identified any scenarios/moods/foods/etc, that you’ve found may trigger or make you more likely to experience sleep paralysis? My trigger for sleep paralysis is, undoubtedly, sleeping (usually on my back) with a mirror facing me/my bed.

    I used to get it all the time as a kid and had a huge dresser mirror directly facing me while I slept (but would never have made any such connection back then).. it seemed to stop as I got older, but would occur every now and then on seemingly random occasions. .. In college I had it again for the first time in years… so I tried connecting the dots to find common themes and see if stress, certain foods, etc could be the cause. Then it donged on me like a ton of bricks. The common denominator between every single occurrence of sleep paralysis for me was me sleeping with a mirror facing me/my bed. After some good old fashioned googing I mostly came across fictional ghost stories and old folk lore myths. However, I did stumble across at least one noteworthy/coincidental school of thought. According to Feng Shui and all the guidelines one should follow to optimize the ‘chi’ of a bedroom, having a mirror placed so that it is directly facing your bed or line of sight as you sleep, is a HUGE no-no… on account of the mirrors negative impact on the energy flow throughout the room.

    I still have no idea how to rationally and/or scientifically link mirrors to the flow of energy to, ultimately, sleep paralysis.. but I do believe there’s something there to be researched/discovered.

    on a side note, I told a roommate in college about this, and he was not in the least bit skeptical. He told me he purposely slept facing a mirror to induce lucid dreaming. Interesting.

    • Jonathan Whitehead says:

      You are not supposed to sleep on your stomach or back your supposed to sleep on your sides which makes it easier to get out of the sleep hold and definitely no mirrors sir good luck

  21. DJ says:

    I experienced this several dozen times in my earlier life, between the ages of 13 to 24. Each time was the same: some black shadow that emanated a demonic presence would compress my body down into the bed, stop me from breathing, and try to pull out my soul and replace itself in my body. It felt like a spiritual fight to occupy my body.

    I remember one night was particularly violent and frightening when I was a teenager. After this black shadow had stopped me from breathing and moving, it grabbed my ankles and pulled me out of my bed, dragged me across the floor and into the hallway. It was so damn real – even though I knew I was still lying in my bed unable to move – all this action felt like it was occurring in some other spiritual dimension. I tried calling for help but I couldn’t make a sound. I was in two places at the same time. When I finally pulled away from it, I awoke in my bed, rolled over and went back to sleep. Later that night, this shadow figure attacked my mom the same way. She burst into my room screaming and crying while accusing me of attracting an evil spirit into the house. Apparently it grabbed her ankles too and stopped her from moving and breathing. We talked about the experience and felt like the house was infested with this dark, negative energy. After that, we slept very poorly, on guard, waiting for this thing to come back.

    Eventually, I got so used to being attacked that it didn’t scare me as much. The last few times it happened, I got cocky and arrogant with the shadow as it tried to paralyze me. I even greeting it and said “hi, what’s up bro”. As soon as I felt it control me, I learned how to snap out of the spell on my own by thrusting my body up and awake as hard as I could. Whatever it was, if felt like it lost interest in me. It’s been 10 years since anything has happened since.

    I have no idea what it was. I was diagnosed with very mild sleep apnea a couple years ago – but not enough to require a breathing machine. Anytime I can’t breath in my sleep now, I either just snore loudly or wake up and roll over. I no longer believe in a religious god or devil either – I’m primarily agnostic and science minded. But back then, I believed there were evil spirits. Perhaps those beliefs manifested in those experiences because that’s how my brain interpreted the phenomenon.

  22. apivore says:

    I was 15, and had recently renounced my faith in God, church, etc. I felt that everything that couldn’t be physically verified was surely superstition, and would’ve described myself as a strong agnostic.

    The experience began as a dream. I was at school. When I turned around to enter the classroom where my friends were laughing, the room became pitch-black. At this time, the evil presence manifested. It was formless. It didn’t exactly “emanate” evil, but it felt like evil was washing over me, bathing me, as it interacted with me.

    It didn’t speak, but I knew that it “wanted” me, wanted me to will myself over to its control. A physical tingling sensation started to take hold of my whole body. It felt like a weak current at first, but gradually iincreased in strength. I don’t know how much time elapsed, but I was sorely tempted to yield to the presence because at the time I had lost hope for life and yearned for the extraordinary. It could’ve been my imagination but I seem to recall that the presence promised power and sex if I would yield. The tingling sensation continued to increase in intensity, almost as a coercive force.

    The reason why I didn’t yield was that I was also felt my first “assignment” would be to kill someone in the house. I realise this sounds crazy, but that’s really what I thought at the time. I dithered because I loved my family. The tingling sensation had by this time woken me up from the dream state. It was still increasing in strength, and had crossed the threshold of pain by this time. I remember thinking, “If this doesn’t stop, I am going to die.” I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, couldn’t turn, couldn’t do anything to affect my state. The sensation kept escalating, and I saw white even with my eyes shut. It hurt like I was being electrocuted to death. I panicked.

    Out of mad desperation, I called to Jesus Christ. The electricity stopped. I hadn’t been taught to do this, and had actually grown up in a church environment that merely paid lipservice to the existence of spiritual realms. No one had ever spoken of unusual encounters. I hadn’t received any conditioning to suggest that calling to Jesus would help.

    But I made nothing of it. I didn’t tell anyone for a long time. I wrote it off as a merely psychological phenomenon and went on with my life. Through the years, I would occasionally feel a hand choking me in my sleep. I would sleep through these, instead of calling on Jesus, and they would just go away eventually albeit after inducing some fear. I didn’t have another spiritual encounter till years later—years lived as a practically atheistically as possible—with a loving presence that transformed me.

  23. SD says:

    It is incredibly relieving to know that others have had similar experiences.

    My ‘sleep paralysis’ experiences occured in my early twenties and always when a specific person was in the household. Like most of the above, I’d wake up to a suffocating pressure on my entire body, incappable of moving or screaming despite putting all my strenght towards trying to wake up my body. Only my mind and eyes could function. During each occasion, I could feel and see very clearly, as though the entity was as human as you or I, next to me… Although they felt as though they were negative energies, they did not seem to be demonic or seaking to possess my body.

    For example: one of them was a young boy with a disability expressing (actually screaming) his frustration because he was incappable of executing a task, which was to drill a hole in the adjacent wall. Very weird. Of course I was terrified, I didn’t understand who and why this person was throwing a tantrum next to me.

    When these experiences were occuring, I seeked medical help, and the issue was dismissed as me suffering from Dissociative Personality Disorder. Note that this condition was attributed to me without any psychological examination. A few years later, as I began experiencing different types of ‘spiritual’ contacts, I then requested thourough psychological testing, and paid thousands of dollars for these consultations, tests and therapy sessions. When I was told that everything was normal, that i did not suffer of any psychological or physical disorder, i had to face the facts: I was a skeptic, but these experiences were real beyond a doubt in my mind. So, now I’ve set aside my fear of the unknown and am still learning to appreciate and cherish each spiritual moment that is shared with me. Since then, almost all of them have been extremely positive and I’m thankful for that. I can’t say I’ve experienced sleep paralysis as defined above since.

    The only advice I can share with all is to never doubt what you are experiencing, learn to trust yourself. Don’t let society’s norms make you feel as though what you’re experiencing is an absurd figment of your imagination.

    (Also, sorry if there are mistakes in my English. It is not my native language.)

  24. Kate says:

    Yip, I had an experience, very odd. The night before my experience I did a smudging (sage cleansing) of my room for the first time ever. The next morning my alarm went off and I hit ‘snooze’. As I was falling asleep again, I saw a young, brunette girl in a long white antique dress pass through the door. I was paralysed and filled with fear. I managed to snap out of it. Thought: “Well that was terrifying”, knowing about sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations. So I went back to sleep. My alarm went off the second time, I hit snooze, and as I was drifting off, there she was again, only this time she was closer to my bed. I freaked out, calmed down and tried to fall back asleep. Hell bells, it happened for a third time in a row, only now she had her hands around my neck suffocating me. I was terrified and couldn’t scream or move. I snapped out of it. Panicked like a MOFO and learnt my lesson and got the *bleep* out of bed. HAHA.
    Now is it normal to have a hypnogogic hallucination three times in a row, all the same morning? Your guess is as good as mine.
    What I found that coincided to be strange was I had done this sage cleansing the night before, perhaps I didn’t do it correctly, and we had renovations going on in the room next to me. I have heard that spirits get riled when construction happens in a house. Perhaps I pissed off something?
    Thankfully I haven’t seen her since, she wasn’t a happy, malevolent spirit, but I still think about her and wonder if she walks the passage ways of my house…

  25. elisa says:

    i had few experiences when i was around seventeen, in the same period when i had lucid nightmares everyday. in the nightmares i was always trying to wake up, ending up instead in another nightmare, and so on… i guess that this exercise brought me to this half-awake state of sleep paralysis, and being used to lucid dreams i could perceive it was something different…only once i saw somebodyelse in my room, a little girl staring at me bended over my face, and it was pure horror! i have to say that all this, nightamares and sleep paralysis, ended in the moment i realized that it was me the one creating it, and i did this in one of my nightmares, saying to a witch that she wasn’t real, and that the dream was my dream…
    i always thought, for my experiences, that sleep paralysis occured to me because i felt trapped and didn’t menage to fully get free, in my life and my dreams.
    once it happened in the other way around, that it was not waking up paralysed, but falling asleep consciously, and being not able to move, not understanding what was going on, because i was seeing my room in the same way…for this reason i think that if you think you’re awake, for sure you will see the same things you would see if you really were, and maybe that’s why people in sleep paralysis see their rooms. maybe waking up with the body still sleeping in a place that you know is some comfort, cause we’re so afraid of what we don’t know.

  26. cabrini says:

    I have had many similar experience describe above- and still have them. It started in my teens, it got super bad in my early 20’s I thought I was going crazy! I always had someone sleep in the same room as me, out of fear. I have a very close circle of friends and family who know about all of my experience. Okay so this is how my story is different and harder for any type of lable. My older brother and I were visiting my parents one evening- it was getting late and my brother was going to head home, he couldn’t find his cell phone, mine was dead, and my mom was on their home line. We searched everywhere- I then ask my mom for her cell and she handed it over. I called my brothers phone, someone pick up- I instantly froze my brother noticed my fear- he took the phone from me and they hung up. So he was like what did they say- I told him to call himself. He did we actually heard his phone ringing under the couch cushion- we had already looked under it! He lifted it up and yep there it was. Okay so we look at his call long one recived call for 23 seconds and a missed both from my mom’s phone. We were super freaked- my mom was freaked as well she was in the living room with us the whole time. Now the reason I was so scared was because I heard the same voice that I would hear in my paralysis. I’m not sure how some one can explain that?

  27. Rania says:

    I have had this all my life, way too many scary experiences, for me things changed once I stopped fearing it, I would just pray very hard .They might happen from time to time, but i don’t give them any importance anymore.the more I feared it the more it happened.

    i must mention that ALL my life I have had very vivid dreams, and I mean more than most people, to the point that dreams ruled my life in a bad way, my dreams affected me in many ways.I mention this because I have so many sleep problems and I wonder if this also enhances these experiences.

    There is something about fear and these experiences,it is like the more you fear it the more it has a control over you.

    Most of the time the spirits I would see would laugh and say certain things I do not want to share, or try to choke me…

    My neurologist and I had a talk about it and he explained sleep paralysis to me, he said many people have the same experiences etc… so then I said how would you know if its not real, if all of us have similar experiences then there must be something happening. I mean no one thinks alike, so why would be all having the same type of experience, and they are all negative ones…he said your right, I don’t know why, everything is possible….

    Many of the people around me dismissed these experiences, and for the longest time I was terrified.

    these seem to happen to me when I am extremely stressed and extremely tired, also always happens in the early morning….

    to me it was real and it had to do with my personal faith in God. Now no matter what doctors say, I learned through my experience to trust my own consciousness and intuition about it. OS they can dismiss it all they want, some people just don’t believe and they need proof, that is fine.

    I say to anyone who has this, ask yourself WHY does it scare you, and go from there, nothing has power over you unless you let it…

    remember the doctors may the professionals in their field but when it comes to your body you are the professional in that field.

    Thanks for the article!!

    • Tom says:

      What did it say?
      I want to know if it’s like what it used to say to me..

  28. In the early 1980’s, my husband and I were living in Florence, AL. At about 3 AM, I was awakened by a “being” that was standing in our bedroom doorway. “It” made sure that I knew “it” was there. “It” was bragging to me about being able to come into a born-again believer’s home. “It” had definitely awakened me, and “it” did something to paralyze me. Before I could say or think anything, “it” and two other “beings” were at my bedside and they had me locked down. One held my ankles, one held my shoulders, and the third one had it’s hands over my face, holding my nose and mouth closed, and “it” tried to suffocate me. I was awake, and my eyes were wide open. Because my mouth was being held shut, I could not call out for help, so I started crying out to Jesus from within my mind and soul to rescue me. As I was just about to pass out from being suffocated, they released me and left. I sat up in bed, and to my surprise, my husband sat up in bed at the same time. He said, “Did you see that?” I told him what happened to me. Well, guess what? The same thing that happened to me happened to him also! At the same time! We prayed, and we took authority in the Name of Jesus Christ over the “beings”, and they never came back. They are definitely evil, they really tried to kill us, and oh, by the way, they looked exactly like those ‘grays’, with the big almond eyes, etc. They are NOT benevolent, they are pure evil.

  29. Mike says:

    My experience was actually a pleasant one. I was woken up gently with the feeling that my brother had entered my room. I knew that my brother wasn’t home at the time, so i turned to see who it was and realized I was paralyzed and not allowed to look directly at the presence. He was communicating telepathically, and reassured me that all was well and he wanted me to meet someone who had a message for me. My attention was drawn to the foot of my bed where another entity, much larger, was standing. Again, I was not allowed to look at this being, but was aware he was tall and was wearing a type of white robe. He communicated one single word, telepathically, which was simply “Watch”:. I was suddenly allowed to move, and I turned around in bed and looked out the window. Both of the entities responded with gentle laughter and said “No, not like that, watch with your soul”. I then laid back down and the large entity gave me a feeling I had never felt before. It is hard to explain, but it was as if every atom in my body and every fiber of my soul was being embraced by pure love. I was being hugged very tightly for several moments before they slowly faded away. I was then able to move again, and couldn’t resist looking out the window again. Nothing had changed. I never had a feeling that it was God or Jesus that was present, but since they never identified themselves, I’ll always wonder who they were. But the experience of feeling that pure love is something I will never forget.

  30. I had my first SP experience in April 2011 (I felt and heard the blanket being pulled off of me), and the second one was next year in April too (perceived a black rectangle which turned into a black cat walking towards me).

  31. Danny says:

    First of all, those SP hallucinations are just that, hallucinations. They’re not real. They’re creations of your mind, and as such you have the power t ocontrol and shape them, or make them stop altogether.

    You would have woken up anyway before anything happened to you, even if you hadn’t prayed.

    SP measn that your mind is fully awake, yet your body is still awake. Because of this, your brain thinks, partly, that you’re still asleep (while in fact your mind if ully awake and conscious, but it’s just your body that still sleeps, but your brain thinks that you’re still fully sleeping), so it continues to release the hormones that cause your brain to project dream images and dream sounds as if you were in a dream. See it as a real-life dreal, a waking dream, a dream while awake. The entities and sounds are dream-produced material and thus not able to harm you. Just as a regular dream, you will wake up fully before any harm befalls you.

    • Perhaps you could answer to David Hufford: why don’t people that experience SP ”hallucinate” about regular terrorists, or the ceiling falling on them? After all, these are all current events which could be integrated into the SP experience- not the shadows or fantastic creatures which are not seen in every day life.

      • MamaBobek says:

        I love this point, I had never really thought about that before reading your post. Why do so many people, including myself have experience seeing haunting and terrifying shadowy figures? I’m not afraid of a shadow, (for me I have seen multiple times shapeless, but shadows whose shape is ever changing cover my bedroom doorway, then go back out to the hallway, then come back in my bedroom up to the foot of my bed, then back out the hall, all the while the “arms” of it grabbing all over and around the doorframe as it enters and exits). My true fears lie in someone burglarizing my house or hurting one of my children or something like that. So why does my brain project a shadow of a burglar if a dream projection is all that’s going on? Great question I think.

    • How about we all feel the same….exactly the same…it is not a coincidence…you see a pattern there…I am an extremely rational person, my parents are both scientists….so was raised in an environment of what you can probe is what is a fact…but still reading all these experiences, match mine for yars and years,if it would be an allucination, everytime would be a different one..wouldnt it. But we all have the same one, over and over…doesnt this make u think a little further…

  32. Indian (change of oneness with unconditional love) says:

    cool i never had this type of experience or i just ignored, but upto 2012 i thought there is no GOD like human being but i sometimes amaze how this universe, plants, etc., evolved, i thought it just happened and infinite. But again from 2012 to now i studied about pyramids felt interesting, next believed aliens and powerful, but again humans too aliens and powerful too. Then about dimensions, now here i believed as myself as spirit with flesh, and intelligent creator is exists and understood that i am GOD particle for myself and having a shape with flesh but temporarily, and spirit as immortal too. Then while studying about bad and good energies or spirits of aliens and humans mixed, i scared a little only. And that night i am simply thinking of those spirits on bed and slept, then again i am only in fear again an d again, that made my sleep as sleepless. sometimes i feel their exists in my room, sometimes not, but inserted a fear which is never i felt even in my childhood (may be sometimes but not scary yet). Then i started recovering, i am reading and understanding my own feelings.Since there is nothing physically in my room, then what is the use of fear, if there is no harm to my flesh, and spirit is in my flesh, means both are myself, and GOD is in my heart, brain and y whole nervous system, so called myself,… then why i am scaring like stupid. Then i started working on it in my half-awaken body, as 1st i am helping the starving and ill spirits considering as devil mind simply are weak spirits, so i told them with pictures that help your humans, animals, get satisfied with your work, don’t try to live or starve for physical world, forgive your mistakes and try to flow in peace by yourself and show unconditional love….so on i am simply making them realize,…some understood and went away, some got boring or ignored me, some are not accepting me and wanted to argue with me, and some are simply enjoying me and forcing me to show or tell more,…..and doing so i am half sleep, and got frustrated, and telling to them this is enough,.. you people are not slaves you can protect and save your own lives & stop this stupid behavior, you are not ill, so what is use of me,….just leave me ……i want sound sleep…..and then finally i slept and found so STUPID MYSELF AS I NEVER SCARED IN MY CHILDHOOD, IN-FACT I WALK, GO TO BATHROOM EVEN AT NIGHTS WHEN THERE IS NO CURRENT AT-ALL. then why now i fear this much??????? But same time I LEARNED HOW TO CONTROL MYSELF EVEN AFTER SENSING THEM FEARLESSLY. I GAINED SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE, GOOD AND BAD, FINALLY UNDERSTOOD, BEING GOOD, WISE WITH UNDERSTANDINGS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE HELPED ME TO KNOW MY POWERS OF HEAL AND science+spirit knowledge both as powerful,… only what i need is BALANCED as per situation and condition is a way to experience and taste everything perfectly. So now i shared it with this blog……. so thanks to this bloggers and of-course a small helping hand from myself, thinking Jesus is great man just like us, and wiser, so take his policies and spread, just like that they are many people who are great, like buddha, mother teresa, so on, and i am one of unique like them to myself, so learned from them and from myself too, just like that,.every human being is great and should be realized is a way to give justice to our soles and practical world…. so i cheers…wow!

  33. justice says:

    Someone help me I had this just today I stayed up the previous night til 5ish and got woken up at 10 the following night I went to sleep at 930 and got woken up by my friend at 3 I stated up til 6 and was closing my eyes but not sleeping then suddenly I was awake out of bed and walking around even though my eyes were shut I kept hearing whispers but nobody there it felt like I was in the dream itself but it was nothing I felt before and then I was falling down very slowly almost like when people die in movies and its slow mo but I didnt wake up from this life like dream I actually woke up again from my body and kept hearing the whispers and then finally just awoke for maybe 5 seconds then went to sleep to dreaming it was very scary and I dont even know why maybe there was more to it but i dont remember much of it I’m only 15 and I’ve already felt this

  34. I feel it almost daily. I am suffering from this since 10 years. First i got scared and met with some neurologist and they gave some medications . but it can’t make me rid of this. Every times when it happens it seems deep and biggest then before. In the starting period I think that I am going to die so I scream for help.But I cant speak too and I could make only noise which is created by air flow by my mouth..a slow voice ..as ahhhhhhhhh. How much I try to move my self it get bigger and deep. No when feeling it several several times I tried to enjoy it. But some time I succeed and some time not. When ever I can control it my imagination power seems true. Whatever I want feel..see..think It feels true. But mostly i cant control It . I am living single now so my GF usually help me on phone. I use headphone and when I make voice then she hang out the phone and calls me again. The phone ringtone make me awake or help me.I want to get rid of this please help!

    • chen says:

      @Ratul Soumya Tripathi, the only way to fight it is … not to fight. just relax, and accept it. let go of the fear. no harm will come to you, you know that.

  35. Sof says:

    I`ve experienced it two times so far.
    1.(about 6 years ago) My eyes were open but I couldn`t move. I was lying on my back and my whole body was kind of curved. I heard the thud of hoofs and terrifying laughter and it was becoming louder and louder as the dark figures were approaching me. I couldn`t talk. I was scared to death. I said “God” silently and then I managed to make a scream (I was calling my mom). I felt relieved that I could control my body and made the sign of the cross ( my hand was heavy) and then…fell asleep.
    2. (last night) I was lying on my right side and the half of my upper body was taken off the bed, I mean it wasn`t leaning on my right hand (couldn`t move as well). What`s worse something was like pulling my body upwards and I spied out of the corner of my eye a dark cloud above me. I began to say the Lord`s prayer silently and the very moment I could move and make the sign of the cross (this time my hand wasn`t heavy). I didn`t sleep for an hour though. I feard it to come back. I prayed, swithced on the Orthodox gospel hymns and finally fell asleep with the lights off.
    I`m just telling how it happened to me. If it ever happens to you and you`re religious, try to pray.
    Sorry for my English.

  36. Adam says:

    I just experienced this last night. I was at work (taking a quick power nap) as I work the overnight shift at the frontdesk (as their auditor) and being so tired I thought I would take a quick nap. I had jsut closed my eyes and my mind was drifting away, when suddenly I thought I heard a noise at the frontdesk, maybe a guest needed something, so I was going to wake up to assist them, but i couldnt move a muscle, I panicked and wasnt sure what was happening. I was in another room with the door closed, but i had the mental functioning of being awake, but the body functioning of being paralyzed, but was consciously aware of being at the front desk where i felt some kind of presence to my left (my body wasnt there, just my awareness), a shadowy figure that slowly went away. I had three different experiences all happening at once (mind awake and sensing danger, my awareness in some dream-like state aware of a shadowy presence, and my body in a total paralyzed state unable to move)

    I am a very rational person and think logically, but am also a believer in paranormal experiences. I believe that I was in an out-of body experience, and had experienced some darker entity in my “dream-state”–or unconscios level, which alerted my conscious sense to try and snap me out of sleep in a defensive mechanism but it occurred too quickly. So while I was mentally alert of some danger, my body was still in a paralyzed state (atonia) because my conscousness was still away from my body in a dream-state

  37. Laura says:

    It is 4 a m. and I am unable to go back to sleep having just experienced sp again. I haven’t had this since I was a teenager. I was in bed and had the sensation that the covers were being pulled off me over the side of the bed. In my mind I felt it was an evil presence doing this. For some reason I reached my hand out over the side of the bed and it felt like a huge jolt of electricity hit my hand. I pulled it back to my body and it continued to tingle. At that moment I began complete paralysis. I could not move at all. I am not a religious person but I started to pray the Lords prayer aloud through clenched teeth because I couldn’t open my mouth. This was super hard to do. Each line of the prayer took all my energy to try and get out. The weird sound of me trying to pray woke my little boy, who had climbed into my bed after having his own bad dream. As soon as he touched me it was like the spell was broken and I could move again.

  38. Mark says:

    One fact that rules the entire SP phenomena, whatever they are these entities for sure are evil, demonic entities from another dimension perhaps that feed from your fear. I think they also gives us our baddest nightmares, the first time I experienced SP get awaked from a terrible nightmare that included my mom, it was 3:00 am I checked it from my digital clock, the room was all dark i knew i was awake and was thinking about that terrible nightmare when I saw a black humanoid shadow get across my room, it crouch and get besides me in the bed, i could feel the presence weight because my bed feeled as if someone lays besides me, it grabbed my arm, in that very moment i could move at last my body and managed to escape from the presence, i didnt go to sleep again. Right now Im married, but i suffered the most fright nightmares as I were single on a dayly basis. I´m sure that those entities were the one that caused them all that time. Right now I´m a christian, at that time I was a non believer in God (atheist), even as I was raised in catholic school all my life. I surrender my life to Christ look for Prayer of Repentance over the internet, Im sure no evil can harm you if Christ is your lord. They feed upon your fear, thats for sure i suggest you pray to the lord Jesus Christ for protection, read psalm 4, psalm 91 especially.

    • Shannon says:

      I lean towards the idea of other dimension beings too, science and spirituality backs up that we are not “alone”

  39. Sue B says:

    This experience happened when I was about 15. I had just got into bed and laid down and immediately I began to have the feeling that my body was being held down. It started at my feet and gradually worked up my body and felt like dozens of little pairs of hands. I was fully awake and trying to fight off the ‘hands’ but I was unable to move at all. I then began to have the feeling that I was being interfered with sexually. My response was to try even harder to move my body but what happened instead was that I had an ‘out of body’ experience. My consciousness catapulted out of my body, tumbling forwards and upwards and went straight through my bedroom window which faced my bed. I was aware of going through the glass and once that happened I was no longer in the same state of consciousness. I landed in the large, public courtyard that my window backed onto and I was completely calm, I didn’t seem to remember / or was not bothered by what had just happened. There were lots of dogs wandering around the courtyard but no other people. I knew where I was and that to get into my house I would have to walk around the block to the front of the house. As soon as I had the thought that I had better go back indoors, I was awake, in bed, terrified.

    I threw myself out of bed and went to tell my mum I had had a nightmare ( not a usual event). She reassured me and I went back to bed. As soon as I lay down the sensation of the hands started again. this time I threw the top half of my body out of bed ( my bottom half was already ‘paralysed’) and this successfully stopped the experience. It didn’t happen again that night and has never happened again since. This was almost 40 years ago. At the time I put it down to the fact that I had, that day, been looking through a ‘book of spells’, from the Caribbean, lent to me by a friend of my mothers. Whilst turning the pages I came across a page that when I looked at it I ‘felt’ something that made me scared, a presence; I quickly closed the book and didn’t open it again. I did not grow up in a culture that recognised any kind of power like this but it seemed like quite a coincidence to me. I can think of some possibilities as to why my psych gave me this particular experience but they all come back to being sensitive to the energy contained in the book in the first place.

  40. Tandy says:

    This happened to me on several occasions in my last house,i felt someone sitting on my bed looking at me, it felt uncomfortable at the time,the more i fought the feeling the stronger it became,almost like I was antagonising it,so after several visits I just lay still to let it do what it needed,which i believe was to just make peace with my energy as i was a new presence in this house/area. just like that was a presence of energy only it has no body,maybe.
    I didn’t open my eyes because I didn’t want to see,and I was gripped by a paralysing fear throughout this experience.Its interesting to think of science community sitting in the middle and accepting they cannot prove this with reason at the present time,I believe that to be a huge step within science.
    When we’re asleep is it not possible that without the restraints of our physical selves we can experience different levels of energy exchanges?

  41. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I had very lucid dreams and out of body experiences as a child but, of course, did not realise this was what they were. But, as a teenager I started to have horrible nightmares and this sleep paralysis (first time I have a name for it). It was terrifying as I felt that my body had been anaesthetised. I used to ‘scream’ for help, but no sound came out. I always felt terrified, but there were no voices or shapes to be afraid of. Just the feeling. A few times my soul left my body via a terrifying speed spin through a grey tunnel, but stayed nearby, about a meter or so away. It got so bad that it would happen spontaneously, wherever I was, wide awake and with eyes open. One night I just prayed the Lord’s prayer over and over when it happened. I’m not religious, but knew this by heart from school. It helped and I learned to pray it away when it happened again, but in the instance of it happening my first response was utter fear and ‘screaming’. The last time it happened was in my late forties. I still have very vivid brightly coloured dreams, and sometimes can’t tell the difference between dream and reality on waking.

  42. Ury says:

    Yeah, same thing once you stop being afraid of it it stops, and if happens next time it doesnt last for long.

  43. Loli Jocou says:

    I have this type of dreams since chilhood, i have lucid dreams very often, as you said, i realized i have rationalo knowledge in my expirieces. something I developed trought time. I am 31 yrs now.
    My dreams and all those weird events i go trough are escential part of my life and my decitions. And I got to a conclusion all the dreams i have are related, my experiences as well, I noticed the human mind is very complex,
    and since is necessesary to be rational to be functional and develop as individual in contemporary society, i had to find some tricks, so in my short life i could do some progress in y research.
    I am a photographer, and pretty much interested in how to overcome human condition, so trough my dreams, let´s say, I get information i can not find on any book or regular experience,

    I´ve been praticing some tricks for a while, like reading and thinking about something else at the same time.
    Or, I know it souns weird, but, thinking about two different things at the same time as well. I have lived in three different cultures trough my lifetime, so i learned how to adapt to diverse contexts.
    I found your article interesting, I will like to thank you, for taking the time for it.

    Best regards,

    Loli Jocou.

  44. Stugordav says:

    Okay, so here’s my theory. Your body is asleep and so the abilty of your mind to control it as if awake is limited. As a meditator I like to meditate myself to sleep and have had the experience many times where I have lost the connection (so to speak), with my body. Usually I nod off but, I have gotten so far that I can’t even sense the muscles in my face. Shortly after that my eyeballs start going crazy in their sockets. It was quite a perturbing experience until I realized that this is simply REM activity, and concluded that as your eyes are constantly making micro movements whilst awake, all I was experiencing was resistance to them finally settling down to the point of no movement at all.
    Knowing this certainly puts my dreams into perspective and nightmares no longer have the fear factor. One of my dreams had me trapped in a wardrobe that had been dumped in deep water. Not being immediately aware I was dreaming, I started to panic. Then as something about it seemed familiar, I realized I had been here before and figured I had got out/woken up before I had finished the reason for my being here. It was to collect my ‘Breathing Underwater’ certificate. I calmed myself down and started breathing exactly the way your body breathes when asleep. Lo and behold I could breathe underwater. At this point I was pretty sure this was just a dream (d’uh), and woke up shortly afterwards.
    So when your are trying to run from that unseen monster and your legs aren’t cooperating, it’s because your mind is feeling real fear and really trying to get your legs to move. As you aren’t directly connected to your physical self and probably under covers, the feedback your mind gets is interpreted as running too slow or stuck in quicksand etc.
    Ultimately you can believe what you want but, I would suggest you at least think about it this way to see if it makes sense

    • Travis says:

      I have been a paranormal investigator for over a decade now. I have seen and experienced some of the most amazing equally terrifying things. In my experience, I have only ever had sleep paralysis in the presence of a spirit that was manipulating my body while in the sleep state. Medical doctors can throw all kinds of words into the mix to explain it away. And I know that is has been studied. But hallucinations do not suggest anything other than perceiving the world in a different manner or mind set. There is no reality, only dreams within a dream.

      Your observation is very good, and I don’t disagree with you on any of it. I think that both are equally possible, because reality is only a mind set. An acceptance of the subconscious that what you are seeing, feeling and being are real. This dream called life, is the ultimate lucid dream. Once we realize that, the limits will cease to exist.

      • Stugordav says:

        Thanks. Another experience I had which makes me think that SP occurs when the mind has awoken but not yet affirmed it’s connection with the body: I was with some friends and we were having a hearty laugh over a joke I had just told. I thought to myself that I should remember this joke for future occasions and so, set about trying to recall it. Ofcourse, being a dream, there was no joke, and as this started to dawn on me I really started to laugh. Just like Neo in The Matrix, however, I was having a lot of trouble carrying this out (it was like my mouth was glued shut), which made me want to laugh even more. I subsequently tore myself awake with a gasp. My girlfriend who was there at the time immediately tried to calm me saying “It’s alright, it was just a dream”. “I know”, I said, and carried on laughing.

        These experiences (and more), leave me with the understanding that lucid dreaming and astral travel are effectively one and the same. Concoctions of the mind, with all the subconcious symbolism that you have within you to throw at them. If you believe in a god, then your subconcious hopes and fears will present themselves with whatever meaning has relevance to that belief. Once you understand what’s going on then, as you suggest, your power over them increases and you are capable of the powers that Neo demonstrated whilst he was plugged back in to the matrix (sorry, but I love how those movies actually present us with allegory on this particular subject using the symbolism of present day technology. The first film moves me on such an emotional level, it’s bizarre).

        Kudos on the Edgar Allen Poe – All that we see or seem….

  45. Gia says:

    I am bipolar and for a time I dealt with insomnia. When I tried to force myself to sleep I began experiencing sleep paralysis very often and it honestly scared the living crap out of me. As I lay, while my body was drifting into sleep, my mind was completely aware of what was going on (due to the insomnia I believe) the first time this happened I heard my heart beating through my ears rapidly growing harder, louder, and faster. All the while this was going on, I saw from a third person perspective a hooded skeleton figure (which I deciphered as the grim reaper later on) and he accompanied another person and the skeleton was leading him into a door through the pitch blackness which I perceived as the underworld. After getting over the feeling of shitting myself in bed, I cried out to God, pleading him for help and in an instant I was brought back to real life. Despite how frightening it was I got a profound message out of it. I wanted to change my life around, I thought that the soul being led into the door was an example to me of what I would never wish unto myself.

  46. Travis says:

    Once we realize that we are always dreaming. Dream within a dream within a dream, then the impossible notions have no merit.

  47. David says:

    Hey Arjun, I have sleep paralysis frequently, and much of your experience rings true. I remember having lucid dreams as far back as two years old, they come to me often and seem like they are there to teach you something. I didn’t have my first sleep paralysis until the age of 18 and always they where accompanied by a entity made of shadow. They use to be very frightful events, until I confronted the entity, I remember swallowing him, almost like putting a genie back in the lamp. Now when I have them there is no entity, there usually is a period where I consciously separate from my body (sometimes just an arm or upper body, sometimes the whole thing) they almost always end up as a lucid dream.

  48. David says:

    Guess my comment hit really close to something, its gone now… oh well, keep on dreaming and making sense of your life experience folks:)

  49. David says:

    Now its back, must be one of those days where the internet and I don’t get along, have a good day people:)

  50. Melissa says:

    I just experienced this about 6 months ago. I have never been so terrified in my life. I was asleep. I woke up suddenly and realized almost instantly that I couldn’t move. I could see a dark form hovering above me by the ceiling and in my ear I heard a male voice laugh. Then he said ” You are mine”. The whole time I was struggling to move, speak, anything at all….it felt like I had no control of any sense. Then like a blink it was over. I cleansed my house with sage and haven’t had any problems sense. Before this happened though I had heard that voice once before…..when I was AWAKE. I was sitting at my kitchen table in the dark on the laptop when I heard that same male voice whisper “HEY” in my ear. I was up out of that chair, knocking it over, running to my room to slam the door and grab my gun so fast it wasn’t even funny. I thought their was someone in my house behind me. Even though there was nothing but wall behind me…..impossible for anyone to sneak up on me. All in all….I never want to experience either one situation again!

    • Stugordav says:

      I too have had this type of experience. I generated it myself, on purpose. I managed to get the sound of my mother’s voice shouting my name as if it was right next to me in my right ear. I’ve also done it with the sound of an orchestra tuning up. I was constantly trying to imagine the sound as if it was real when suddenly there was this explosion of sound right in my ear of all these orchestral instruments. In both of these cases I just came away impressed that I had managed to do it.
      One time when I wasn’t expecting it, however, was when I was in a similar mental state to the other two occasions – lying in bed not quite fully alert; potentially a daydreaming state I guess you could say. Anyway out of my bedroom window across the park, I heard a car beep it’s horn when immediately, right in my ear came a loud “bee-barp!”, car horn which shot me practically bolt upright. Knowing what I did from my previous experiences, I took it for what it was, but still revelled in the shock of it having just happened.
      Don’t be afraid of these things when they happen. It seems that our brains can fool us into believing a sound is external when it actually originated from within us. It appears to happen best when we are not completely alert, when our mind is almost drifting, but not quite. I think it’s like deja vu when the mind tricks you into believing something is a memory when it has only just happened (this is probably helped by the ‘happening’ being similar to an actual memory that you do have).
      If you feel up to it, try to give it a go yourself just to prove you can do it on purpose.

  51. ruth graham says:

    yeah been having these experiences since i was 17….terrifying at first but learned to stop them from escalating…it would begin with a buzz in my head then i would wake up (or at least see what was around me even if my eyes were shut which i think they were) but not be able to move. tripped me out a bit when it happened in hotel rooms or places i hadn’t slept before but could see every detail of the room. floated out my body and flew around the room, but never out of it…also felt like there was something drilling into my head…very scary at first, i thought it was aliens. but am now able to stop it from happening when i feel the head buzzy thing. never saw any presence but felt like there was something in the room with me.

  52. Susie says:

    Hi Everybody,

    I experienced about a week ago, while I was dozing off, not quite alseep, still conscious to the music I was listening to, what felt like a sharp needle prick on my right index finder. The strangest thing is that I saw like a sewing needle being pushed into this area but there was no people, no anything, just a needle, my finger and the sensation it produced. The sensation caused my whole arm to reflex immediately above my head but quite rough and still felt the pain when my full awareness of me was back. Hadn’t experienced anything quite like this before.

  53. Stugordav says:

    Hi Arjun,
    I’ve left a couple of comments on here regarding this fascinating subject. After rooting it out, I would like to recommend a book called Head Trip (adventures on the wheel of conciousness), by Jeff Warren. It is a great read, and should provide you with a good amount of info on this, and the many other states of mind that we experience. It certainly helped me to understand, and want to further explore (personally), the experiences our brain/minds are capable of.

    • Sue Bolt says:

      Thanks Stugordav, a really useful link. Jeff Warren is a very interesting bloke and the book looks like it will open up my understanding/fill in lots of gaps. _/\_

  54. lauren says:

    Im under a lot of stress but I have experienced 2 occurrences like this in the past 2 months.
    -In the first, I was gasping for air and being choked in my dream. It was terrifying I woke up and realized I had- actually wrapped my hand around my throat and was doing it myself, in my sleep, and still couldnt stop for a moment or two.
    -The second occasion was actually worse. I looked to my left and saw my brother in law enter the room. I saw every detail, clear as day, and as if it was another room I was recently in. I thought he was about to do something bad and screamed for him to stop, but I discovered I had no voice. I believe I was also trying to scream in real life. Then as I dozed off to sleep again I heard a loud buzzing sound inside my skull. It was, to me anyway, some sort of old radio broadcast. A voice that was not threatening but nonetheless in my head, and something I havent heard before. Im scared!

    • Yes, I know that scared feeling. I have to say that my experiences were very likely stress-induced, too, having been an extremely shy and anxious person up until recently. It may help if you can try to isolate the source of your stress and find a way to deal with it. I’m sure that’s why my experiences stopped eventually.

    • Sue Bolt says:

      Hi Lauren, separate to my experience when was a teenager I have had in recent years an occurrence of being in a lucid dream under a lot of water and struggling to reach the surface. Not sure whether I made it in my dream but I awoke, gasping for breath, heartbeat irregular and very slow, in a complete panic. After this I talked to my GP about sleep apnoea and when tested I did indeed have this problem. After that, I had another lucid dream in which a rat jumped onto my chest ( this dream, prior to the rat, had been completely innocuous), waking me up. I think both instances were my mind, trying to wake me because my breathing was too shallow due to apnoea. Could this be an issue for you? Just a thought. Also, check out Jeff Warren’s (Canadian bloke) website, it might help put your mind at rest

  55. Liviana says:

    My experience was: I felt that I was awake but totally paralyzed. Somehow I knew that the only way to remove the paralysis was to take a deep breath – but this was very difficult to do because I was paralysed. The feeling was of extreme anxiety which I had to overcome long enough to be able, with an incredible effort, to take the deep breath. I would finally manage it and with the incoming breath I would wake up. I could not explain the experience, which generally happened when I slept-in longer than usual.
    Then I read what Rudolf Steiner says about the nature of sleep: besides our physical body, we also have an etheric (life) body, an astral body (feeling-movement body) and the Ego. The astral body and Ego are the ones that make us conscious beings and when we fall asleep these two bodies exit the physical and etheric bodies – we lose consciousness. When we awake it is because our astral body and Ego move back into the physical/etheric bodies – we regain consciousness.
    There is a special connection between the astral body and the breath, and I think the paralysis is caused by some difficulty of this body when re-entering the physical-etheric. The deep breath I was eventually able to take brought the astral body back into the physical-etheric bodies and I was again able to move.

    • That is very interesting and makes sense. I suppose the reason why these bodies separate from the physical under these circumstances where people talk of feeling terrified, as I did, and especially when they happened when I was wide awake, was because of some deep fear or anxiety. I always felt that this happened to me because my soul did not want to stay on the planet any longer.

      • Liliana says:

        When the astral body and Ego separate from the physical we become unconscious, as in falling asleep (normal) or in fainting (pathological) – and permanently in death, when the etheric/life body also leaves the physical.
        I think anxiety or fear have other causes that are different in each case and, as you say in your previous post, finding the root cause can eliminate them.
        It could also be that some of us are more ‘permeable’ to the non-physical environment and so more easily disturbed by those beings, not visible to our eyes, that surround us everywhere. Generally you can tell that the disturbance comes from outside and not inside you when you feel a sudden anxiety ‘out of the blue’, as it were. In these cases there is a quick meditation that works very well for me: I repeat to myself “I am a being of light” and imagine light streaming from my heart to all my body then to all my surroundings. If you decide to give it a try I would be interested to know if it also works for you.

        • Yes, that sounds just like me – I ‘feel’ so much that is not easy to explain. Thank you for the tip – I definitely will try it and see what happens.

  56. Karl says:

    I am a 35 year regular guy who has experienced SP (sleep paralysis) and various visitations in the night, both good and extremely bad, for over 30 years now. Ive never spoken about it to anyone, not even my doctor, when maybe I should. Its only over the Christmas period that ive summoned the courage to look into this phenomena a little more closely, now im more comfortable in sleeping at night, and with the dark in general – though just a bit!

    The medical consensus ive seen on the internet, admittedly only briefly, seems to be that stress, poor diet, a high sex drive,weak mind and even unfulfilled artistic abilities are a major cause for these terrifying experiences. But these events started when I was 4/5 years old! Some of my very first memories are of these demonic visitors I wouldnt wish anyone to see. A lovely introduction to the world! But being so young thought maybe it was just what people called ‘nightmares’. Even tactile experiences during SP, which I now understand to be attacks, have always been put to the back of my mind.

    As I say, some of the experiences ive had havent been too bad. I remember on one occasion seeing an apparition (if thats the word) which I am now convinced was an angel, as well as being visited by what could have been either elves or fairies. I could actually here them whispering as they played on my bed, and could feel them as real as I can the keys I tap on my laptop right now; (at the time I thought it was strange my lego figures would want to do this!). Ive also had visits from animals in the form of dogs. which have found their way under my covers. Again, these are very tactile, touchy-feely, experiences in which I appear to be fully awake.

    These occurances have plagued me my whole life since infancy and have NOTHING WHATS SO EVER to do with stress, alcohol or substance abuse blah, blah, blah. As a child, teenager and young man ive always been fit, healthy and popular, playing football to a good standard. Generally one of the boys.

    As Ive got older ive learnt to manage my condition, and the visits have virtually stopped. A big part of me thinks because I can now wake up before an SP attack that these demons know they are wasting there time (to an extent anyway) trying to visit me. They are thankfully less frequent.

    What has happened to me has affected my life. Ive always been perceptive, sensitive and intutiative, loving too. But am also aware there is something beyond this life, so have always been kinda lazy as well!

    Anyway, to anyone reading this who suffers from SP – dont be afraid. Some things happen which are beyond our control. Try and look at it objectively. You must have something about you and hopefully, one day, we can look back at these experiences and have a good laugh at them and feel somehow blessed.

    Take care, Karl.

    • Arjun Walia says:

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Liviana says:

      It sounds like you were born with a natural clairvoyance. If you want to communicate with someone who might be able to give you more information you could try contacting the Anthroposophical Christian Community. Here is a link which can point you to one near you.

    • Lena says:

      Wow. My earliest childhood memories are also from when I was 4-5 years old and having “sleep-paralyses” -experiences. Since then I have had them every now and then (more often in my teens)… Only stopped having them perhaps 4 years ago. Even though I also once felt two beings present on each side of the bed, I didn’t feel a negative energy. The experience can be awful, but I think I enjoyed most of them… having experienced everything from the wonderful feeling of floating and sinking down through the bed (where I could feel the textures of the materials pushing through me) to hearing angelic quires and seeing tunnels of light. It’s good to know others also have gone through this. 🙂

  57. Divena says:

    This happened to me for the first time about a month ago. I was asleep until i was woken up by the sound of 2 people speaking, right next to my bed. These voices sounded like my brothers so i didn’t think much of it. However, when i opened my eyes i saw that there was no one in my room. Out of the corner of my eye i saw a dark shadow walk from the right hand side of my bed directly towards the door. Realising that this was not my brothers, even though i am absolutely positive that i hear their voices, i attempted to get up and say something. I was completely frozen and terrified. I tried to cry, to make a sound, even to just move my fingers, but to no avail. This completely scared me as the figure i saw moving somehow seemed threatening and yet there was nothing i could do about it. Eventually after roughly 3 minutes of attempting to cry and move i managed to shock myself out of what was happening and sit up. It felt as though a huge pressure had been released of my chest and it was then that i realised that i had also been battling to breath (Although, i’m not sure whether i should just attribute this to the terror of the situation). I tried to tell myself i was imagining all of that and went back to sleep, the exact same scenario occurred 3 more times in the same night, hearing my brothers voices, seeing the dark figure walk across my room, being paralyzed and the immense terror. I reached the point where i was so terrified i realised that i could not risk experiencing that again so i proceeded to switch on my bedroom light and force myself to stay awake. Up until now, the memory of those experiences are still vivid and still terrify me.

    • Liviana says:

      Before falling asleep try asking your Guardian Angel to protect you in your sleep journey. Our Angels cannot interfere with our experiences unless we ask them for help. At this time in humanity’s evolution we are no longer treated as children and, since we are learning to develop our free will, they have to wait to be invited to intervene. But if we ask they will help.

      • Karl says:

        Thanks Liviana thats really helpful advice, much appreciated, The last time I had an experience wasn’t SP but could well have been an Astral Projection episode. The build-up felt blissful, but with it again obviously being a alien feeling I again broke free. I am wanting to explore that avenue and thanks to your advice will feel more confident in doing so.

  58. RR says:

    Okay as i read this article it honestly touched on some experience i once had in jacksonville florida.. prior to this experience i clearly made out some sort of shadow figuring standing in the other room of this hotel i was staying in.. my experience consist like this.. i had fell asleep and had this most vivid dream .. i really dont believe it was a dream. it was something like i was back in the 1890’s because i remember seeing this older looking gentlemen with the curly mustache and all angry telling me that i dont belong here… it was like he was yelling at me .. i remember him walking towards me in this so called dream i had telling me i dont belong here and before he had grabbed me i remember waking up .. i was physically awake i can remember staring at the ceiling in the hotel room.. only thing was i could talk nor could I move … It was like if i was frozen.. I couldnt even speak all i can remember was muttering help but couldnt completley pronouce help.. i tried turning left and was just stuck on da couch frozen .. i remember feeling like whatever i encountered in that dream i felt like it was choking me out.. because i couldnt speak and last thing i remember before waking up like that was the older gentlemen reaching out towards me yelling you dont belong here … ever since than i understand that theres something more to life than what meets the eye.. i honestly believed what occured to me was something more than sleep paralysis ..i honestly believe that i traveled back in time and was stuck in a different realm..

  59. Luchy says:

    Happened to me a lot. Scary, couldn’t move. Felt like I was having an OBE also. Everything in room same. Felt like i eas floating but my body was still layong in same spot. Hasn’t happened in a while but left me scared and I couldn’t breathe. At times felt like something was sitting on my chest sucking the life out of me. Ringing/buzzing in my ears. Would scream, could hear myself screaming telling myself to wake up but nothing and then finally being ae to force myself awake and back in my body catching breath, scared to fall back asleep again.

  60. Michael says:

    I had a similar experience to yours, and possibly more frightening. A couple of times, while asleep, I was finding myself in the presence of something which would hold me from waking up. I felt as though I was in someone’s grip. I was struggling to wake up, twitching my head to left and right, and would only succeed after a couple of seconds struggling like that. After waking up, I’d find I’m very scared, and even afraid to fall asleep again, because I felt ‘it’ was still there, waiting for me to close my eyes again. And really, when I closed my eyes, I immediately felt I was being sucked back into the dream and into ‘its’ grip. For me it was a nightmare, whatever that meant.

    The funny thing is that I was very aware of what was happening, but I couldn’t overcome the fear of whatever that was. I just wanted to break free. These ‘nightmares’ to this day remain the most vivid dreams I had. I felt the presence of something that is directly affecting me. Whether to hurt me or to communicate something else, I cannot say. But after reading this, I’m also very interested to learn more about it. I too will do my best to remain calm and observe. Even communicate, if I manage.

    I know there are ghosts of dead people, still trapped on Earth’s energy plane for whatever reason. Not that I’ve had contact with one. I’ve read about that and I have no reason to doubt their existence. I’m also ready to believe rooms we sleep in have their energetic history, and that old negative energy can affect people who sleep there. I’d like to find out more about that, in due time. Thank you, Arjun 🙂

  61. Mary says:

    Reading all of the posts and comments brings back so many memories.It still happens now but not as often as before.Most of them are really scary.The last one I had was about two weeks ago.I was trying to fall asleep then my body became stiff,my tongue got heavy and it was as if some demonic force came,it whispered in my ear and bit me on the neck,the entire time I could hear my kids playing.being from a third world country we always believe this to be a spiritual thing but here in the US it’s classified as something else.I really believe that there is a spiritual force that’s beyond this world,which consists of good and evil.for the most part in usually happens when I sleep on my back,so I have been able to somewhat control it.Where I’m from it happens frequently,from childhood and honestly I think that sleep paralysis contributes to SIDS.

  62. Benjamin says:

    This has happened to me multiple times. Once sand-script like writing appeared on the wall and then warped into English. Another time I clearly saw what could only best be described as something that looked like Medusa. Interesting to see this brought up in this context.

    It’s all just part of what is, happening to me because it was the perfect thing to happen to me at that time. <3

  63. jnlinds says:

    I had terrifying dreams my entire childhood that would leave me waking in different rooms of our house and still thinking it was very real. From my late teens through about 2009, I experienced the issue you are referring to 100’s of times. I would either be just starting to fall asleep or would be awakened by a loud bang. I would feel something crawling up from the bottom of my bed and it would hold me down so I couldn’t move or speak. I would fight as hard as I could to break free but it would just keep closer toward my face. It was always the same dark figure with a cloak. I remember I would start saying to myself “I command you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ” over and over and I could tell that the figure DID NOT want me to say or think the words Jesus Christ. It was extremely terrifying for the first few years and then I started to not be afraid anymore and shrug it off each time it happened again.

    One incident involved my best friend Lisa. We had gone to see my sister in Flagstaff, AZ and I slept on the couch while my friend slept next to me on the floor. During the night, the same being attacked me on the couch. Once I broke free I told my friend and she decided to switch places with me and see if it would happen to her. Less than an hour later she was waking me up with a panicked look on her face. Apparently the thing had attacked her also and she was completely freaked out. Once I stopped being afraid, the thing stopped coming around.

    One night in 2010, I woke up and my bed was being shaken violently and my sheets were flapping about a foot above me. I remember grabbing them and yelling “STOP!”, then suddenly the room went quiet. I started being bothered by things I couldn’t see so I actually called a group of paranormal activity researches to my house. They set up cameras everywhere and it didn’t take long for them to find something. There camera picked up hundreds of strange orbs which we were able to watch on the monitor, most of them emanating from my bedroom. Some were actually caught flying in and out of my body. It was rather disturbing to watch. I had the house blessed and also did a cleansing with sage. The guys also suggested I actually speak to the spirits loudly and clearly and tell them that they were not welcome or allowed in my house any longer. After I had done all of that I had no further issues. I moved out of that house in 2011 and have not had any more problems.

  64. Rena Lynn says:

    Twice in my old home I experienced sleep paralysis…both times I was extremely terrified. I woke up alone and unable to move. My husband had fallen asleep downstairs. I’m not sure what woke me up, but I felt 110% sure,without a doubt, that a malevolent presence was with me. I feared for my life. I was unable to move, even my arm, as much as my consciousness fought to regain controll. I even had to fight to keep my eyes open. It was as if someone else controlled my ability to open them. I lost the battle, they closed and I drifted off and woke up later remembering it all. Also I had tried to scream for my husband and was unable to make any sound come out. After that I was too afraid to fall asleep in that room alone ever again.

  65. I could go on and on about my Sleep paralysis and lucid dream experiences. Both my mother and myself have had these experiences. My grandfather was also one who experienced astral projection and sleep walking. Every time I’ve ever fallen into that paralysis, its been when I was laying down and my body temperature got hot. All the sudden I could feel by body become very heavy, as if someone was pushing me down (one of the first times, I actually perceived a dark shadow as the one pushing my head into the pillow, but that was the only time). Every time, my eyes would be open and I can see, hear and smell all my surrounding but I could not move my body. I was very much conscious. Every time I would scream and moan to get someone in the room to shake my body awake but no one ever seemed to hear me. Each time, I’ve had to concentrate and slowly begin wiggling my fingers and toes to come out of it. And every time, I would get mad at the people in the room (my mom or husband) for not hearing me but they swear that I never made a sound and that my eyes were closed – yet I can tell them exactly what I heard them talking about or what was on the tv or radio or even what they were physically doing (crocheting, looking at their phone, etc). I usually got scared because I couldn’t move. This happened often when I was a child and a few times in my early 20s but once i had a baby, I stopped having these experiences. Only in the past year have they started up again since I’ve began meditating. Get this, one time, I was lying on my bed and I looked at my doorway and all the sudden I felt the heaviness again. I always know when I am falling into one of these states. Anyway, I let my self go and after a minute or two of begin able to see my room and the doorway but not move, I saw a figure in the doorway – i think it was female since it had long hair and a bright glow around her. I got scared and I swore I woke up, ran towards by door and my foot caught a little chair and i tripped, knocking it over into the middle of the doorway – I ran downstairs and tried to wake up my mom but she wasn’t hearing me at all, I didn’t know what was going on…then in a flash, I was back in my room still laying down and looking at this figure in my doorway – but the chair was still tipped over – then, in a flash, she smiled, walked away and disappeared. I then began wiggling my toes and stuff to come out of it and I awoke, startled and out of breath…but I looked over and that chair I tripped on was still tipped over, right in the middle of the doorway. It was NOT like that when I laid down – I tripped on it when I [thought I] ran downstairs to wake my mom. After I calmed down, I was so freaked out that I actually went and laid down in my parent’s bed – i was 17. I’ve had lucid dreams, in sets of 3s, that have accurately prediction future events, including meeting my now husband. And I’ve had lucid dreams where I met deceased relatives. Just a couple months ago, I met my great grandfather for the first time (he died before I was born). He told me it was nice to finally meet me. I felt the love he had for me and I was never scared. But in that state, I did not know who he was until I was looking at pictures of my relatives on my mom’s wall over the holidays and sure enough…clear as day, it was my great grandpa. My mother was not surprised as she has had many similar experiences as well. I could go on and on and on…there are so many. Glad to share though!

  66. karolina says:

    Its so interesting to read this article and the responses of people. I have been experiencing this since i was a little girl. one of the many occasions i seem to remember most , i was just about to fall asleep , or at least i thought so.suddenly my arms lifted up behind my head , almost as if i did not initiate it. I started to feel an immense pressure on my chest and stomach , it felt like a grown man / being was lying on me , i could feel every inch of the weight. my mind now fully aware and awake yet my body was stiff as a board i couldn’t move a muscle , i was stuck ,paralyzed. Frightened yet aware of whats going on , i attempt to call my friend who was sleeping next to me. my mouth could move but no sound came out. none whatsoever . i felt like as if i was screaming as hard as i could , but again not even a squeak. although it was scary , i became aware of these occurrences , and started to experience them with open eyes and and a open mind. The occurrences did continue and still do , but i feel like as soon as i made that decision of being at peace with it they have not been as intense….. maybe even pleasant.

    I do believe that these are spiritual experiences as well as there are many worlds and many souls out there. that might possibly be willing to communicate or might even be fascinated by you , your life etc… Once fear has been released from your mindset i believe that there are many avenues of exploration of the super natural realm.

    after this realization , i discovered less frightening experiences and more pleasant onces… such as feelings of protection , curiosity and warm , comforting sensations. the key to this is communication and losing fear..

    i am a firm and avid believer is science and its scientific backup …. but there some things science just cannot explain.

  67. Marketa says:

    I had many experiences like this in past, when I even didn´t think of metaphysics, energies, universe, angels, God etc. I thought, that I am the only one with these experiences, that I am not mentally OK, etc. The presence of Evil trying to scare me as much as possible, I know what´s happening, but I can´t move. Journeys into strange worlds, where I was trying to hide while it was hunting me. It seemed, that my fear is the purpose of its visit. After many attacks I was so tired of running away, that I told it: “OK, show me what is the worst that you can do to me”. It became weaker and weaker, when I refused to give to it my fear and then finally it was gone for good. From time to time I feel like something is testing the possibility to turn back, but I know the symptoms, so I welcome it like: “OK, I know it´s you, come in and let ´s dance” and it usually goes away.

    But couple of months ago It was back. This time, I am involved in metaphysical world, I am a Tarot reader, I have a different wiev of Life. So, when it was really scary, I called upon protection and help of my guardian angels and it was really beautiful experience. The scary dark scene changed in couple of minutes into a psychedelic world of beautiful light colours and dance of small sparkling stars. It was calming me, until I could asleep. That was for me the most beautiful evidence of the protective and good energy, that is around us, and that people usually call Angels.

    • Karl says:

      How do you call upon help from your G.A? I’d love to go into more depth when I feel an SP attack coming on but 90% of my many experiences have been far to scary. I once saw what I now believe to be a doppelganger of my father for instance. The build up to an SP attack feels like Hell is coming to my room. How can I make it a more pleasant experience when its an involuntary action?

      • Marketa says:

        Dear Karl,
        later I wrote an article about this in Czech, if you are interested in it, maybe google will help a little: http://www.e-tarot.cz/news/spankova-paralyza-obrna-nocni-mura-v-nasi-loznici/

        My recommendation, if you are attacked by sleep paralysis:

        – Relax, do not try to fight or run away.
        – Remember that in our reality nothing happens to you.
        – Focus on calming breath and decreasing heart rate.
        – If you have the courage, face your fear, look at it closely and ask him what he wants and why he’s here.
        – If it´s not going away, or every time you need, ask for help and protection. I asked the angels, but I think we can ask any higher power and positive energy that we trust – our protector, guide, Higher Self, God …
        – Don´t be affraid of repeating the experience, do not think of it before falling asleep. In such a way, you just attract your nightmare.

        Remember, that if you don´t give the needed fuel to your FEAR, you don´t play it´s game, it has no other option, only to disappear.

        To call upon protection is simply, you just think of it for example like: My Angels (God, Higher Self, protectors…) please, help me to beat my fear, help me to calm myself, give me the strength to face my fear and leave this all behind etc.

        Good luck and no more fear 🙂

        • Karl says:

          Dear Marketa,

          Thank you very much for your kind reply. I really appreciate the time you have taken to write me such a comprehensive and thoughtful reply. I have never posted a blog before at all, about anything until I came across this site. When I started looking into my affliction only about three weeks ago now I thought I might be opening a can of worms and as a result start suffering again. But the kind, informative comments such as yours give me the strength to literally confront my fears.

          Can’t wait for another attack to come on now!!

          Bring it on!!

  68. Debs says:

    I had sleep paralysis twice a couple of months ago after reading a book on astral travel-it scared the life out of me! I was fully conscious but unable to move or speak…..

  69. Lineise says:

    I too have experienced this, only once. I was up very late with my youngest son, helping him with a homework report, due the next day. I was laying down, dozed off, and the next thing I know, there is a dark shadow of a man standing in the doorway. My eyes were closed, but I could see it. Then there was this horrible pressure, holding me down. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe. It was pretty terrifying. My son, sitting beside me, woke me and it was over. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one to have experienced this. Thank you for such an insightful post (with references). 🙂

  70. Yram says:

    I have had countless experiences where I would try to awaken but was prevented by some presence from doing so. I would always be mute and my eyes would be closed. I really don’t remember being terrified.

    I would love to get feedback from persons who have experienced an encounter with an incubus or succubus (evil spirits who take the form of a male (incubus) or female (succubus) and descend upon sleeping men and women and have sexual intercourse with them. I am never able to move and my eyes are closed but on one occasion I vividly (in my mind’s “eye” ) recall this incubus wearing a red plaid shirt. At any rate, I truly felt that I was being made love to physically and it was a very enjoyable experience. I haven’t had the pleasure of this nocturnal event in quite a while but I sincerely do anticipate future encounters!!!!!!! HOLLAH

  71. Joshua says:

    I have had them and OBE several times. Mostly as a child but not always.

    I have no explanation for them, but believe it could be a form of seizure.

  72. Michaela says:

    I experience sleep paralysis from time to time. My first experience was when I was around 16, I was just drifting off alone in bed when suddenly my ears starting ringing loudly. I opened my eyes and could see everything in the room but felt like I was pinned to the bed with what felt like a bad energy/presence over me. I felt truely terrified and then I felt like it was lifting my top half up by my hands. I began trying to kick and scream but could’nt move snd no noise would come out of my mouth..? In my mind I was wailing, screaming and swearing until it eventually ‘let me go’.. I felt I had dropped back on the bed, I was fully awake and petrified – the whole thing lasted only a couple of minuets but felt like forever..

    Everytime I have one I feel more and more in control these days. I’m kind of ‘not scared’ anymore.. They are losing power to where I rarely have them anymore.

    I an also a lucid dreamer and I think I remote view. My friends and family will tell you I am psychic but that is something I have no desire to publicise or gain from. It’s just a little part of me.. Are all these things linked? I have no idea?..

  73. Dani says:

    I have had several vivid and hazy memories of these experiences as achild.

    Last year (along with several Ufo/ET experiences) I felt/saw two entities come visit my bed side while I was settling for bed.

    First a being of light (which I felt was a presence I’ve known since childhood) come and present me to another being. “This is her,” he said though without words.

    Then, a being of shadow began manifesting and I grew fearful and told them I wasn’t ready. As they disappeared I apologized and told them in time id be ready once again.

    Since this experience, I am working to be more accepting and more brave of both light and darkness in my life. I know now they are two sides on the same coin and both will help me continue to grow until I am ready once more to accept that which comes to me.

    Whether it was real or not I will continue to thrive in this way.

  74. I have been experiencing sleep paralysis ever since I was young. I don’t remember them ever being pleasant. It’s like a trance that comes in through waves. At that point I become aware of whats going to happen and freak out. I always remember either trying to escape a nightmare and being pulled in by the same wave like forces or become aware that I’m about to enter the grip of a nightmare. The other day I was actually able to escape from one even though I don’t remember ever being able to do that.before.

  75. I have had multiple bouts of SP since I was a teenager, I’m now nearly 36, the worst came last night, I even had visions of my Paternal Grandfather telling me that I had been in part responsible for my family destructing, I “Dreamt” of many people that have crossed my life and that they overwhelm me like a pack of pirañas, my life is in free fall now, I feel the presences of people all day now, I feel insane, I have no real “feeling” constant emotiveness, but no break, I even have to blow up because of this, I’ve been recently displaced from my home, What do I do?, I have no physical person apart from my Wife whom I cowardly take this out upon verbally, I don’t know where to turn, my soul feels like death is wrapping up upon me, I’m close to the edge of this.

    • NJ says:

      There’s an obvious message you may be missing. Try hypnotherapy, a Life Between Lives session and discover more about yourself than you’d ever think.

    • Sue B says:

      You sound like you are overwhelmed, which is never nice. You seem to be saying that you are very ‘sensitive’ and that you are unable to shut out other peoples ‘energies’? The two can go hand in hand if your sensitivity is not controlled. I just want to let you know that with the right understanding you can make sense of it all and turn your life around.

      I’m not going to pussyfoot about, I have a little, personal understanding of this issue and I would recommend you see a good Spiritual Medium who can counsel you and help you to understand what is happening. Also, can I recommend books by Pema Chodron?; the philosophy is very practical and there is information on the WWW. Another highly rated book, please don’t be put off by the title, “The Art of Psychic Protection” by Judy Hall explains about the power of thought, protecting your space, tie cutting amongst many other things. I hope that you find the knowledge you need.

      • Thank You Sue B, I tried Hypnotherapy, Sadly it had no discernible effect, I’m getting these more and more stronger now, which is having the underlying effect on my Wife and Child too, thank you so for your help and time.

  76. J B says:

    I fall into SP almost every time i fall asleep during day time, about 2-3 times a week, it always occurs just before I wake up. What´s strange about it to me is that it never happens during my “regular” sleep in the night time. I´ve become pretty used to it these days and i´ve even figured out a way to keep myself calm when it happens.
    If you fall into SP you have to choices, either you panic and try to move some of your body part/parts until you´ll awake yourself, normally you can´t move at all but if you try hard enough you´ll wake up after a while. Or you can try to relax and accept the fact that your body is in a SP, continue sleep for a few more seconds and hopefully you’ll wake up normal. If you don’t, repeat the scenario.

  77. Belen says:

    I Had SP For a while now , i remember i even had it as a child im 18 now . I started going to church at the age of 16 i became really religious and thats when my sp got worst i had a dream every single day i would wake up crying and i would flip out , i remember one of my dreams was that i saw myself laying down and i couldnt move my body my head just my eyes i tried to scream an shout nothing would come out , then i heard voices next to me i knew they were evil the room felt eery but i couldnt turn around and see then something whispered in my ear “dont look he dsnt want you to see close your eyes hes trying to protect you ” when i stopped going to church the dreams stopped as well i still wsnt the same after that i couldnt be alone in a room i would get scared look around and just sit in a corner paranoid it took me a year to get back to my normal self , but now they’re starting up again my latest one was last night were i saw someone in the corner of my room on the floor rocking back and forth then suddenly my sheets started to rise and my heartbeat was going faster all of a sudden the sheet dropped and my breathing got slow as well as my heart beat i felt pressure on my whole body i couldnt move i tried to get up to get a rosary i keep on my dresser i got up and fell back down , i can hear voices but sometimes i cant see them the dreams are so realistic i wake up in the same position i fell asleep in everything in my room is in the exact same place in my dream as in real life , i learned to cope with them now when i have them i just close my eyes wait it out and pray in my head im also aware when im awake when im going to have one

    • Instead of panicking, accept your situation and just send whatever you encounter in your next SP to me, I haven’t experienced it in a long while… that way we’ll be two 🙂
      try to wiggle a toe or finger if you want to become in control of your mobility.

  78. Chris says:

    I have been plagued by SP since I was 7 I think. It happens when I’m about to fall asleep. It starts off with I ring in my ear. I can’t move and I can’t talk. It doesn’t matter if someone is sleeping next to me or if it’s daytime but mostly happens at night. I’m 26 now and It’s become stronger now causing me pain in my head and sometimes stoping my breathing. I always feel a evil presence and sometimes I have seen a dark shape. I always knew it was evil because I would curse out the devils name and it would hurt my head even more. Since the 11th grade it’s gotten so bad that I hear whispers whenever I stay up late and get tired. They say randomn things that make no sense but sometimes are referring to things Pertaining to me. I thought it was all in my head that I was just tired and thinking too loud. Until one day a female voice screamed in my ear waking me wide awake. I was terrified. At age 24 I moved in with my fiancé and baby boy. I would stay up playing video games and i would feel so tired. Thats when I would hear the voices. I would ignore them thinking it was my imagination. Then one day in my front deal job I took a quick break and took a nap in the back. I sat in a chair and started to fall asleep. The voices came again and they got louder and louder until they were screaming and wen I opened my eyes. I saw a dark distortion across from me and it was screaming and it went right through me. I was terrified and couldn’t sleep right for months. I have become very paranoid. Just 4 weeks ago at night I had a routine SP attack which I’m used to. But this time it was loud, the ringing hurting my head, the voices whispering nonsense, I looked around my dark room and saw next to my side of the bed a dark shadow darker than anything else in the room. I looked at it and didn’t know what I was seeing it screamed a horrible scream that sounded like a man at the end of a long hallway screaming at me. terrified I did everything to look away and get out of its control. I did it but I haven’t had a long night sleep since then. I fall asleep when I see the sun set. And until then I’m on my iPhone staying awake. Even now I write this and the sun just came up. Please someone help me understand what this is? what it wants?and how I can get rid of it. Please

    • anonymous says:

      accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Ask Him to enter your life. Ask the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Ask God’s forgiveness.

      • Suz says:

        Anonymous… even Bible thumpers can have this problem. It’s not about accepting one religious figure or another, and if you had ever experienced it, you would know that. Seems to me that you need to move on to a forum that better suits you. This clearly isn’t it.

        • I have to agree with @Suz – having done all of the above prescribed by Anonymous before, during and after these times, there was no discernible effect. I think unless Anonymous has experienced this, they are not necessarily in a position to offer advice.

          • astral says:

            sleep paralysis is only an incomplet astrap split just get up at will dont fear say a pray while it happen

    • anthony patchett says:

      Hi Chris, if you read this reply and I will help you, I had this since 19 I’m 45 now, but I realised after a while that the calling noise you get before it starts can actually be turned right down just like turning your stereo down, before i worked this out I thought the loudness i experienced would make me deaf it was that loud


  79. Suz says:

    I have had these experiences for years… not often, but so striking that I remember every one. Each and every time, there was a “shadow person” in the room, often right next to my bed. Each and every time, I was terrified beyond belief and wasn’t in control of the fear… in other words, the terror hit me before I even had time to think about it, and then it was simply pure panic, the logical, rational part of me no where to be found.
    Each time after the event, I just talked myself out of thinking it was anything other than a very vivid dreaming experience.

    The last time it happened was a couple of years ago, but it is the most significant time, because I was not asleep, but more importantly – my husband heard what I heard too!
    It began with my husband’s alarm clock going off in the early morning. I heard it and rolled over after he got up. I heard him walk over to the bedroom door, open it, and stand there, with the door open, for too long. I was lying there wondering why the heck he didn’t just shut the door. Then he did, and I rolled over onto my back. When I did, I was immediately paralyzed and heard a noise that sounded like someone crinkling paper, or something like static, seemingly across the room. It started softly and grew and grew in volume into it was very loud.
    The terror took over before I could even contemplate what the sound might be, and through the sliver of light coming from the hallway through the cracks of the door, I saw the shadow person standing next to the bed. Completely black… no facial features like eyes… just blackness.

    I struggled to move and to scream… nothing coming out but a teeny squeak, for just a moment or two, until finally I was able to sit up and let out a yell, The noise and shadow person were gone then, and my husband opened the door and asked if I was okay. I told him I must have had a dream.

    The experience stuck with me all day, especially as I knew I hadn’t been asleep when it began, and I remembered very clearly my husband getting out of bed, walking across the room, opening the door, standing there with the door open… Later that same day, after we both returned from work, I asked him if he remembered getting up and opening the door for so long. It took him a moment, but then he said, “Yeah, I opened the door and would have sworn a cat ran by me. So, I stood there looking… I thought for sure I saw eyes, like a cat, by the bed… then I didn’t see them anymore and looked down the hall and noticed our cat was actually by the bathroom door. So, I shut the door. Then I heard a noise, like rustling paper, and thought she must have gotten in there and was under the bed.”
    THIS was important!
    At first, I just fixated on the fact that he thought the cat must have actually run into the bedroom and was making all kinds of noise and he didn’t bother to come open the door to get her out. He admitted he was still groggy from just having woken, and thought he must have imagined the cat by the bathroom door, and that he really just needed to get ready for work.
    But, THEN I realized that HE had heard the noise I had heard, TOO!!!!

    That meant I was definitely NOT dreaming! He had heard the noise!
    Interestingly, that was the first time that I had ever HEARD a noise when I was experiencing SP.
    At any rate, it was NOT all in my head.

    I do not know what it means that this has happened to me, but, to be honest, I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  80. Stacey says:

    I’m so happy I found this. I’ve experienced this for three years now. It comes and goes and at the beginning I wouldn’t tell anyone because I thought it was just a dream and that I was going crazy! However, I had to say something once it got worse. My sleep paralysis has been so bad I have heard weird noises that start low but progressively get higher and instances where I wake up because I feel something literally pulling me off the bed. I freaked out when I heard a noise one time I was sleeping. It sounded as if claws were just scratching on my carpet around my bed..circling me. The time I felt I was being pulled off I tried so hard to push away and kick or tell but I just couldn’t. I haven’t seen anything because I am always so afraid to open my eyes. This whole thing is very weird to me.

  81. AB says:

    This has happened to me about 6 times in the past few years; in the process of falling asleep, waking up, once in the middle of sleep, and once while I was dreaming. The ones where I am falling asleep or about to wake up have a bad presences around. I cannot move or say anything at all, not even my eyes will open. I get scared and fight til I can control my body again and the presence backs down/and or leaves. The time where I woke in the middle of my sleep is because I felt two energy beings to the left of me; this was my first SP experience. I was unable to move or speak but I wasn’t really trying to after the first few min. They did not seem bad nor good, just there and doing something extra dimensional…it felt like they were observing me or something. The most recent time was when a bad presence took over my dream body while I was in a dream. It quickly turned to a lucid dream. I could not wake up or get out of the dream; for all I know it could have been happening to my physical body but without all the thrashing and movement because my partner did not notice anything unfamiliar. It was a constant battle to regain control of my dream body, and I kept doubting myself so I was also battling myself which made it a bit more difficult. I did win the battle once I firmly stated that it was my dream, my mind, my body and I filled my dream body up with pure light and everything went back to normal and I was able to wake up and then fall back asleep in a normal fashion.

  82. Kathryn says:

    This has happened to me so far at least 15 times in my life. The first time I was 8 years old and I knew a presence was in the room. I could feel the shift and I was paralyzed. There was a shadow person whispering in my ear “Intentional, intentional…” over and over. I was 8 and had no clue what that meant. All the other dreams have been more physical where again, I am paralyzed, I can see everything in my room, I can hear my family outside my door walking by and going about their business. I try to scream and no noise comes out. I try to move my hands but can’t. I try to keep repeating over and over that it’s my imagination and it’s not there. But the shadow man has stood at the end of my bed and stared at me. He has climbed on top of me with the intention of sexually assaulting me. He has laid his whole body over mine and I can’t breathe or move. I have never seen a woman but there has been a smaller shadow figure present but I can’t make out any details with what it looks like. Sometimes before I am falling asleep and I am getting into bed and laying down I can tell by what feels like the energy in the room. I am glad to know I am not alone because when I try to explain this to friends and family they look at me funny.

  83. Natasha says:

    My entire life I have experienced these. Aproximately five to six a year. Terrifying. Being completely cognitive of everything. Oddly enough I also vividly remember several out of body experiences in my youth. Seeing my own house in the dark floating through it then back to my bed. I’ve often had to command repeatedly the evil presence to leave me in the name of God. Since being very small I’ve also been very intuitive. I believed this evil came to me because of the power I have to spread good and truth. I am now 36 and in the last five years the paralysis is becoming worse. Now I feel like I could truly die. My breath painfully squeezed from me. This week the most disturbing experience yet. I awoke in an aroused state. Fully recognizing I was in SP I thought how strange to be aroused. Then as instant as I thought this I realized my legs were spread and a presence sat below me touching me. I felt my body being manipulated sexually. Immediately I panicked but could not move. I worried for my sons safety in the room next door and wondered how far this would go. I felt like this thing was enjoying ellicit my bodies arousal and truly it was the most heightened arousal I’ve ever felt. I commanded firmly this thing to leave me and it stopped. I’m shaken to my core.I’m afraid what might happen in my next SP.

  84. S C says:

    I have been dealing with SP for 6 years now, I am 30 and it happens to me frequently during the week. The first time It happened to me was during the day. I was napping while my mom took my son for a walk, and my boyfriend was out. It felt to me like I was sitting in my bed ,I heard my mother come back from her walk and heard my boyfriend come in too. They were talking and I heard all the conversation that took place, I also heard my bf ask her where I was and she told him that I was sleeping, he then asked if it was ok for him to nap also. I actually saw him come in the room and lay beside me in the bed. I found it strange that he dint seem to notice I was sitting there! I then realized that I could see my body laying there beside him, I immediately panicked and tried entering my body but couldn’t . After a while it went foggy and I woke up in my body but couldn’t see anything or move. I was screaming in my head for help for what felt like for a long time, after that I “blacked out” and woke up with the ability to move again. It was a scary experience and not an easy one to explain to people who haven’t been through it.

    • Liviana says:

      SC, did you check with your mother and boyfriend whether what you describe really happened? On a similar occasion I checked with my mother, whom I had seen enter my bedroom and go to the window while I was ‘paralyzed’, and she said she had not been in my room. A part of us wants to wake up but the body is not cooperating so we create the dream of being awake but unable to move. When it happens to me, I tell myself that I have to take a deep breath, which is difficult because I’m paralyzed, and if I can manage to do that then I immediately wake up.

  85. desertflower says:

    Hi Chris… I have seen the same exact dark figure as you through the darkness of my room as well. It flew in my room and then started to slowly come down over me. I tryed calling for my mom, but was not able to move nor talk. Once I started praying that God rebuke the devil in Jesus neme, It went right back out the window. I was 16 yrs old when that happened.

    I have been experiencing SP from 4yrs to 33yrs old. The episode I’ve explained above was the first I had experienced where a being was present. When I was 21, and pregnant with my first child, I fell a sleep on my couch. I remember dreaming of being in the bath tub, and a purple cloud materializing before me. The dream frightened me and so as I was awakening. I was paralyzed, and heard like Latin chanting in my ear! I prayed again, the chanting stopped, and I was able to move again. I ran to my mother’s room to tell her what just happened. That was a first hearing voices and all.

    When I was 25 me and my husband was sleeping, I woke up laying on the edge of the bed on my side in a paralyzed state. I began to pray, and actually felt the entity unwrapping it’s arms from around me, and getting off of me.

  86. Tracey says:

    I have left a reply before but have had recent interesting SP experiences worth noting. Twice I have seen a dark shadowy figure with wild, tentacle-like moving hair standing at the end of my bed. Once I woke up to find green cables strewn all over my bed and two of them attached to my husband’s head. Twice I have awoken to my room being covered floor to ceiling in light bulbs. Each and every time, it’s the same thing, I awake and am paralyzed but can see. With the lightbulbs, the “noise” of the lightbulbs both times is what woke me. I sleep with ear plugs now the last month and twice in the last 2 weeks I’ve woken to find my ear plugs removed and sitting next to me on my pillow. I know they haven’t fallen out because they hurt to pull out. I’ve also woken up feeling as if I had been sexually violated the night before and found a blood stain about the size of a half dollar on the pillow I put between my legs. My husband and I are both baffled and he has purchased infrared cameras to find out what is going on. That last episode crossed the line!

    • Tracey says:

      I should also mention my daughter is “seeing and hearing” things in her sleep as well. Just the other night she accused us of waking her up in the middle of the night by turning the lights on in her bathroom and taking a shower in there. We have had strange occurrences during the day as well. She has seen the shadow of a large person in my room on my wall. She knows nothing of what has been happening with me, she is only 9. Our tv also turns off and on by itself, I have heard the sound of someone running up my stairs when no one is home. My cats turned to see who was coming around the corner when I heard that and stared at the door meowing a few times before going about their business. Just once a door flew open on it’s own when I was home alone and my cat stared at the ceiling above the door for a few minutes. My cell phone also sometimes charges itself. Like from 6% to 98% instantly. There are many other odd things and it’s not “contained” to our home. It’s made me question everything about everything. I’m still a devout Christian but I just don’t look at the world the same way.

  87. Lauren says:

    I have both of these experiences, but they are always separate. I can still recall the first time I woke up to a presence in the room, there was someone sitting on the bed with me, holding a can of coke. I could not see the person clearly, it was a very slight shadow, but when they spilt the drink on my bed I shouted and jumped out of bed. I searched the bed for the wet spot but couldn’t find it. The figure had gone and I spent the next 2 minutes searching around my room for them, in ridiculous places such as drawers etc – driven by an almost sub-conscious force. I was fully awake and walking but my mind was still unable to accept that this was not reality as such. I then turned the light on to look for the person and this brought my mind back to the rationality that there was no one hiding in my drawers. I have experienced similar experiences and have spoken with these figures only through a strange telepathy – where they could read my thoughts but I could only decipher their emotions. Sometimes the figure is a happy presence and I will be aware of their presence until I turn the light on. One particular time which was the most terrifying as i woke up and sat up in my bed, there was a figure at my computer desk on the chair. The energy was initially neutral but as a few minutes passed, I began to wonder what there person was doing there, then I realised that I didn’t know who they were and convinced that there was a human stranger in my room (my mind had not yet returned to rationality) I became scared. The energy of the figure then changed – I was aware of the figure getting darker and angrier. I ran to the the light switch and came back to reality. On another occasion, there was more than one in my room, We spoke (telepathically – although I’m unsure if I was able to understand their thoughts). After a minute or two I realised that I wasn’t wearing my pyjamma bottoms as it was hot and I’d taken them off, I became embarrassed that they would see me lie this and tried to keep myself covered under the blankets. Eventually I was told (although I’m not sure how) to get dressed as we were going out and so I carefully manoeuvred with the quilt around me to find a pair of trousers. I lived in uni halls at this time and the light in the hallway outside my door was censored and so when I opened my door, I came back to reality. I would always snap put of it as soon as I turned the light on.

    I have also experienced sleep paralysis in the last three or four years – but my eyes are never open and I’m never aware of a presence in the room. On the very odd occasion my mind has woken up in sleep paralysis but I am being suffocated by something and I cannot breathe and I try to scream, nothing happens and so I spend about 30seconds trying to tense every muscle in my body and eventually a mussel will twitch slightly and I can move again. Every time I experience sleep paralysis I initially believe in the first 20seconds that I’m going to die.

  88. james says:

    Hi, im 21 amd recently ive been having these sleep parylsis dreams, everything feels very real in them, everything in the room is exactly how it is in real life. Ive had 4 or 5 now, everytime it happens I panick and try my hardest to move and shout for help, i always sense an evil presence, though just right it off as a dream. But once when this happened it felt like something had taken control of my body , I floated about 10 centre metres off my bed and said im going to kill all you family and friends, all whilst I was trying to fight it. It normally happens in the morning after ive already been awoken and fell back to sleep. And if I relax I get a strange feeling in my head which grows, very hard to explain, I think when the feeling reaches its peak I fall asleep or get “possessed” i always fall asleep again during sp. I think I may be dreaming but im not sure and it is terrifying.

  89. juan says:

    ive had sleep paralysis two times. the first time was creepy i was about to fall asleep when it happen and i started hallucinating on my T.V i would see images flashing of a figure standing next to a empty swinging swing set . i then came out of it and the T.V was completely off and the room was pitch dark. The second time which was just last night i was dreaming and in my dream i felt like i fell and couldn’t move or breath . I immediately woke up and was stuck in sleep paralysis . i stared to hallucinate again but not on the T.V. i started to see the same figure gliding towards me. In my mind i started thinking and trying to say “fuck this leave me alone” and once i finished the sentence in my head i snapped out of it. The experience are weird i wish i could know why i hallucinate so life like.

    • I’m not one to have scary dreams very often, not since I’ve grown older, but I just can’t forget this one particular dream I had a couple years ago. The thing about this dream was that I “dreamt” that I simply woke up in my bed at night…so everything about this dream lead me to believe I was fully awake. My twin brother was sleeping a few feet away, and I remember consciously deciding to turn over onto my side, when I realized I couldn’t move my body at all, 100% paralyzed and without the ability to call out to my bro. I was shook to the core, but the experience hadn’t even started yet. In this eerily slow fashion, my body began levitating off of the bed and slowly I floated towards my bedroom window…and the window began to open ever so slowly as I approached it. My eyes darted around the room, the only part of me that could move, and I tried my very hardest to scream as loud as possible so my brother could wake up and help me. I felt as If I were being stolen out of my own bedroom by an unseen force, and as soon as I felt the cool outside air touch my toes I was awake. It was over.

    • raheem abdul brown says:

      These experiences aren’t hallucinations that’s why its so life like. They are spirits.

  90. anonymous says:

    to immediately stop the paralysis, pray: IN JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME.
    pray the Lord’s Prayer before going back to sleep.

    1. confess your sins. just pray in your room and ask God’s forgiveness. repent by never repeating those sins. ask forgiveness from all those you have hurt. forgive all who have sinned against you. forgiving does not mean letting other people hurt you. it means never letting them hurt you again. if you are right, fight. never let evil prevail.

    2. say out loud that you now accept Jesus Christ as you Saviour and ask Him to enter you life

    3. read the Bible daily. even just one verse. read aloud. then pray. praying is talking to God. so talk to Him how you understand the verse and how you will apply it to your life. give Him praise and thanks daily.

    4. pray upon waking up. pray when you are tempted. pray when bad thoughts enter your mind. those thoughts are whispered by the devil. talk to God throughout the day. pray before sleeping.

    5. before sleeping, ask God for His hedge of protection to surround you and your love ones, all your houses, and all your properties. pray that you are covering your whole self, your love ones, your residences, your properties with the blood of Lord Jesus Christ

    6. play audio Bible. let is just continue to play while you sleep

    7. play praise songs while you do your work in the office or at home while doing your chores. not using ear piece. play it such that it can be heard within at least 5 feet around you

    8. be sensitive to the urging of the Holy Spirit. when you are about to sin, you will have doubt. hear that. that is the Holy Spirit preventing you from sinning

    9. do good. smile. say sorry and thank you. help as much as you can. little kindness goes a looong way

    10. avoid places, things, circumstances, etc. that you know will cause you to sin

    • sk1951 says:

      Unbelievable. No really…totally unbelievable.

    • a.burch says:

      I was being attacked last night. Had A Force Pushing So Hard On My Right Side Of ribs.I couldn’t move I could see tv on seen my phone heard a message come through but couldn’t speak. The more I tried to move the heavier and harder this pushed on my ribs, felt like it was trying to squeeze the air out if me. Finally I started praying in my head and finally the words came out loudly and we hen that happened the weight pushing and pinning me down lifted.

  91. sk1951 says:

    Why is it that everything that is not understand has to have a mythological fantasy story attached to it? I am so sick of religion and gods myths destroying humanity. Our imagination and ego is our worst collective enemy.

  92. J. Hill says:

    I have also experienced this a few times, but not in years, and it only happened while living in my parent’s house. It happened a few times as a child and once again as an adult when I temporarily moved in with them after leaving the military. As a child it was always the same, I would awake and it felt like something or someone was holding me down and I couldn’t move and I would try to scream but nothing would come out and I couldn’t even open my eyes, or refused to, I don’t really remember. When it happened as an adult, it felt like several people were holding me down and again I couldn’t move or scream or see. Each time, I would pray for God to help me and then it would end. Also, on several occasions I have woken when I felt someone sit on my bed only to look and there was no one there. This also only occurred while living at my parent’s house.

  93. sleep paralysis are basically Demonic attacks.
    Call out to the name of Jesus and all attack from the enemie is rebuked.

    • e says:

      every time it happened to me i start to pray and it stops and i wake up

  94. greetings says:

    I definately hear what you are saying but that sounds like way too much admin. Our God is able, and I feel that most of the stuff is more ritualistic than relational. I learn life lessons everyday and I know my God is greater.

    We need to be Spiritual not religious and have faith and love our fellow man as we love each other

  95. RL says:

    I am 21 years old and started getting SP my freshman year of college since my sleeping patterns were more irregular. I, unlike most people I’ve read about, have never experienced anything demonic-seeming coming to me. The hallucinations I get aren’t of shadowy figures. Sometimes, my dream is projected outside of me, but usually it is fleeting. I learned to not be afraid of my SP fairly quickly after doing a bit of research on it, and I find it pretty easy to control- I can slip deeper into it or pull myself out of it as I wish. I usually hear voices, and there is one of a woman saying my name that I used to hear when I was little. Of course, this could be my mind playing tricks on me. But today I had two bouts of SP while I was trying to nap. I heard someone saying something in Latin as letters appeared before my half-closed eyes where my eyelashes are. It was all gibberish though, so I tried mentally prompting the voices to make themselves clearer. A young woman’s voice came forth and said she was trying to get me to help pull her from the other side. Then a man entered and said he needed something from me, too, but I couldn’t hold on to his voice long enough to hear. Then the familiar voice of the woman saying my name returned and I woke up.

    My mom used to get SP extremely often, but stopped around the same time I started. She said that once, she heard a rush of voices giving her instructions of things to tell their loved ones, like “Tell my wife I’m okay.” It was too much to handle so she had to make them stop. We have a history of this type of thing in my family- spirits trying to make contact etc.

    Trust me, I’m usually a pretty logical person, but this is something I’ve always been curious about. Anyone know of a good hypnotherapist, psychic, or medium in downstate NY who might know more about this?

  96. Cam says:

    I have had it happen quite often. I am 22. I am curious about afterlife in ways, as wel all are. This has happen three times that I can tell for certain. Once 2 blue figures at the end of my bed. another was a black shadow right above me. That was the worst. I didn’t sleep for 2 hours after. I don’t scare easy. This third time which has me looking up these stories. It was a like goblin like creature. big eyes. What you can imagine a small demon to look like. It could be imagination. Too much t.v. or it is real. Idk, but it happens. It really does.

  97. Cam says:

    It is just odd that so many have the exact same experiences. The same ones. If it was our imagination, it would be different right? Our dreams aren’t the same. Just these moments. It nevers last more than a min for me that I know of..The last two have been right in my face though. It is scary.. I felt like the this last time.. I heard you can’t see the real me. Believe it or not. You will not be hurt by these experiences but boy the pitch dark is not ideal after it happens.

  98. Stephy says:

    I had my first experience 2 nights ago, I woke up feeling terrified, I tried to scream for someone in my house, but no sound would come out. I felt someone else was in my room, watching me. There was a little bit of light in my room from my router & I could see moving blurry shadows on my ceiling, floating around.

    • Drew says:

      In my sleep paralysis experience I always hear a scream. Btw I am just 17 years of age. Yes I hear a loud scream and a loud banging sound like a hammer on metal. I always instantly think it is my mother and I try to save her. The voice is different from my mom’s though and I can picture blonde hair but I cannot see the face. I always try so damn hard to move but I can’t. I tell myself that my mom is in trouble and I keep pressing to move. Till I finally move but it is an out of body experience. As if I pushed myself so hard that my soul came out. I ran out of bed and I went to the first room and turned on the light. Then I went to the living room and turned on that light but it wouldn’t turn on and then I went to the kitchen and turned on yhat light but I could only see a little nightlight in the kitchen. I came back into the passage way and I saw a footballer that Liverpool recently signed Lazar Markovic (I am a massive LFC fan). He was either standing before me or beside me. Leading me to think if he was either an ally or foe. When I acknowledged that I was dreaming thwn I eventually woke up. I woke up and I laughed a little then I went back to sleep. When I went back to sleep I dreamt a contradictory dream to the first one. There was colour all around and we were at a waterfall. I saw one 2 friends that I recognized and one asian guy that I didn’t. One of my friends fell off the waterfall If I rmbr correctly my dream said it was 32 feet high and he died when he hit the hard ground below. I was about to fall too and the asian guy climbed over my back to get to the other side. When I finally couldn’t hold on any longer I just let go and I was actually floating. I told myself it was a dream b4 I let go and I think that is why I floated. I look at two possibilities. The first dream was a demonic dream in my opinion and the second dream was rather one from an angelic viewpoint. Seeing the two viewpoints in one night was both terrifying and incredible. Oh my friend came back to life when I acknowledged it was a dream.

  99. Kaciey Rae says:

    Okay I have recently had 2 different dreams within a week of each other and both dreams consisted of the same dynamic. The first dream I had I was at my boyfriend’s place and we had a mattress set up in his garage and decided to sleep in the garage that night. I had fallen asleep and didn’t realize I fell asleep. It was a sudden falling asleep. Then I had a short dream that took place right where I had fallen asleep. I was in the same garage and my boyfriend was all of a sudden something of an evil entity, like a demon of some sort. Then he had injected me with something and it had paralyzed me. He then proceeded to jump/fly around the garage kind of in the same way a spyder monkey does or like how spiderman when he jumps he sort of has that extra momentum that allows him to seem as though he is somewhat flying for a moment. He had grabbed a bottle of lube that resembled ultrasound gel almost and he put it onto my pelvic bone and vagina and then he took it and put it over my mouth and nose so that I was unable to talk or breath really. Since I was paralyzed there was nothing I could do about this. He then jumped across the garage again, all the while muttering words to me that I am unable to remember what was being said, and he grabbed this small powered saw-like utensil and was about to operate on me. I have no idea what he had in mind or where he was about to use the saw on me, and I could feel myself get frightened and attempted to wake up. It took me a few minutes to awake completely from the dream and as I woke up I could feel myself saying my boyfriends name until I was 100% conscious again. I then felt so terrified, even of my boyfriend at that time I was prepared to leave in the middle of the night despite having no place to go. So I turned on the light and had a cigarette and looked around the garage in fear. As I did this I noticed that saw from in my dream and by that point I wasn’t sure I wanted to go back to sleep. After waking my boyfriend up I felt slightly more relaxed and was able to quietly fall back asleep.

    The next week my ex boyfriend spent the night at my parents place with me to spend some time with our 3 year old daughter. We both slept next to each other and again the same idea had happened. I fell asleep without realizing that I had fallen asleep and this time it was my ex boyfriend in my dream and he had gotten out of the bed we were sleeping in (the same bed we fell asleep in from my waking life) and he was all hot and sweaty with no shirt on and a chain of his that he wears most of the time. He was being very odd and had a demonic aurora about him as well. He was attempting to steal our daughter in the night and so I got up and I picked up our daughter and brought her into my parents room (there actual room from my waking life and my actual parents from my waking life) and I woke my parents and tried to explain to them what was going on. Then I passed my daughter over to my mother while my step-father and I argued with my ex about his belief that this is what he was going to do. He was so evil in my dream that he was just standing there laughing as if he knew that it doesn’t matter what any of us say or do, that this is something that is and will happen no matter what. Like he KNOWS what he is doing. By this time I began to attempt to wake up and yet again when I finally awoke I was back in the same bed that I had originally fallen asleep in next to my ex and where the dream had first taken place at. I was so startled when I woke up I actually punched my ex in the face by accident out of shock from the dream. Yet again, I was left feeling terrified and afraid to fall back asleep. I was too tired to get up and move however, so soon after awaking I had fallen back asleep.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what either of these dreams could mean or what they might be about? Or are these both just simple cases of sleep-paralysis? If anyone has any suggestions or comments or insight I would love to here your interpretation on what these might symbolize or some way to help from having more dreams like this.

    Thank you =)

  100. Philip Peters says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and even some astral projection, but I am also trained as a scientist, so I believe this is all very, very, natural.

    My first sleep paralysis experiences occurred with a voice repeating a single word over and over. This was very clear. I was fully conscious, and very scared. i couldn’t move and it seemed very other-worldly.

    Then I had these sleep paralysis episodes where there were voices and a saw a dream sequence occurring inside my room, with my eyes open. Once while in college, I had an episode where my roommate walked into my room, sat at a desk, and was speaking to his parents out in the hall. I saw him leave the desk and join his parents out in the hall. They then walked toward the backyard. I struggled as best I could to get out of bed and join them. I could still hear them talking out in the yard as I made my way out of the room. When I got to the back yard, there was no one there. Hallucinations can really be tricky on the mind. I was left confused and wondering if I was crazy. What was real and what was imagined?

    Since then I have learned that sleep paralysis is just the body producing glycine and GABA when we sleep. These chemicals relax the body so that we do not kick and thrash about in our dreams. Yes, everyone experiences sleep paralysis every time we sleep. We just are not conscious of it most of the time. When we experience lucid dreaming we are aware we are dreaming. We are conscious even while our subconscious is simultaneously running a dream sequence. If we are in a lucid dream it is a small step to open our eyes, however we are still technically in REM sleep, and we can hear voices and see shadow figures, etc.

    Since our bodies are still sleeping while we are conscious the sleep paralysis seems other worldly, even spiritual. However if you believe sleep paralysis is a spiritual experience then you really need to give serious consideration about becoming a Muslim. Why? Well the (false) prophet Muhammad was meditating about God in a cave when he fell asleep. He woke startled as something was holding him down, hard, making it difficult to breath. He struggled as he felt some entity present, and he was in great, great fear. Then Mohammad heard a voice say, “recite”. Again he heard the voice clearly saying, “recite” Mohammad resisted, and said that he could not read. Again the voice said “recite” a third time. Then finally the entity released Mohammad and he could move again. He was very fearful that some spiritual entity had visited him in he cave. So he told his wife about this experience who told him that he may have experienced an angel. She had a cousin who was knowledgeable about spiritual things. This cousin told Muhammad that he was visited by the angel Gabriel, and that he was a prophet to recite the words of God. Thus the religion of Islam started.

    • Yasin Aziz says:

      Please don’t mislead about Islam when you have half of the information.

    • Tim says:

      I am 45 and have had several incidents as you have described. Sleep on your back, learn to calm yourself before bedtime, and relax. Most importantly the good will always out power the evil of all mans sins.”So rejoice and shot at the devil”. I am not religious or a dictator, but the majority of the world is good. My apartment had over 100 residents. Only 3 or 5 bad ones. I let the right people now what they needed to know. Now there are 100 happy residents!

    • Tim says:

      Try sleeping on your back for 10 days.

      • Jacksdad says:

        Horrible advice – sleeping on your back is one of the most significant triggers for sleep paralysis in many people.

  101. astral says:

    sleep paralysis is an incomplete astral split, only try to get up at will not to fear you can fly say a pray while this happen

  102. Brittany says:

    Reading all of these comments makes me feel so much better that im not the only one.

    I have had sleep paralysis since I was 18 and I am now about to be 23. All my encounters were always being paralyzed yet able to talk in my head and move my eyes. Thats it. Whereever I was asleep whether it was my room or a friends house, EVERYTHING was in the same place. These were not dreams. Although I was hallucinating everything stayed the same. all of my encounters also only last maybe 10-30 seconds.

    My first encounter with this “sleep paralysis” was complete out of body experience. I felt like “something” was pulling me up yet I felt like my chest was crushing. The first couple times it was always “something” pulling me upwards. The next encounters starting to get scarier. “Something” started pulling my jaw towards the left as if it wanted me to see it but I would always try my hardest not to look. I couldn’t scream or move, I can only use my eyes however I was able to talk in my head. I would always tell myself “please wake up please wake up its happening again. I felt exactly like the kids in Freddy Kruger movies…I knew it wasn’t real and I could have full conversations yet I wasn’t able to get myself out of it.
    The next encounters it was the sound of chainsaws and male/females SCREAMING and it always left my ears ringing when I finally “woke up”. For a long time, every encounter was pure screaming. like the things were purposely screaming directly in my ears. I know this sounds stupid but I would cuss at them in my head as they were screaming like ‘f*ck you this isnt real”. Next encounters, my mom would have full conversations with me…and i would constantly say “your not my mom your not my mom please wake up”. the conversations were always random.
    Other encounters involved laughing but evil laughing. Ive always woken up terrified. it was always demonic. all my encounters have never been pleasant. Although I know this sounds insane but i now start yelling at whatever it is until i “wake up”. I have never been able to see anything but now Im always yelling in my head “show yourself” or just cussing at them and waiting helplessly for it to be over.

    I just find it so weird that even though it isn’t “real” then why are my ears always ringing after all the screams/noise? And why are our eyes able to move and we are able to speak in our heads yet not being able to move or talk.

    all i know this Sh*% is creepy and sucks but i am glad that there are so many of the same stories like mine. I stopped watching scary movies at 19 specifically because of it; maybe its one too many scary movies or something.

    • Stephen says:

      Reading your comment was eerily familiar to me, when I was a kid, and up till my mid 20’s(I’m 35 now), I used to have dreams(?) where I would be trapped on some kind of hard surface, I can’t move, I can’t speak, but I can see and hear…It’s pitch black, yet I know their are beings around me, and suddenly I would always get this panicked feeling because I knew something would happen, and then something would…I would feel hands holding my neck, and body, choking me, and crushing me too, and then the screams would start. It’s like the loudest and most terrifying screams I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s as if it’s coming from far, yet in my ear at the same time, it’s at this point that I’d wake up, and my ears are always ringing from the screams…
      I haven’t had this happen in a good 10 years, and truthfully I’m damn glad too, because it was scary as hell(pun only partially intended), but I wish I knew what it was?

  103. Donnyroy says:

    I’ve sleep paralysis as well. I am 23. Whenever I have it, it is usually years apart. But I’ve had them ever since I was a little kid. As a kid I would see the old hag or a shadow person. Nowadays I just see shadow people. My most recent experience the shadow person just stood in my doorway and stared at me. I ended up sitting up on the side of my bed, and I look over and my body was still sleeping. The entity tried to approach my body, but ‘I’ (my astral body) wouldn’t let it. I’ve had many times of something pushing on my chest, making it impossible to breathe. But there was this time where I felt like I was actually penetrated by the entity. Like, butt penetrated cause I’m a dude. I’ve looked up incubus’ and they are actually pretty common too. I don’t believe that it’s hallucinations. I think there is something very sinister about these experiences. I do agree with what some people have said, about praying because when you do it almost stops immediately. However, I don’t think it matters which religion your prayer is directed at. Because I’ve prayed to Jesus, Giichiimonado, Buddha, etc. and each time the experience will end. I’m not really religious at all, but I am very spiritual. And ever since I’ve been meditating and working on my chakras I haven’t had an experience. I wish there were more answers for an explanation but I like hearing different theories.

  104. debra bernardo says:

    i have had this experience when i was younger..i was being tied down..i could ,hear, or speak..i couldnt open my eyes..but i knew something was holding me down ..several times sice,,but not like the first time…where i was terrified ..to this day..i still cant fighure it out..seemed to last a while not sure how long it was

  105. dale roberts says:

    I have had these too. But thought it was only me who’s had them.

    A dark presence awakens me whilst sleeping. I feel scared and cant move. I breifly see a dark shadowy figure and close my eyes as I’m scared.

    It moves in close and I struggle, can’t move, can’t speak or do anything.

    Then it gets into bed with me. I know this because I feel the bed sink down next to me.

    Eventually I struggle enough to be able to let out a yell and when I do its over.

    Last time I tried to relax and left more happen but I just can’t do it.

    One time I it was a good energy. A female energy. All of the others have been male and it felt negative.

    Nice to see this is a common thing!!

  106. deanna says:

    Ive had these occurrences since i was 12. Im jolted awake, but cant move. I hear voices..see a ‘shadow man’..it was terrifying at first..and even now at 37 the jolt still scares me sometimes, but im not afraid of the experience and i just roll with it. I never told anyone for fear theyd think i was mad. Im glad to know there are others who experience this phenomenon

  107. millo says:

    ……read about abductions

  108. Daniel B says:

    My first experience came shortly before I started carlos castaneda’s books about the teachings of Don Juan, roughly a year ago. At first, I thought it was a presence in the house my fiancé and I had just moved into, so I did my best to cleanse the house of anything malicious.

    The next time it happened I was being lifted off of the bed by a force pulling at my chest. I was completely paralyzed and terrified. I struggled as hard as I could until I was able to free an arm to reach down to grab my fiancés leg. Once I grabbed her I awoke in bed next to her in a panic. I didn’t want to scare her so I kept the experience to myself until I could work through it a little on my own.

    A couple days later in the carlos Castaneda books the idea of a dream body or second attention came up. It’s the idea that every human is capable of utilizing a double or dream body. In the books it describes this state of paralysis as the moment before taking control of your dream body and separating it from your physical body. The power to move or control in this state is through the power of will, not through any physical motor function.

    Ever since reading about this I have wanted to try and explore the possibilities. It still gives me chills thinking about the how scary the unknown can be, but as Don Juan taught, in order to be a “man of knowledge” we must face our fears and venture into the unknown as a warrior travels into war.

    It’s been months since I finished the series of books and still no sleep paralysis. There are other aspects of my dreaming that I would like to develop as well, but hopefully next time I’m laying there paralyzed I can put my fear aside and will my dream body into action.

  109. Don says:

    I have been on a quest all my life. I had this happen while asleep and I recited the Lords Prayer and The Lord is my Sheppard. After this they never came back and my mind has been searching ever since. I am not religious, My Mum sent me to Sunday School in my younger years. I still continue to search and spread the word of the Paladins.

  110. JEFF says:

    This is real i have had similar several experiences too and it is such a disturbing feeling but i have learned to live with it. At first i thought it was associated with evil spirits but since i have read this article my worries are gone.

  111. shauna says:

    Yep. Body totally frozen. Couldn’t move a finger. Tried to mumble to ask for help. Lasted only a few minutes. My husband has shared similar experiences also.

  112. Jillian says:

    Some six months after an extremely traumatic event in my life, I experienced something quite bizarre. As I lay ‘apparently’ sleeping, my body started to vibrate. The sensation was primarily in my head. I was trying to ‘wake up’, but I was paralysed. I simply could not move. The first thought that entered my mind was that I was being invaded by demons. The vibrations were incredibly intense, so strong I felt I might vibrate apart. Although I was very frightened, the thought that entered my head was: ‘Just go with it.’

    All of a sudden, I could move again. I reached out my hand to turn on the bedside light, but nothing happened. That was very strange. If there had been a power failure, why was the ceiling fan still working? Without warning, I was out of my bed and ‘floating’ down the passage towards the kitchen. As I drifted along, I was trying to turn on light switches along the way, but nothing was happening.

    Almost as soon as it had begun, it was over. I was back in bed and awake. I switched on the bedside light. To my relief, this time it came on. This was no dream. It was incredibly real.

    A couple of weeks later, I was browsing around in the ‘new age’ section of a local bookstore when a book ‘jumped’ out at me from the shelf and dropped to the floor at my feet. I picked it up, glancing at the page at which it had opened. The heading caught my attention. ‘Out of Body Experiences’. I was flabbergasted by the words in the first paragraph. ‘A common sensation reported by those experiencing an OBE is a sense of violent vibration.’ I was later to learn that these experiences tend to occur at times of heightened awareness, and frequently after experiencing trauma of some kind.

    During that period, I regularly experienced sleep paralysis, a weird and unpleasant sensation when you feel you are awake, and yet you are paralysed and unable to move … although you are desperately trying to do so. I have never again experienced that strong sensation of leaving my body though.

    Prior to that, I had experienced a couple of incidents of a similar nature, although far less intense. Not too long beforehand, I had awakened from a sensation of zooming through the universe at an incredible speed, with millions of stars shooting past me. My thoughts at the time had been: ‘That was no dream. It really happened.’ On another occasion, I seemed to be swirling around in circles up in the corner of the bedroom ceiling.

  113. Christian says:

    The first time I had that I was sleeping in a train and woke up to that precise state. Few other times followed and the feeling of inprisionment was allways there. One of my last times, I remember to be kneeling in the corner of my room and a Presence was pushing itself againt me and afterwards I felt as it was trying to abuse me,..Not at all funny

  114. Mariette says:

    I’ve only had the experience once, when I was in my early twenties. I was tired and had a nap, lying on my stomach. I awakened with what felt like a heavy weight lying on top of me. I felt it to be malevolent and the contact to be of a sexual nature. I could not move, although I tried to buck ‘it’ off my back. I knew it was not human, but thought it to be some sort of low level entity. I think I felt fear, but also mixed with anger, and I immediately asked for protection, imagined being bathed in white light, while also saying in my mind, very strongly, to this entity, to get off me, to go away, that it was not wanted and that I was protected. The weight immediately lifted and I was free. I don’t think that I dreamt this.
    I reacted and ‘spoke’ to this entity like I did because my mother had told me of a malevolent entity that had scared my brother a few times when he was about 4 or 5 – only he could see it, and he would scream and cry, being very scared. My mother came from a background where the occult was readily accepted and she knew how to handle this type of thing. She sent this entity very strong messages that his presence was not welcome and that we had spiritual protection.

    • Eugenia says:

      Something very similar happened to me. Only I felt the presence was no malevolent, but ignorant and immature, I believe he was earthbound, but then realized the light that was waiting for him, and left… I hope!

  115. Sailey says:

    I’ve had many experiences with sleep paralysis. This one time in particular I had built up enough indifference to what was going on that when it happened I just decided to let it happen then let my fear take over the situation. When I did this my consciousness floated out of my body and into this world that was much like the 3d realm i lived in but different, like a dream realm. I floated through my house and said goodbye to my family, I remember saying goodbye to my dog and it was like he knew i was there. After that I remember praying the whole experience was very spiritual to me and I even began to consider that I had actually died. Once I had prayed, I decided to leave my house once outside the house I began to fly. The cool thing about flying is if you don’t pick a direction the air will take you away. I decided to go north and I got as far to past my neighbors house which had this mural infront of it in this dream world. as I flew past the mural I saw myself as a mosiac skeleton. and then I woke up. I haven’t had an experience like that since then.

    • anthony patchett says:

      Hi Sailey, when i first started getting it i could not control the noise and it got louder as i ignored it and its very scary, but now i know i can float out of body and since then i can turn the noise down , off as soon as the calling comes, i sometimes spend ages just getting a little out of body then back in and its quite difficult to stay in the state and not wake up, especially if i try to open eyes to view the 3d world more clearer, im learning that there is no need to open real eyes, i often get to my bedroom window and can feel its cooler ( this im sure is not a real cold, but all in imagination, sometimes i fly outside as well and like you said you got to float with how air takes you or u can wake up if u try do anything with force cos like eyes im using phyical body if i try anything. i used to think it was astral projection but i learnt its all imagination, things in bedroom like alarm clock are as they usually are in my memory , but not neccessarily exactly as they are that particular night. also if i fly across my garden it may be the garden i remember from my childhood rather than the garden of my current house, lots of things like this , once i floated down out of body and was looking back up at bed springs, but next day i remembered i have a wooden bed not springs. i enjoy the experiances but can leave me feeling tired next day as they occur at like 3am, and can spend a lot of time just trying to leave body without waking, easiest way is to roll out of bed, but have done it by falling south through mattress and by sitting up, but rolling off bed is easiest i just have to trust its only my soul body thats falling out and not phyical body as it feels same as real body falling out and that to can wake me…

  116. If you do awake and find you cannot move concentrate on your breathing. Take several deep breaths and you should find that you will be able to move. If you find that your being unable to move brings with it terrifying monsters, remember that they are not real and are, most likely, a product of your own fear and will go with your deep breathing. Relax and try to get back to sleep.

  117. Kathleen says:

    Your experience with the small dark persona was a same experience that happened to me, with the bed and the window in the same position and the small dark shadowy figure at the foot of the bed. It is something I can not forget. Also had a similar out of body experience like an astral body thing, that was fascinating.
    I periodically have sleep paralysis, yet, not lately. Seems to happen when the feeling of not being in control and am in a stressful situation in life and not ready or haven’t surrendered (let go) of the situation. Anyway, very interesting stuff, thank you for bringing attention to it. Kathleen.

  118. saraphine says:

    i used to have these experiences scary at first then i startred getting a kick out of them because i figured how to snap myself out of the paralysis state i havnt had any more paralysis experience sense then now there are other strange experiences with sleep patterns and i wake up with dry nasal passages like one would get when having nasal canulas put in any small amount of light will keep me awake or if a light is turned on in any part of the house i sense it and will awaken quickly.

  119. Janice says:

    I had sleep paralysis when I lived with my parents in small apartments. I haven’t had them since I moved out. My theory is that they stemmed from a feeling of claustrophobia—mentally and physically living in tight quarters with parents whom I did not get along with at the time. I would be half asleep and feel chills allover and could not move, and felt something holding my throat and it made me panic. I don’t think it was a spiritual experience or a ghost at all and I love spirituality. I think it was just a manifestation of my claustrophobia and anger.

  120. jan allary says:

    I used to be terrified of the sleep paralyses and the loud “freight train” noise which preceeded them as well as accompany them. There were many – and I still can remember them with clarity. One had me looking at my feet in a home I had never been in and wanting to be about a foot higher. It happened within a second of willing it to be so. It was uncomfortable to be in someone elses home, but I was excited about experimenting – since I had actually gone through so much terror just to arrive there………I had seen horrible scary faces just prior and normally I would be trying to wake myself up at this point, but not this time. I was hearing now a very loud humming which made my head hurt. Still, I managed to try to open the fridge door just to snoop – I was feeling hungry. Unfortunately, when I tried to open the door, my hand went right through it. Eventually when I felt it was time to leave, I could do so just by going through the wall to the outside where I felt wind blowing. Shortly after, I was awake in my own bed but with a bad headache in the frontal region which lasted a long time, requiring painkillers. I now welcome another experience, but sadly, have not had another one quite as intense as that particular one. Thank you for letting us post on this. Now I know I am not the only one!

  121. James says:

    FYI–I feel it should me mentioned that this is also a symptom of narcolepsy, a neurologic sleep disorder.

  122. Bethane Large says:

    I have had that experience I have woke up in he middle of the night and saw a spirit and been unable to move. I know it wasn’t a hallucination because my husband woke up and seen it also. So they can stick that in their pipe and smoke that.

  123. Karen Nyere says:

    I definitely felt a presence. We had a sliding door to the left of the bed. There was a cornfield out there and at the time of this paralysis there was an eerie light out in the field. I didn’t open my eyes because I was terrified. I felt I was being controlled. I also experienced sharp pain in my left ear, as if I was being probed with a sharp object. It seemed to last a couple of minutes. I believe that some kind of alien being had done a kind of test on me.

  124. Kerston says:

    I have “woken up” in mid sleep before as well, viewing my surroundings quickly but yet not fully awakened and remembering thinking/BEGGING to my consciousness to not fall back asleep because I know I’d end up in sleep paralysis. A very scaredy thing when you are “awake” but can’t control it…

  125. Rachel says:

    I had this. First started with a few minutes of not being able to move except my eyes. Was like gravity was too strong and I was very heavy. Last episode was over an hour. Had CT scan and seen specialist. Turns out it was severe sleep deprivation. Now I get more sleep I have had no problems since. The brain hasn’t woken the body up when the conscience has awoken. May be several different answers to why this happens. This was very likely my verdict but may be different for others.

    • Sonia says:

      I often have the same experiences, so far I have confirmed that they are hallucinations. My body is unable to move and I feel that I am conscious. I often try to shout for help, but no one hears me. I try hard to snap out of the experience and when I do, I realize that I was imagining being conscious. I can share the fear described, but not the presence of anyone other than my imaginations thinking family members are around to wake me up.

      My experiences often feels as if I am about to enter a deep sleep that if I don’t wake myself up, I would never get up. I am curious to know if anyone feels the same.

    • tabitha says:

      I get this all the time! I copied the clip from kill bill where she is a coma and she wiggles her big toe , after i wiggle my toe i can then kick my legs and i awake out of it. Hope it helps people

    • Steve says:

      @Rachel – I’ve had this throughout my life; most intensely during my adolescence. It didn’t matter whether I had plenty of sleep or not. Having said that, my one bit of advice (if it happens to you again) is to not panic like I have on almost every occasion. Try as best as you can to calm down and go along for the ride. You might even be able to explore the situation a bit. The last time I experienced this, was the first time I ever calmed down and let my curiosity take control. I haven’t had it happen to me since, although I now know what approach to take if/when it happens again. I hope this helps.

  126. CH says:

    Been happening to me for years……. I’m also able to predict things before they happen sometimes. There was actually a notable moment when those two phenomenon intertwined for me and yes, I was completely weirded out when I realized it. It was in August of 2001 and I was in New York (in the financial district in Manahttan to be exact), had a terrible nightmare which included sleep paralysis, and a bunch of other strange things happened to me. When I looked out at the people and the world around me I could sense that something was not right and I actually commented to a security guard–guarding a tower on Wall St. blocks away from the WTC–that I felt like someone was gonna “just come along and blow everything up”. I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday, but for a long time I blocked it out of my memory. There was just too much synergistic coincidence between what I was feeling that day and what actually happened on 9/11 less than a month later. But it all started with a dream, or rather a nightmare in which I was paralyzed. Still creepy 13 years later……..

  127. Daniel says:

    I have had these for years and still do regularly , I sometimes get the terrors but something even more perculiar was that the ‘prescense ‘ was somehow part of me .

  128. Jeph says:

    I Have The same eXperience and I play around…I can imagine using weapons. Flying..running fast to avoid escape or fight the terror in my dreams which I’m concious actually. Since then I have few it… Once I half awke and a big man nude and beraded appear Out of nowhere standing in front of me and said the floor were I was lying is where he slept so I rose and climb my bed…can’t believe I actually seeing such creature as that….

  129. Kelsey says:

    I have had many many sleep paralysis experiences. The most recurring experience, is one where the bed starts waving as I fall asleep, followed by loud rushing and Bell noises and vibrating. I often will feel pain in my shoulders and jaw. I have heard indistinguishable voices as well. I have tried to get past it to see what is beyond but failed. I usually focus on moving my toes and will eventually drag my self out of the paralysis. The latest experience I was falling asleep, but fell into sleep paralysis, then suddenly felt like I was being thrown around the room. Odd experiences for sure.

  130. Debbie says:

    I use to have this happen to me for year’s. I could not even change the way I breathed to alert my husband that something was wrong. I too had the experience that I left my body and tried desperately to wake my husband up but my hand went right thru him. I heard horrible things like animals growling…hands climbing up my back…and something had my head in a vice. Sometimes when I would first lay down to sleep I could feel something like a cold mist coming into the room and if I acted fast enough and jumped up the thing didn’t get me and paralyze me. It truly was a horrible ordeal to go threw for too long. What finally stopped it once and for all was during a time it was suffocating me to the point that I thought for sure I was going to die, is I told it in my mind that it can have my body but my soul belonged to Jesus….never happened again.

  131. Kate says:

    I have it. Neurologists call narcolepsy.
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcolepsy.

  132. Richard says:

    I use to have terrible night terrors as a child. I use to pray to God so I wouldn’t have these recurring nightmares. Coincidentally this developed into me being able to control such dreams “lucid ones”. I use to have a recurring nightmare that I would wake up, and I see three shadowy figures standing by my bedside just starring at me. I felt they were malevolent so I would just lay there and squint. Like a child does when they are pretending to be sleeping. I use to call this recurring dream the “sandman” dream. I later learned in life when I finally decided to see if anyone else had such experiences that they were called “shadow people.” Later in life, around mid to late twenties. I started getting sleep paralysis. The usual symptoms but one time I was on my side I got a audio hallucinization. It sounded like a drill was buzzing in my head. I could feel my mouth contort to want to scream, but I couldn’t. I finally snapped out of it. Another rememberable moment is when I had it I felt a presence that someone was looking at me through my window. I have had clairvoyant dreams as well. Very interesting stuff and I knew I was not alone. I almost forgot. I have had felt like my soul was lifting out of my body before too, but like you mentioned it was roughly a meter and I got too scared to go with it.

  133. nicole says:

    All the the time like you I was young when I started haveing very vivid lucid dreams wasn’t long before I realized I was fully aware and conscious I sometimes would ne in my dreams so long begging my self to wake up trying as hard as I could to even tho I was in a whole nother “world” to get the body that I knew was sleeping to yell out to wake me up. When I own my eyes then but still can’t move got to be a relief. There was a time I just finished nursing my youngest daughter n fell back to sleep to be awoken by a scream from my oldest room I was unable to get out of bed only move my eyes then 3but very tall white what I felt to be alien came in my room one touched my back felt so warm n I couldn’t move my eyes ne more but out of the corner saw my daughter being raise from her crib I came out of it n thought I must of just seemly that but better check on my oldest to find her awake not crying standing in her bed…. I have so many

  134. Rick says:

    I had many experiences just like yours when I was a child. Couldn’t move or speak but was awake and there was a presence. It seemed evil in nature. Very terrifying. I can’t recall it ever happening past my teens. I’m 42 now.

  135. Nicole says:

    I have experienced this on two occasions. Both times before going to sleep. I was terrified the first time it happened to me and thought I was dying. My brain was alert but my body was completely paralyzed, and I could not speak or yell out even though I was desperately trying. It felt like it lasted several minutes. My sister was with me in the hotel room and she said she could hear muffled moans and didn’t know if I was having a nightmare or if she should wake me. I was overwhelmed by panic and did not notice a presence but it was definitely a bad feeling. The second time it happened was shorter but very similar.

  136. Wendy says:

    I have had this experience for maybe 10 years now it still scares the shit out of me! I’ve seen shadows in my room, heard voices talking, whispering and sometimes yelling. I’ve felt things touch me, hit me, sit on me and one time two hands grab my hands and pull me. It’s terrifying. Over time I’ve gotten better at pulling myself out of it. The only thing that makes me believe that it’s all in my head is my dog sleeps with me and she has never reacted like there is an actual presence. Other than that it feels 100% real. Also, I move often every couple years and it never happens when I’m in a new place takes a couple months. I’ve noticed that it always happens when I think about it and in fear of it. If I’m really tired and think I don’t care I’m not afraid I just want yo sleep it doesn’t happen seems to feed off of fear.

  137. Cat says:

    Just once this happened to me. Almost 2 years ago in Long Beach CA. We were putting on an event at a hotel down by the Queen Mary.
    I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud ‘woom-woom’ noise that sped up the more awake I became.
    Then I realized I couldn’t move and a voice said “Now you know”
    Scared the living crap out of me.

  138. D says:

    Long story short…This happen when i was in my early teens. I closed my eyes then i heard a noise that sounded like a machine gun and i open my eyes but couldn’t lift my head up or move my legs or arms. I closed my eyes and open them again thats when i could move my body again

  139. I have this. I wake up sometime unable to move anything at all, can’t open my eyes, and when I finally can after what seems like minutes I usually gasp f air.

  140. Anthony says:

    I had battled with this a few years back…I am very spiritual so obviously I believed it was some kind of Evil…I would say the most freakish event occurred when I decided to challenge it..
    Yes..Challenge it…I awoke after a struggle with it and I was angry and asked for whatever it was that held me thus to try it again!
    And unbelievably and frightening it did just that….it happened about 3 to for times..each time I couldn’t break the grip it held me in…
    I tried to rationalize the situation in my head…
    Looking for realistic explanation for it..
    It would happen a few more times none ever as frightening as that night but frightening all the same..

    It would soon happen that I would lose all fear of it as I was tired of it overcoming me.

    The next time it happened I just went with it..I lay there and tried to come to an understanding of it…refusing to believe it was evil..

    It was still frightening but after each time I would become more and more comfortable with it…

    And what I believed it was…

    Figured it’s just the body locked in a protective mode that prevents you from falling over in your sleep…except you awake in the process of it..seen this sort of explanation on a show evolving this very thing…

    I also believe that fear is a powerful thing and that it could be my own fear of what I first believed it to be and said fear is what would hold me in place..either way I rationalized it in my head and soon After I became comfortable with it and it never happened again as much and if it did I had no fear of it.

  141. AJ says:

    I have had this happen to me several times where i was asleep where a dark shadow was near me. I could not move i could not speak and when i try to scream for help no sound comes out. I was afraid because i would always have the same dream but could never see the shadows face or who it was near me . Then i started praying . Because someone had told me it was the devil . But the more i pray the less i had dreams and the more i was calm and would tell myself . Im not afraid and keep praying i would wake up from this nightmare .
    Maybe its spiritual or scientific whatever it is . Its a horrible feeling . But the more i prayed it.The less it happens .

  142. brookee says:

    This happened to me!! Nobody believes me! One night I was sleeping then I woke up but I wasnt in my bed. I was trying to crawl up my stairs but I couldnt because I was paralyzed. I was thinking to myself how mad my mom would be if she saw me paralyzed on the stairs. The next second, I was in bed laying on my back, arms spread, paralyzed, and felt like weight was holding me down.. I tried to move, but couldnt.. I was very scared! It never happened again

  143. Ashley says:

    I’ve experienced it several times and the first time I remember fearing what was happening. Each time it happens, I am unable to move except my eyes. I can see and am wide awake and am always on my stomach. It feels like something evil or bad is hovering over me and i want to flip over but I can’t flip over to come out of it. I’m wide awake and know what’s going on and that no one is physically in my room but I’m just paralyzed. I have to consciously tell myself to flip over and really try to jolt myself out of it and it takes a lot of energy to do.

  144. Allison says:

    I’ve had this experience before. It was a recurring thing and often happened when I was in an unfamiliar place or was sharing a bed with someone. It also happened when I slept in a completely dark room. It was so terrifying that I started sleeping with the light on. I now sleep with the TV on and it hasn’t happened since. Haven’t had one occur in several years now. I never welcomed them because the experience was so negative. I never saw anything but usually felt a malicious presence in the room with me.

  145. Lisa says:

    When I was a teenager, i experienced my soul getting out of my body from the top head to the toes… or at least that is how it felt. I was fully conscious but could not open my eyes or talk… I wanted to scream for help but felt paralyzed. I could feel, as if i could actually see my soul leaving my body and then stood up for a few seconds and then returned back. As it was returning, i felt it first entering thru my toes and moving up slowly until it reached my total body. It was weird and i felt i was the only one so i am glad to read there are others with experiencing out of body experiences.

  146. diego says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis too, just feel scared, other presences around me, sometimes i open my eyes and i can see them, sometimes i´m so scared that i cant open them. One time i felt somebody pushing me against the bed… when i woke up the feelings of scared are gone…

  147. pierce says:

    this happened to me when i was 18 i laid down next to my girlfriend at the time who now happens to be my kids mother.i came in the room and laid down like normal she was already asleep the second i laid down it hit me i couldn’t move my body it felt like there was a force like gravity or like water i don’t know it’s hard to describe but i could move my eyes and my first instinct was to look at my kids mother as i did i saw a bunch of shadowy figures flying around her through her disappearing inside her then more coming out of the ceiling doing the same thing this is were i hate to say the rest of the story i because to me it seems stupid or a fairytale or something that just shouldn’t have happened i was a marijuana dealer at the time and i smoked a lot well this white figure among all the shadowy figures appeared and the shadowy figures stayed away from this white figure in a very authoritative voice spoke and told me to stop smoking i was crying i wasn’t scared but i was crying a lot i wasn’t hurt but still the tears i couldn’t speak but i willed with all my might to move my arm so i could stop these figures from entering what i thought of at the time the love of my life the more i tried to plea in my head with this whit figure to let me save her that if he wanted me to stop smoking why would he let me watch her get attacked while she slept he just let it keep happening finally my arm broke free and i began grabbing these shadowy figures before they could fully get into my love but i could still only move my eyes and my one arm i was fully conscience once i started pulling these figures out of her they started to attack me while this white figure started to fade away i was still pulling these figures out of her even though they left her and came after me i wasn’t going to let them get her when i gained full control of my body while still reaching over and nearly pushing my hand through my kids mother she still was asleep i immediately tried to wake her up but she just laid there i thought i was to late that these thing had taken her from me so i bent down and kissed her one last time but right when i kissed her she awoke and she saw that my eyes were all wet and my pillow was soaked she asked me what was wrong i never told her i have only told to people this story because i know it sounds stupid and crazy and makes me insane for holding on to it for more then just a dream which i was told that is all it was but i wasn’t sleeping i was wide awake and when i say this all happened the second i got my body on the bed i mean before i laid my head down this force came and pushed my head down well that is my story thank you for listening

  148. Eugenia says:

    I have had sleep paralysis twice. A few years ago, my exhusband’s grandma had died. And I woke up being able to see everything but could not move. His grandma was right next to me. I felt pushing me down against the matress, and I felt she was mad. I told her to go to someone else because that really scared me. And I Heard these bells “cling, cling” to my left. They caught her attention. and I told her to go. Then I woke up “again” but I was able to move. The room was the same, only the presence was not there any more, and even though I was scared, there was a peaceful silence.

    And not long ago, during my siesta, I have had 3 experiences, a week apart from each other. The first one I Heard a man’s breath, but I was alone, when I woke up, I couldn’t hear it anymore. Someone gave me a book called The Light of Death. It talks about this lady whose mission was to help the earthbound follow the light. A day after I finished the book, during my siesta again, I had sleep paralysis, and there was a male presence, I felt he was Young and inmature. He didn’t let me move. When I managed to open one eye, I could see the blinds, but couldn’t tell up from down, or right from left. I was fighting it, when finally I broke off and was able to move. NormallyI take a 20 minute siesta, but it had passed 2 hours. So I prayed and told this presence to follow the light, that he would be better off there, I even told my cats to help the guy, since for some reason I had the idea they could see him. And the third time, I could feel the weight starting to push me down agaisnt the mattress, but I told him: “Don’t even think about it, go away, you don’t belong here”. And he went away. My apartment started to feel more peaceful.
    One day, the friend who lent me the book, was staying over. We had a conversation, and then I went to sleep. I could still hear him on the phone talking to his girlfriend, so I was not completely asleep, when I had this dream that I was driving a car, and a motorcycle drove past and then in frontof my car, and I killed him. I was very scared, but didn’t wake up. I had a feeling that the guy was letting me know how he had died, and that he was ready to continue his journey.

    I am not scared anymore knowing/believing we all deserve the light, but those who do not follow it is because they are not aware, So if I just need to tell them where to go helps them out, why should I be scared? Whether I am crazy or not, I am not scared anymore and that helps me!

    If you have any feedback, I would appreciate it. I am glad to read this article and see that it happens to other people.


  149. I’ve had it many times when younger -it was scary at first, but I came to believe it was just my spirit was slightly “out of phase” with my physical body. & this just felt right.

  150. Sydney says:

    I used to experience this quite regularly when I was about 12 or 13. I would be laying there quite aware of my surroundings but unable to move, and I would here a person growling in my ear until I was able to wake myself up. Then I started being able to pull myself out of the paralysis by hyperventilating. If I did that as soon as I realized I couldn’t move, it would wake me up. It doesn’t happen to me much now as an adult, but when it does, I don’t hallucinate anymore, I feel like a very strong magnet is holding me down and I can’t move my neck or arms. I never thought to explore this further, I always found it very uncomfortable and frightening. My triggers are usually sleeping alone, or in a place that I don’t usually sleep.

  151. melanie says:

    I’ve experienced this several times and it is quite scary. To the point where I thought there was a ghost in my home. The first time was during an afternoon nap. I couldn’t move, and felt as tho something or someone was holding me down. I was freaking out! Something was whispering in my ear “try to get up” and when I couldn’t the “thing” would laugh. Some how I woke up and looked around to see if anyone had been in my home. The second time was also during an afternoon nap. But this time, the “thing” was at the head of me but I was unable to see it, all I could see was these ugly arms, with long pointed dirty fingers scratching both my arms. The 3rd time, the “thing” was an ex bf of mine who is in prison. It was so evil, when I woke I took it as a sign, that maybe this guy was out to harm me. The 4th time it happened, I was starting to snooze and all the sudden something all black was right in front of my face, I opened my eyes and quickly it was gone. Since that time, I decided that whenever this were to happen again, I would immediately start praying. So far the praying has worked. Now I can control my mind to focus on the fact that i need to think of something positive and just start praying. Thanks for posting this, I thought I was the only person who had these. As I’ve never heard anyone else ever talk about something like this while they sleep. I wish there were more about why these happen and if there’s a specific group these happen too.

  152. I’ve experienced this a few times… The first time I was in a house owned by my family that had sort of already made its mark on a few people as far as the spiritual realm is concerned… I had decided to sleep in the living room on an air mattress, I felt awake in every way but couldn’t move or speak. A girl came into the room and shouted at me for being in her bed. She told me to get out of her bed. I couldn’t see her except the top of her head because I had the blankets pulled up and couldn’t move. She giggled as she brushed the curtains of the room and left..
    The second time I was living a couple doors down from the same house. It was a man this time, and I could see him. It was very brief, my first night sleeping in this room. I could not move or speak, he entered my room in turn of the century garb and just laughed as he floated out of my room through the window.
    But there was also a third time..

  153. Lee Hudson says:

    I’ve had this happen to me, I felt like a body was on top of me holding me down as I was laying on my back, I could actually feel hands on me and pressure on my thighs like something was strattling me . I’ve also had it happen while I was on my side, and couldn’t roll over kinda like I was trying to be smothered , couldn’t breathe or move , naturally I was fighting it , and after about thirty seconds I broke lose and was gasp:ng for air. I know these things may sound weird but was completely awake , no dreaming here lol that I know for sure . I do know that their is a spiritual realm , and spiritual warfare between good and evil is very real. A lot of times you will here of this happening to people that are close to God in spirit , or people who have been saved and have sort of wandered off from that path. Sometimes it can be an eye opener , and sometimes it maybe the need of re-evaluating our life on a serious note . Anyone is prone to it , the best thing to do is not fear it but to fight with the word of God, because if you look in the Bible it is in fact the sword, and is the only thing you can fight with. If you remember in my second instance the only way I was able to break free was by calling on Jesus and as soon as I did it instantly stopped. So that is my experience with that , and what I have learned about it. Another thing I would like to state before I go is this . If you believe in the laws of the universe such as and not confined to (gravity, attraction, vibrational energy, etc) then you should go get a bible and look in through the scripture it will tell you about these laws , ex: Hebrews 11: 2 .By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible” & James 2:17.”So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” One verse states that gods word created the universe itself and not of things seen but unseen. Ex you do this by ( word & thought ) this directly collaborates with everything the universal law states when you do it yourself ( you create your life with your words and thoughts .( read Genesis 1:27 It will explain that we were created in his image so that universal law applies to us and works for us) While the other verse states faith is not complete without action ! If you look at the universal laws they absolutely will not manifest without some form of action. ex: ( moving toward that direction of your desire) If you think about it Gods word and the universal laws directly collaborate together hand in hand . God created the universe = the universe working based off of gods word itself = the good manifestation in your life that god desires for you. and when god sent his son he absolutely said (john 14:6 (Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. His word that directly collaborates with the universal laws to make life awsome also directly states that God is exactly who he says he is and what is going to happen is going to happen exactly the way he said it would . But remember there is also evil and it can go the direct opposite way, since evil is bound by the universal laws as well and that completely makes sense bc evil will do anything to keep you from good such as giving you doubt and worry etc to bring destruction upon you that is why it says (john 10:10 The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure. and that is why god says to meditate on his word bc his word is good and it will give you life .To me I think this should be taught , I think Joel Osteen is the closest person I have found that puts these two together , and you still have to read in between the lines when he talks bc he will not directly say it . To me its one of the many visible proofs that god exist and His word is eternal. That includes His son Jesus Christ. Sooooo….. long comment I know but maybe it will help someone that reads it.

  154. This happened to me twice bad and mildly on other occasions when I was at work when I was twenty and twenty one… I lived by myself both times with my pitbull who slept on the bed with me…. I remember it was a cold night and here in Arizona we don’t see much cold, but it was cold and foggy outside.. my dog for some reason kept waking me up to go outside every hour on the hour and when I took her outside she did nothing. So finally after about the fourth time she stopped and I laid down closed my eyes and out of nowhere woke up immediately to a noise but the only thing I could do was open my eyes, I tried moving my body my arms, tried yelling to my dog who was laying right next to me but I couldn’t, I had a balcony to the loft of my house that had a steal pole and I remember this pole moving off the wall and coming towards me, I had this feeling of something or someone behind me on the left side, because I was rolled onto the right side of my body facing the balcony, but I couldn’t move my head to look, I thought I was going to die, I had an utter fear of death in me that something was going to happen, and all of a sudden I broke out in a cold sweat and my heart rate shot up and I could feel tears running down my face. Right after what seemed an hour, I snapped out of it and sat up in my bed and cried I was shaking so much from fright I couldn’t hold my phone…. when I finally calmed down I called everyone and because it was 3am no one answered so I packed up my bag, my dog and drove to my parents house… Lol worst experience of my life… there was nothing magical about it… after that I had mild attacks while at work being wide awake.. my body would freeze up and I’d lose my breathe and just became paralyzed, but only after a couple seconds it would go away, and the very last one that happened was an actual dream, but in this dream I witnessed a murder and the person who I witnessed was trying to kill me and I was absolutely mortified by the things I saw, smelt and touched, I woke up in a cold sweat crying and shaking… needless to say it had never happened again after the last episode but im thankful for that… It was an experience I hope I never have to go through again…

  155. jenina says:

    I have experienced sleep paralysis throughout my life, but could only recollect it starting when I was a teenager. It was a very bothersome thing to go thru. Sometimes I would fear sleeping so as to not experience it. My family had said it was evil. Many experiences have always been very frightening where i’d wake up suddenly unable to move or scream for help, but able to see everything surrounding me. A whirring, buzzing, ringing in my ear and feeling as if someone was in the room with me was what I felt. I started to read up about it and educated myself on it more, I felt a little relief knowing at least there was some kind logical explanation. I have now come to accept what it is and not be so scared of it. I did notice sleeping on my back would trigger it more.

  156. jackie says:

    I’ve been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was about 8 years old. Happens to me about once a week, minimum. I don’t know why but I can’t help it. It’s been getting worse but I’m working on control. Every time it happens I feel and hear something moving. I hear a door open, footsteps, and breathing. I also feel the breathing and a person by my face but I can never open my eyes. One time I had fallen asleep but didn’t know it and then I had fallen asleep again in my dream and then again in that dream. I woke from sleep paralysis 3 times in 10 minutes. I didn’t sleep for nearly 72 hours after that.i was terrified. Those are just a few experiences, I have plenty more.

  157. Julie says:

    This has happened to me on many occasions. I’m awake, fully aware of my surroundings and completely unable to move at all. I’m always in a state of complete terror as i await a presense that is going to kill me. I try very hard to move or even shut my eyes and nothing happens. I see a shadow coming towards me and I know I’m going do die a horrible death. Until reading this article I’d never heard of sleep paralysis. I always thought of these experiences as nightmares. They became so frequent and terrifying that I sought help from a hypnotherapist. It’s also important to know that I have bipolar disorder and take psychiatric medications. Working with both the hypnotherapist and my psychIatrist, my “nightmares/sleep paralysis has gone away. I would love to hear from you regarding my experiences. I’m serious when in say I used to have this happen to me sometimes as frequent as twice a week. It truely was terrifying.

  158. I am a male, almost 59 years old. living on the Queensland coast, Australia. In 1999 I lived alone in a remote NSW mining town, I was retired from my usual job and was able to paint full time in the outback town which I loved. One evening, or early morning, in summer, I woke up, with a feeling of the sheet being pulled slowly off me, I could feel it dragging over my legs, as I lay on my stomach, I opened my eyes and could see in my periphery, the curtain blowing because of the open window. But I quickly realised that I could not move my body, just my eyes. I remember saying to myself that I was awake because I can see things clearly, however, I could still feel the sheets being pulled off my body, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, although I was quite terrified at the time.
    The very next evening a similar thing happened, I woke up and I had a feeling on my legs as if a cat was walking over them, as if they were being massaged by tiny hands, up and down the backs of my legs, this feeling remained for around ten minutes, I tried to make a sound, to yell out to tell whatever it was to go away, but I could not open my mouth or emit any noise, then I fell asleep again.
    I told my parents, who lived on the coast of NSW, about this strange thing, they suggested that my little miners cottage was haunted, anyway, a few months later I visited my parents who lived in another mining town and a similar thing happened there, I awoke, to find that I couldn’t move and the feeling of something massaging my legs again, I could not yell out or anything, I was thinking, why me and why does it follow me over to here which was 1200 kilometres away from my house. Many months later I watched a programme about this subject…’sleep paralysis’ in which doctors describe the same things which I had experienced, they were able to re-create the experiences on a subject, using magnetic forces directly on the brain through a special helmet, with the subject awake and describing what they were feeling and it directly coincided with my experience, the doctors had said that this could occur in areas where there was a disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field, such as in mining areas! So this explained it all to me and I no longer live in a mining area and it has not happened to me since I have moved.

  159. In China it’s called ‘Ghost press on Bed’, which means some ghosts or evil spirits want to lay on your bed, they thought you are dead when you fall asleep and they want to take your body to be live again. When your soul travel around after dreams back to your body, their ‘spirits’ depress on your body want to ‘take your body’ to make your soul freeze outside. This is what I heard, if you won’t sleep flat then evil spirits won’t have chances to depress on you.

  160. jim says:

    When I was 4 yrs to 8 yrs old, every nite I went to bed, I would get almost asleep,when something would punch the mattress from underneath and knock the wind out of me. I remember it well. Another time when I was 25 yrs old, I had the experience of being frozen (could not move) and something about 3 feet tall was behind me and threatening me. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there. My only thought was, “God help” and immediately all was back to normal. You can call it what you want,but I will always believe that it was satins imp that was there.

  161. Abby says:

    I have definitely experienced sleep paralysis…. I’ve woken up in the middle of the night unable to move but I felt totally aware of my surroundings. I could hear my fan and see my sons crib and I couldn’t turn to look but I knew my boyfriend was still next to me. I definitely had fear and felt as if something else was there! It was as if it was just the to watch me, I didn’t feel it was gonna harm me but I never actually seen anything! I felt as if I were being held down. I feared mostly that I could not move. After a few minutes of trying to rock my body, kind of nudging it, I finally was completely awake! This happened to me 3 separate times over the course of a year or so but it only happened in my other bedroom. When I switched rooms the paralysis stopped and I’ve never experienced it again. I do feel as if something else shares my house with me but I do not feel threatened by it. I’ve lived here for years and can say we coexist!

  162. Sally says:

    I’m 44 and have been experiencing sleep paralysis since my early teens. I am finally relieved to read, by chance, that such a thing exists, with a name and that it happens to many people. I have always found sleep paralysis scary, due to feeling of a presence in my room but also because I often feel as if I am suffocating, unable to breathe so I fight so hard to move in order to catch my breath, so very frightenin

  163. Mary S says:

    Happened to me once in college when I lived in my sorority house. As a newer sister, I slept “on deck” which was a room full of beds, used just for sleeping. I always chalked it up to it being a ghost because the sorority house is pretty old & so many people have lived there. It was scary. I couldn’t move and it felt like someone was sitting on my body. I think I opened my eyes for a moment (after I remember being afraid to open them) & I didn’t see anything, and I still couldn’t move for a second or two. I felt the weight leave my body. It was really freaky and felt very real.

  164. Nash says:

    I also experienced this kind of sleep paralysis with the presence of beings around. I could swear I saw them, I heard them and even felt them. It happened a long time ago when I was still in my sophomore year in University. I took a nap after lunch because during that time my next class was still in the evening. While I’m taking a nap, I saw 3 small black guys with curly hairs entered my room and rushed towards me. One went to my head side and the two grabbed my pillows beside me. I swear I was screaming with all that I could and as if like nobody in my family could hear me. I was screaming and was uttering “Hail Marys” and the 3 intruders just kept on laughing at me because I was crying and sweating already. Then the other one held my foot, the one held my hands and the other tried to suffocate me with the pillow. I tried to move but I couldn’t move as and was so helpless. Suddenly there came a knock at my door and the three rushed off and disappeared. I was able to move and hurriedly opened the door. It was my Aunt and she was a bit surprised to see me sweating, crying and running after my breath. I told her everything that happened and she was trying to calm me down. She then insisted me to go to our neighbor (Magtatawas), an old lady who specializes in finding & curing out about elementals using “Tawas” .
    We went there and I stated everything. I told her about the presence of beings who tried to harm me. Instead of Three,
    I told her “Two”.
    She then took a piece of Tawas and ginger, rubbed it to my body and was doing her usual prayer routine and put the Tawas onto the fire. After a couple of minutes the Tawas formed and she was holding it and reading it.. then suddenly she said “They are Three, not Two” .
    I was just looking at her in the eyes because she got it right. They were really Three of them, not Two as what I told her. It was a very scary experience. I didn’t see the Three intruders anymore after that. Later years I experienced also quite a number of sleep paralysis but it’s not as scary than the previous one.
    My friends also experienced having presence of beings while sleeping and they can’t move. I guess most of us have lots to tell. I hope I’ve shared enough story to support it and most of all I just hope for those who don’t believe need not to ridicule it. Thank you

  165. Angie says:

    I have also had this…several times. First time I was young, and in my childhood bedroom (which I later learned had a history). I had awoken from something hitting me on the head. But, it was like I dreamed it was going to happen and it did. I didn’t actually see it happen or wake up until the object hit me on the head. It was a trinket I had in a shadow box on the wall opposite my headboard (directly in front of me). I couldn’t move for what seemed forever! When I finally could move or speak, I screamed for my parents.

    The last two times didn’t happen until about 20 years later (6 years ago) and both were very similar to one another, but involved my son who was a baby at the time. I was sleeping, and would wake up hearing voices on the baby monitor. I couldn’t move, and when I looked around I had a direct view of my hallway. There were probably a dozen of his toys stuck to the ceiling and I kept hearing voices (I couldn’t make out what was being said either), but I could not get up and run in there. It’s as if my entire body was being held down at the shoulders. The first time, I was on pain medication and recovering from an ectopic pregnancy, so I had sort of blamed that situation on emotions and medication. Both of those experiences were very similar, but not exactly the same…the second time, there were only subtle differences in the experience and I also remember thinking, “Not again!!! Leave me alone!!!” But, I felt somewhat assured that it wasn’t really happening since I had experienced it before.

    I should mention that, like my childhood bedroom, my son’s bedroom has always given me an uneasy feeling. Before he was born, it was a spare bedroom/office and I always felt watched when I was sitting at my computer…just like I felt in my childhood bedroom. I never felt alone…

  166. julie says:

    I had an experience. I was in bed on my own and awoke paralysed. To my right I sense a person and I looked and it was me. I was terrified and the other me said what are you scared of? Yourself? I then fought almost saying get me back get back and then all of a sudden I could move back and it was a rush and panicky to be back. Thanks for reading. Julie

  167. Stephen says:

    I’ve been dealing with “sleep paralysis” on and off my whole life, but my experience seems a bit different from the one described in the article above. Just like the author of this article and so many before me, I too experienced the feeling of “another presence”, and it is frightening, however I certainly don’t have anything whisper in my ear lol Whatever this “presence” is, it lays down beside me, and somehow forces me to open my mouth(I can’t seem to be able to keep my mouth closed), and then I hear and feel as if air is being slowly sucked out from my mouth! It’s extremely frightening, and I try and fight against it every time it happens, but to no avail. I end up waking up after that, and just pray it doesn’t happen ever again…But it always does.
    I don’t know what this phenomenon is, nor do I know if it’s real or just my brain playing tricks on me, but I would love to have answers. Hopefully science will one day pursue answers to experiences like this and give those that deal with this the knowledge that they so desperately seek.

  168. Jo says:

    I have been having what I believe to be sleep paralysis since I was 15 years old. I remember the first instance I had because it was unbelievably scary. I use to sleep with my window open so I could smell the night air and look at the sky before bed. I found myself starring at the ceiling wide eyed, unable to move, or talk, I began to hear faint static that began to raise in volume and got so loud it felt like my ears would pop. My ceiling began to have trails of different colored lights streaming across it in quick spurts. I felt something in the room watching me, I moved my eyes to the window and there was a hairy shadow figure like that of a man but not a man, the thing had red glowing eyes and just starred at me. Sounds like a horrible nightmare but my room was real, it was clear and perfectly in place. I couldn’t sleep for months. I never saw that again but I have had the static numerous times, shadow figures, have thrown myself in a paralyzed state off the bed to fight with whatever is in the room, have seen my body float over me and was able to go to different place. I have had this now 16 years and it comes and goes but I now know that when I scream to get myself out of it , I barely break the faintest whisper, I fight so hard in it that I jolt out exhausted and weakened to enter into another one or don’t realize sometimes I think I am out of one but am really just in another one. I also have lucid dreams but they are totally different and not scary. All my SP have been scary. I do wholeheartedly believe it is spiritual.

  169. issy says:

    I’ve had them a couple if times in the past. .i dont get them anymore. I believe mine to be stress but because they felt so real it’s hard to dismiss them as just dreams. One time the shadow which was a bit like smoke actually carried me onto my bathroom floor and I could feel the cold of the tiles on my skin but then I woke up in bed. that was the weirdest but less of the scary ones. I was more scared when I woke up. I just know that although it is pretty weird and amazing I’m really glad I don’t get them any more as they are truly terrifying.

  170. Chad says:

    I’ ve had quite a few since year 2000. Probably 50 at least. Never a pleasant experience for me. I’ve never seen the being which I believe is a Demon but I know where its at in the room. I’ve had it alone and in the bed with a signifigant other.

  171. J D says:

    I used to induce them and had many experiences. Sometimes from a lucid dream, into sleep paralysis and back into a lucid dream. So many experiences, I wouldn’t know where to start. I do know after years of it being intermittent it happened again. 3 times. Last week, which is bizarre I saw this. I broke out of it and every time a strange sound that gets louder and louder then woosh I am in it again. Ringing in the ears is a understatement. Couldn’t believe it this time I actually hear AHHH’s like a choir. That never happened. Unfortunately it had been so long I panicked and heard vivid snarling under the bed and broke out. But, in the past the most strange experience was the dog, I petted a dog standing above me, a shadow (it was dark). I can go on. Interesting thing, I never had a lucid dream until the evening I read about them on the internet. I also had my first sleep paralysis experience the week I heard a story from my brother and read about them. So I wonder how many people this will affect lol.

  172. Michelle says:

    I am so relieved to have read this article. When I was in my 20s i lived by myself and on 3 occasions I woke whilst lying face down. I couldn’t move my body, but could open my eyes. I felt a presence and great weight on top of me. This was followed by whispering in my ear, I couldn’t make out what it said but it was frantic, threatening in its tone, I felt scared each time. After a few minutes the presence would leave and I would be able to move. I felt in a semi concious state throughout.mit inky happened in that house and hasn’t happened since.

  173. Bec says:

    I used to experience this a lot in my teens. I had the demonic experience. I would wake up terrified, unable to move like someone was holding me down. Once I thought I heard laughing while I was paralyzed-after a few minutes I managed to gain control and ran downstairs crying. I made my brother sleep in my room for the next few days 🙂 Generally these experiences lasted only a few minutes. but they were always terrifying.

  174. Megsy says:

    When I was 12 I experienced something similar. I woke up suddenly but unable to open my eyes or move it was as if something was pinning me down with incredible strength. I then felt the couch lift off the floor and shake but I couldn’t fall off. I was absolutely terrified all I could do was pray so intensely for it to stop. I’ve never experienced it again fortunately, but 15 years later I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

  175. Aditya says:

    I used to have have this but since i stopped being scared by it, it seems i can go out of body or as you people call it as astral projection. Believe me, its not just hallucinations, there’s a whole other world, about which very few know. 🙂

  176. Greta says:

    I got this for a while in high school but i’d always just wake up unable to move and it was scary, but there was no other presence in the room it would just feel really real, my eyes were open i was in my room i couldn’t move or speak but i could usually use one part of my body, often my thumb and finger for a click, or my big toe, or sometimes my jaw and i’d just move them as much as i could until i came out of the paralysis, and then i wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream once it felt like i completely dislocated my jaw and then again i came out of it and i was fine. I often got it when i was stressed in high school. Then it went away for a few months, and came back again when i moved out of home and this time it was really bad, i would wake up and see figures in my room, and often could feel someone pushing me down into my bed or hands on my body but i couldn’t speak or move, and when i eventually came out of the paralysis (they would go between 5-20mins or at least thats what it felt like) i would instantly go into severe anxiety attacks where i could hardly breathe and i’d have to try very hard to calm myself down. The worst ones i ever got were when i had consumed alcohol the night before, i’m not a heavy drinker nor do i smoke or do drugs, just 3-4 drinks of an evening on an occasional weekend and it would always happen the next night. They stayed like this for a while, and it was really bad and effected my day to day life as i was over tired because i was scared to sleep, i tried to embrace it and tell myself it wasn’t real and i was okay but it didn’t seem to help. Thankfully they’ve stopped i think mainly because i’m in a better headspace lately, but i did have one just the other week out of nowhere, so it’s hard to pick the triggers. There is always a presence now, always someone pushing on my chest or covering my mouth, once i even felt hands move up my legs in a really inappropriate way, and when i woke up i wasn’t sure whether or not someone had actually been in my room.

    I’ve done a lot to help it, including changing my whole diet/lifestyle (for this and anxiety) definitely helped but there are the odd occasion like i mentioned that it will come out of nowhere.

  177. kate says:

    I experienced this a lot of times but it stopped year 2008 i guess. As far as i remember whenever i feel so sad, stressed or tired or any negative thoughts in my mind it will occur frequently, and i feel scared about it cause i feel like something is there which i cant explain thats restraining me. And i felt like it has something to do with extraphenomenal thing, spirits ….. so everytime i experience it, i just prayed and tried to relax again my mind and think that it was not real, that i am just sleeping (though in my mind i know i am awake but since i cant explain what it is happening, i tried to tell myself that it is not real), then after sometime i will fall back to sleep or be awake completely (able to talk and move my body), for me these experiences is not something great, it scares me a lot, there were times as well that im scared to sleep perceiving that it might happen again, but thank God it stopped already, and i dont want to experience the same thing again.

  178. Tania says:

    Ive had four experiences like this. First one was a few years ago…I had woken up with a feeling of vibration on one side of my body holding me down and woke up to a woman voice whispering to me. The second time I woke up half way through the night and a deranged looking demon was sitting at the end of my bed, so I kicked her off and she put all the furniture on the ceiling. That freaked me out really bad. The third time I woke up half way through the night and felt a alien like presence walk through my front door and it was humming a tune…I tried scream but couldnt. The fourth time I felt a vibration and woke up from a very loud tin can of some sort dropping on the floor which wasnt there.
    I feel like im getting used to them now and im trying to be less afraid. Ive always been a very active sleeper.

  179. kenneth says:

    This has happened to me several times, i never witnessed a figure though. We did however take the same approach after a few times, i told myself to just stay calm and not fight it, the experience was quite shorter than previous ones. And as you said, now it doesnt happen anymore, not that im complaining

  180. Enn says:

    I had this lots as well but then I decided whenever it happens I will say I have free will and I am not participating in this and it ends instantly

  181. Maria angeline says:

    I have had three of these experiences
    They happened within two months of eachother. One time the figure was a shadow. The second time there were three older women. That could be viewed as witches. The third was a boy. Each time was horrifying. My significant other was with during these “hallucinations” and when I was able to snap out of the immobility stage I would scream and grab him and the figures would be gone. They felt threatening. .

  182. nicole says:

    Wow. Nice to know I am not alone. I have been experiencing these ‘night terrors’ on and off for years. Always happen at bed time before sleep. I will first feel intense pins and needles suddenly arise and overpower me – all over my body, and feel physically paralysed. Cant shout or move even my little finger but can only open and close my eyes. Its almost like i am weighted down. Only a couple of times though i have had intense ringing in my eass and have felt myself ‘slide’ upwards as if leaving my body. A very very unpleasant experience. I have been to the GPs but they could not find a definate answer.

  183. Brett Wilson says:

    I have experienced so called sleep paralysis on several occasions and from what I recall, it usually when I am having a very bad dream and I am forcing myself to wake up and get out of the dream. My eyes open and I am almost trying to get back from another dimension. I can see, I can think, but I am lucky if even my head can move.. It takes several attempts which seem to take forever, to snap out of it and get the brain and body in sync. This has been my experience in any case.

  184. Murph says:

    Yep happened to me twice. Once in University and once camping. The first time was on a break between classes I found a nice spot in the a pretty busy area to lie down on a couch. I immediately nodded off and then woke suddenly with a freight. I was on the floor of the couch and many people were rushing by and lots of talking. I looked up on to the couch and my body was there sleeping? I started to freak out and was trying to move my sleeping bodies legs, arms etc but couldn’t. It went on for minutes and I felt helpless and then Bang my eyes opened and I was back.

    The second time I was camping in Idaho and after coming back from a date I went to bed. All of a sudden I was awake of conscious and heard something but I couldn’t move my body. Something open the tent and just stared at me for a time and I couldn’t move or talk but I was terrified! Then bang I was awake I sat up looked under my sleeping bag and I was glowing green at the torso. The bang again and I was awake and everything was normal, quite etc.

    True story!!

  185. LTaylor says:

    Wow..I thought I was alone in this! I have read up on sleep paralysis and it makes my experience seem like…”oh, everyone goes thru this during the REM stages of sleep…your brain is functioning without your body…” But my experience was real and it scared the crap out of me! I remember having a very pleasant dream (I was roller skating in a rink), that gradually went to a not so pleasant (I started hitting the wall and actually feeling it), more physical dream, to where I eventually woke up feeling like someone was actually on top of me, holding me down, and covering my mouth. The air was very thick, I was so scared, and couldn’t open my eyes out of fear. I just kept saying over and over in my mind…”please don’t rape me”. The force had been squeezing my breasts, and then patted me 2 times on my butt. Before it left, it stroked each one of my fingers with it’s fingers…and then the air got thin and I was able to move and speak again! I appreciate how you started this article with a scientific approach, and then led into a more humanistic or as you say ‘spiritual’ way. I guess no one will know for certain what this phenom is…but after that…I believe in spirits. (Ghosts)

    • anthony patchett says:

      Did you have the noise in ears as well, a loud calling, you can have out of body experiences if you want them, if you not scared of the paralysis and dont try to fight it, you wont see the scary things or feel scary things like pressing on you or tugging of quilt, its only when i resisted the chance to have an outer body experience that my brain made up different scary situations, now i just float from body and can turn that noise off that i think is a calling to start the obe, it may not be a real obe just might all be in imagination but its far better than scary stuff, its good fun..

  186. Barbara D'Ambroise says:

    This used to happen to me when I was a child….Now my son who’s in his early 20’s experienced this a couple of times. Once he said it felt like someone was laying on him and he couldn’t move. The next time he saw a figure that sat next to him on the bed and asked him ” Do you know who I am”? He said he guessed a couple of people and each time the figure answered no….He told me about it the next day and said he thought of our neighbor who just passed that he was close with but forgot to ask if it was him. He has experienced other odd happenings like his bed shaking, beings trying to choke him etc…

  187. Avinab Chakraborty says:

    I had a same kind of experience when in college..mine continued for four days, the last night was a moonlit night, light coming in my room through the window I saw a man sitting on my right,didn’t see his face, I felt like I stood up and went to the washroom but after what seemed like 5 mins I woke up and found myself in my bed. strangely it happened in dark only and I slept the rest of my nights in that room with the night light on!

  188. brownsdog says:

    I know how to interact when confronted with the feelings of a threatening presence so that I am safe and no longer in the control or under the effect of some other entity. I have used this on numerous occasions… it is a “spiritual” remedy only as it involves the spirit as opposed to the mind or the body. When being threatened, as mentioned, expand or “swell” your beingness to fill the whole room. This can be achieved by “seeing” or imagining all eight corners of the room you are in simultaneously. It can be done outside, as well, by controlling your expansion with real or imagined focal points or landmarks, again simultaneously. What this does, is allows you to expand your position in the physical universe… and when you can “hold” this position, you are demonstrating a viewpoint of great power. It is that simple, and can be practiced when fully awake and used under almost any level of awareness. When assuming this posture, nobody or no thing can screw with you!

  189. Elisabeth says:

    I’ve had this experience twice, maybe more, but I only remember the first time. I was 17 years old. It was a very hot summer night and I couldn’t sleep. I heard my sister and her boyfriend come home. They were arguing. My sister came up to use the bathroom which was next to my room. I asked through my closed bedroom door if she was okay. She said she was upset, her boyfriend was being an idiot, I said I couldn’t sleep ’cause it was so hot. I asked if she wanted to come in and talk. As soon as I asked the door flew open. I immediately knew that whatever it was had tricked me into inviting it in. I felt something very bad enter my body through my mouth. I was freezing cold and could not move. I was gripping the edge of my bed and trying to fight it out of me. All I could think of was that my sister (another sister) had told me that if I ever met a ghost I just had to tell it to go away and that it would have to leave. I struggled to say “Go away, get out of me.” I could barely get the words out. Finally I felt it leave out through my mouth and went out the window. I “woke up” tho’ I felt awake the whole time. My sheets were soaking wet from fear. This was a horrible experience. I was raised with no religious education but when I told another sister (I have a lot of sisters) about this she told me that Jesus had to be invited into a home before he could enter. i felt this thing had to be invited before it could enter. I have heard this experience called “The Hag”. This happened to me about 35 years ago and it is still vivid in my memory.

  190. ayala says:

    I do!! I must say I dont like it and get scared. Sometimes I can tell my self – let go…but allways struggle it and fight to wake up…too scary and uncomforatable..

  191. rosbros says:

    We call this night nurse paralysis in our family. The worst ones are when you feel and hear the scuffling of a threatening crowd of ‘somethings’ coming towards your bed- I have this with the sound effects in my ears really loud and can feel tugging on the sheets. Lighter experiences are when a dream seems to come through to my reality – this is not so bad and usually ends with me awakening at point in the dream and not being able to move – feels like my brain wakes up but doesn’t connect with the body for a while and the remnants of the dream continue for a while.

    I have kept food diaries and definitely in my case it is associated with more sugar/alcohol/caffeine intake and certainly stress plays a part too.

    I am presuming it is when the dream brings out a real burst of cortisol in the body as the feeling is the same as for example when you send an email with an attachment or info that you didn’t mean to send – the whole body feels the thump and sinking of stress – fight or flight mode reaction

    am working on my own on this – haven’t done research – just life experience in case it helps anyone – I find it disappears when I have good diet and exercise and when i get it I see it as a measure that I am off kilter in some area of my life… 🙂

  192. haze says:

    I had this for many years it started when I was a child and I still have the odd experience though not as intense I too learned how to control the situation and when my daughter started having the same experience,s I told her to do the same just keep telling yourself its ok I can handle this im not scared im in control she did learn to control it and now only has the odd episode .Whatever it is that causes it seems strange to me that we both had this from being young I thought maybe it could be a hereditary thing as my aunt told me she had similar experiences but never mentioned them because it was taboo to be anything but(normal) and I myself never mentioned it to my family untill my daughter started to experience it , although I did once tell my gp who immediately prescribed antidepressants ofcourse they did no good so I never mentioned it again

  193. Shinobi says:

    I have two experiences that I can remember within the past year or two.

    The first one was with a little girl coming to visit me. I believe she needed comfort and was confused about her passing. She was bout 6-7 years of age. I did not see her, but could feel her presence and was able to imagine her as she lied beside me on my bed and placed her cold hand on my arm.

    My second experience was more ghastly and dark and I was actually trying to be lured away into the “veil”. I ended up in my old house in the middle of the living room. Everything was pitch black then suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. He said he needed my help getting to Chicago. I told him I knew some people there and they might be able to assist him, he seemed to have wanted my help though. Things started to get weird, I noticed I was back in my room but unable to move and my blanket was moving up and down like something was moving it. I could hear the rustling of the blanket as well as a presence in the room. That was when I started become a little worried. I couldn’t take it anymore and with the most cognition I could muster I yelled out to Merlin for his assistance and was able to snap out of paralysis. Not sure why I chose Merlin, but it was whom I called upon.

    I have always had lucid dreams and vivid dreams. The dream world has always been a medium for me and I often catch myself half asleep. These two events were not a huge surprise to me, but they were new experiences and were rather intriguing.

  194. I have two experiences that I can remember within the past year or two.

    The first one was with a little girl coming to visit me. I believe she needed comfort and was confused about her passing. She was bout 6-7 years of age. I did not see her, but could feel her presence and was able to imagine her as she lied beside me on my bed and placed her cold hand on my arm.

    My second experience was more ghastly and dark and I was actually trying to be lured away into the “veil”. I ended up in my old house in the middle of the living room. Everything was pitch black then suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. He said he needed my help getting to Chicago. I told him I knew some people there and they might be able to assist him, he seemed to have wanted my help though. Things started to get weird, I noticed I was back in my room but unable to move and my blanket was moving up and down like something was moving it. I could hear the rustling of the blanket as well as a presence in the room. That was when I started become a little worried. I couldn’t take it anymore and with the most cognition I could muster I yelled out to Merlin for his assistance and was able to snap out of paralysis. Not sure why I chose Merlin, but it was whom I called upon.

    I have always had lucid dreams and vivid dreams. The dream world has always been a medium for me and I often catch myself half asleep. These two events were not a huge surprise to me, but they were new experiences and were rather intriguing.

  195. Julie says:

    I have experienced many things mentioned, several times. The loud BANG, waking up not being able to move, but fully conscious, encountered dead pets being between awake and sleep and able to Control the happening. I have seen the light from a door somewhere in universe (a sheep led me to it) and I was awake trying to sleep after a nightmare. I have had dreams which shows me something and then happened for real (several times). I can Always tell if a Dream is something special (like when Im “connected” to the other dimension, or if its simply a normal Dream of my Life in general.

  196. William Owens says:

    I have had the same awaken couldn’t move but felt the presence of something terrifying by my right side of my head I started speaking to it in a unknown language with my fist pumped high and it got mad and started speaking back very loud and dominant I awoke shortly after.. I never forgot it!!!

  197. Nicole says:

    I have experienced this but usually very terrified and paralyzed as a weight is bearing down on me and I cannot do anything. I feel it a malevolent energy.

  198. This happened to me two nights ago. I woke up and simply couldn’t move, just lay there, looking out of the window at the full moon and thinking that this was part of the Ascension process, about which I’ve read. I did feel entities ~ non malevolent and non specific ~ but I often experience that so didn’t pay much attention to them. After a few minutes I got up slowly, relieved that I wasn’t actually paralysed ~ but I ached all over for a while.

  199. jade says:

    I have have experienced s.p and other mentioned experiences such as ” old hag” syndrome and out if body experiences. I have had them since a young child and still get them today. They still petrify me just as much and I can also encourage s.p episodes to happen depending on the position in which I fall asleep. I have much experience with these occurrences and have asked doctors for years to make sence of it but none of them have. Some of them have no idea what I am talking about so I’ve just learned to deal with it. Its actually a real comfort to know that other people agree with me that they are in fact very real indeed. Very glad to have read this article. I wonder if any of you reading this had Also experienced old hag syndrome?

  200. hi and thank you for sharing such an article. I had the same happenings since i was 3… and this is the time i remember things and it means may B there’d been earlier things… i was 3 and for over a year i saw a women coming next to my bed at a certain time….. she came right tru the door… had red short hair and red manicured long nails… i can even recognize the woman if I C her today after all these years (i’m 37).. i was totally paralyzed an she started tickling my feet, it scared me so much but the only thing i could do was just wait until the next night i’m going to wake up with a noise like snap again! after she disappeared i saw a kid (boy) with strange eyes… he was staring at me, inducting me that all is fine, go back to sleep! i have much more stories like to this to share…..

  201. MAO says:

    I started to have this in my teenage years. I remember the first time I woke up in the middle of the night. I could not move a thing, not even open my eyes unlike everyone else. I tried to open them with all my strength and I could not. I started then feeling like I am ascending in the air. Then at a some point I started spinning like a dynamo but in all direction. I could open my eyes after minutes and I was terrified. It kept happening to me during that night when ever I went back to bed and at the end I went and I washed my face and sat without sleep until the morning.

    I did not know how to wake up or to defeat this, and it kept happening to me once every week or so. I asked people and no one understood what I am talking about. In the end I figured out that to break free from this I need to move my finger tips then my fingers and my hands or my toes tips then the toes then the feet then the body. That works most of the time.

    After a while I started having it in different ways. I stopped the ascending bit and I was just paralyzed. Some times after I wake myself up and I go to drink water and wash my face I find that I have not done any of this but I was imagining doing so and that I am still paralyzed on my bed.

    I still have it to this day. But not as frequent as before. What I noticed is that it happens only when I am too hot and thirsty, or at least this is how I feel when I wake up. I am so clumsy and tired when I wake up. I often throw myself off the bed because I do not have enough force to stand up and I just wait there for 10 minutes or so.

    These are two of the most interesting incidents that I have faced:

    1- I was alone in the house, and I was sure there is no one in there with me. I was sleeping and then I heard someones footsteps on the floor. I tried to open my eyes very fast to see who is there, and just when I was about to open them, that thing which is walking whatever it is throws a blanked or a sheet of paralyzation on my head and I go into this sleep paralysis. I start struggling under this invisible sheet to open my eyes fast to see what is it but I have never made it in time. (this happened three times).

    2- I was asleep one day and it happened to me many times and I got so annoyed and angry. It felt as if someone is doing it to me and is having fun. I tried to sleep for the last time and then it felt like this thing had jumped on my chest face to face and tried to pin my down. I was in a good position and I was so angry and I wrestled with it. I bent my back forward with all my strength. I heard his back bones (if they have ones) crack very clearly and it ran away. I did not happen after that for months.

    I have it now once every 3 or 4 months. but I am used to it. I know to wake up I need to move my fingers and feet and I need to drink water and go back to bed and I will not have it again in that night.

    • anthony patchett says:

      Did you have the noise in ears as well, a loud calling, you can have more out of body experiences if you want them, if you not scared of them you wont see the scary things or feel scary things like pressing on you or tugging of quilt, or in your case spinning like a dynama, its only when i resisted the chance to have an outer body experience that my brain made up different scary situations, now i just float from body and can turn that noise off that i think is a calling to start. im sur eu could do same just float to your bedroom window etc and dont be scared

      • Sam says:

        I can understand what you are saying completely. In the beginning I was terrified. Then I started to feel as though I was leaving my body and floating. This frightened me until one night I decided to just go with it and it was a wonderful experience. After embracing it I never expreniced negertivy again, just a wonderful sense of freedom.
        Like you I get a loud buzzing noise in my head and ears, this lets me know it’s about to start and I can stop it,if I’m in the wrong frame of mind, as this will lead to a negative experience.

  202. Lucy says:

    I have experienced this many times and it is terrifying. I got to the point where I could recognise it was happening and then force myself back to sleep so I could wake up naturally. However, even then sometimes I would think I was awake but actually still in a paralysed state so would go through levels of paralysis. I always think there is somebody in the room with me but can’t do anything to see or acknowledge them. My attacks come when I am exceptionally tired, sleep deprived or stressed. My father also has these attacks and my uncle so I wonder if there is a hereditary link.

    • anthony patchett says:

      Did you have the noise in ears as well, a loud calling, you can have more out of body experiences if you want them, if you not scared of them you wont see the scary things or feel scary things like pressing on you or tugging of quilt, its only when i resisted the chance to have an outer body experience that my brain made up differnet scary situations, now i just float from body and can turn that noise off that i think is a calling to start


  203. Carly Campton says:

    I can’t believe there are others out there that have experienced this! This has happened to me several times within the last 10 to 15 years. I have always had a common denominator linking with my sleep paralysis, it only takes place at my childhood home in the basement. I often slept in the finished basement on the couch with the tv on low and a dim light . In the corner of the room by the window. If the lamp or tv was not on, the experience would not occur. I thought for a while that it was a nightmare, I had many as a child, but these felt so intense and the fear would almost radiate through my body. Since this had happened so many times, I will only sum up my experiences. Almost as soon as I would close my eyes, I would feel my body get extremely heavy, like bricks were laid on top of me. Next the fear would creep in, the shadows moved and my eyes would be wide open, I could often move my head slightly but it took all of my strength to do so. It progressed as far as what I believe was an out of body experience, the same process began, only the fear was lessened and instead of wiggling myself awake abruptly, I let the process continue. It seemed as if I had two bodies, one that floated above my physical body which I could clearly see laying on the couch. It only lasted a few minutes, or it seemed fast, I’m just not sure. I was able to look at my physical body, and around the room but unable to really go anywhere. After each experience I would fully awaken, sometimes more panicked than others. Thanks for letting me share!!

    • anthony patchett says:

      Did you have the noise in ears as well, a loud calling, you can have more of these out of body experiences if you want them, if you not scared of them you wont see the scary things or feel scary things like pressing on you or tugging of quilt, its only when i resisted the chance to have an outer body experience that my brain made up differnet scary situations, now i just float from body and can turn that noise off that i think is a calling to start

  204. Diane says:

    I have had this as well. Fell asleep on the couch with the TV on and my son and daughter were in the room as well. I remembered I was trying to wake up but could not move. I could hear the TV going and my kids talking . I was trying to open my mouth to tell one of them to shake me but my mouth would not move. I felt like I was in another place and just wanted to get out of their. It was the worse feeling of my like, I tried several times to move and open my mouth but it was like everything was just to heavy to move. When I finally was able to move I was so relieved . Its was a horrible experience that has happened thankfully only a few times but one I will never forget.

  205. Maddie says:

    This happened to me at least 5 times between the ages of 18 and 32. strange thing is that the first time that happened to me I had a dog that was always very quiet and that night he was barking and crying like never before; He even started like 10 minutes before I went to bed. I could hear him barking and crying while I was experiencing it. And once it was done my dog also stopped crying. It was very scary but same as you once I decided to embrace it and tried to overcome the fear they stopped. I also saw and felt the very dark presence every time; it was shaped like a person but was like dark smoke and as it came closer to my face my body would feel stiffer, the presence always tried to choke me. This is the very first time I read about this. My sister also experienced it.

  206. Tracey says:

    I have experienced this phenomena a few times. Being suddenly awoken, aware and able to see everything around me but totally unable to move. I hate being held down so I fight it with all my strength but it’s futile. It only lasts a few minutes. But one time was different. I saw a “shadow man” standing the foot of my bed but he didn’t move. Just stood there looking at me. It was terrifying! Then he was gone and I could move again. I wish I knew what it meant…

  207. Stevan says:

    I have experienced this 3 years ago I think. I was sleeping at a friends place, and when I woke up, I couldn’t move. I remember that I was really confused at first because I needed couple of moments to realize that I actually can’t move. But when I did, I focused really hard on moving my head, my hand, or my leg. I wasn’t able to do anything. Fortunately for me, I didn’t experience anyone in the room, because I’d really freak out if I did.. After couple of minutes of will power, I managed to move my hand, and at that moment, I felt like my body was “unlocked”, so I was finally able to move.. What I thought about that experience is exactly like you wrote, I felt like my brain is awake, but my body was still asleep..

  208. Kagiso_Healer says:

    One of the writers on this topic said ‘There are other things we must take into consideration, and as quantum science is showing us, there are definitely worlds within our world that we are not able to perceive. There is definitely a non-physical aspect to science in general that we are just beginning to wake up to.’

    Please keep this in mind when thinking or dealing with situations that cannot be clearly understood by any normal human beings. As a traditional healer from South Africa and dealing with alternative healing. This case is a common issue that I have experienced both with my patients and personally when I was growing up.

    The bottom line is that these lot of things that are happening in this world that cannot be defined by science. This hypnogogic sensations described as a vivid dream like that is experienced. Most people say it might be an out of the body experience where they might feel the presence of supernatural forces around, though they are unable to talk or shout, move or even sexual abuses in others. What if those forces are really there at that stage? What if these really a spirit visitor from the dark world? With what I have experienced and continue to experience is that there are evil spirits that is more of this energy. As hard to believe it, not more than a single time was I proved to be wrong.

    I am willing to share more on this if you want. Am playing my part in this world the only way I know how.

  209. Bishwambhar Sen says:

    I had this almost a year back. I woke up in the middle of night. I couldn’t move my body. I could feel someone sitting on the right side of my bed close to my head. it was whispering something but I couldn’t understand. I tried turning my head but I couldn’t. I was pretty scared. I’ve also had episodes of waking up to a shaking bed which later few minutes. I stopped watching horror movies after this but never really knew if it was really happening or just a figment of my imagination. I tried seeking answers on internet and I read about one. But I wasn’t convinced until I read this article. Now I know, I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Manohar says:

      My experience is almost same as yours.
      Thanks for Sharing your experience Bishwambhar

  210. antonella says:

    I’ve experienced this phenomenon I was between the age of 18 and 19 I fell asleep one evening on the couch in my third floor apartment at some point I was awake but my body was not I saw a woman walk through my house inches from me it was as if I could see her but she could not see me she walked right pass me and through the glass doors and off the third floor patio before dissipating I remember being so terrified I tried to scream but could not I was screaming on the inside but no sound was coming out of my body I tried to run but I had no control over my body I was terrified just laying there watching this unfold after about 5 minutes my body came alive I was so teffified I grabbed a few things and went over my moms house for a few weeks I thought my apartment was haunted from that point on…

  211. kenzi says:

    I’ve had this happen once but I didn’t feel any presence or see anything weord. I just couldn’t move.

  212. julia says:

    I used to experience this, I found it very frightening & am glad I haven’t for ages. Nice to see article with info about + know it has a name

  213. Anita Francorsi Shroff says:

    I have experienced what you some describe as sleep paralysis quite a few times. However the most disturbing one involved my first having a conversation with a man I did not know but who knew me. He entered my room without permission. At first I was able to move and remember realising that my sheet was off my body and I cover myself in this semi dream state and also ask him to leave. As he backs out of the room, I found myself paralysed and some kind of animal that I could not see… But it was snarling and growling and breathing very heavily near me, emitting guttural sounds. I began to order it to leave, said it dare not come near. But it sounded very close. I do not recall how, but I began to chant in my sleep. As I chanted faster and faster, a great big wall of white flames enveloped my bed. The flames were bright and cool. The animal or entity got softer and eventually left. I woke up in terror. I do remember the words I chanted. They were not prayers. Your insights on this would be great.

  214. Chris says:

    Heard kids running around my bed, mischievously laughing, couldn’t see them but I felt their presence and heard their laughter. Then something went into my body paralyzing me while feeling thousands of punches hitting my back from under my bed like a rapid fire. My brain then woke up fine with my heart racing.

  215. Gwyn says:

    I have experienced this more & more frequently! My experiences have which involved an added 6th sense reaction to individuals had me considered illogical until I was proven right in my instincts! My husband was asked ‘how many times has your wife been right 100% when voicing such a strong illogical opinion has been right!’ My husband replied ‘always… and time has either immediately or later proved it!’ This was a difficult admission for my husband whose field is Mathematics etc all of logical compliance! Every time I have gone against my gut instinct… I have encountered trouble but on occasion I still do not listen!
    I would also like to say I have encountered both negative & positive presences not of this World! But have learnt to allow the positive steer me through such apparitions! It’s not something I can turn on and off! It is not a people pleaser and sincerely sometimes I have wished I had not this intuition! There have been many exceptions to my wishing such intuition would absent itself but in 2006 whilst been completely awake! My stomach empty for 10 hours & on no medication! I was wheeled on a gurney into a pre op station… I felt someone or thing behind me… it exuded a sense of love & peace so strong I cannot express it in language! I asked ‘who is behind me?’ And was looked at strangely and told ‘just a wall’. I who was not incapacitated tried to sit up! But was unable to; as if, a magnet holding me flat to the gurney! I wanted to go into that wonderful energy… all fear gone! Consequently, I was aneathetised & had an operation that 1. I should not have survived! 2. Fora brief moment I had an out of body experience during the long operation! I saw something had not gone right and shared it when I became conscious! In 2011 & MRI proved what I had seen to be a fact! I would end my imploring all to stay within positive energy… it is that & that alone that helps us although the negative will fight you!

  216. John says:

    This occurs when your really tired most often. It is nothing special or spiritual about it. Try not sleeping for two days and there you go.

    • Eddy says:

      Not sleeping for 2 or even 3 days has never caused sleep paralysis with me, but I have had it.

  217. Tushar says:

    I was thrown across my room multiple times against the wall, against the closet door, I was able to see my whole bedroom. I woke up on the floor and not on the bed. Afterwards i couldn’t walk or really think straight as I was petrified over what just happened to me. I felt a presence just picking me up throwing me around like a stuffed animal. It was an experience that I will never forget.

    • Eli says:

      I’ve had the same thing where I was thrown across my room still paralyzed but just bumping of the floor walls and ceiling. I woke up as if something was still around me n not not really knowing where I was.

    • richndc says:

      I dreamed I was in my old college dorm room, the lights were acting funny, switches not turning on the right light, blinking on and off. Finally one worked, then it popped and went out. In that instant something (non human with a very large hand) yanked me violently to the floor, I landed on my butt with my legs in front of me–I knew this thing wanted to hurt me, it was completely terrifying, worse than anything I have ever experienced in real life. It started yanking all around the floor very violently, I was unable to do anything and it seemed on some level I knew another part of me was in my bed sleeping, with everything I had, I managed to yell, it woke me up, my dog and wife were bolt upright looking at me–I asked my wife “did I just yell out?” she said yes, very loudly, did you have a nightmare? It was just like the feeling I had from the first time one of these things visited me in a dream. I dont know what it is, but I am 46 and extremely grateful it has only happened twice.

  218. I experienced this many years ago, absolutely terrifying. Happened more than one occasion, but stopped once I stopped taking my beta blockers.

  219. Warda Idrees Ch says:

    I had an experience… i woke up in the middle of night after feeling a presence of someone pulling my pillow… and suddenly i couldn’t move.. my eyes were open but i couldn’t move. my body felt really heavy. i tried to shout but no voice came out. i couldn’t even speak. it remained like that for a few minutes and then i felt like my head was wrapped by something i couldn’t see… there was sharp noise as if i were near a bomb that just exploded… i was so damn scared… after a few minutes it vanished… i could move and speak… but i was really scared that night

  220. phillipa says:

    When i was young, Maybe 9, I woke up with a witch standing over me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t call for my parents. I shut my eyes tight and waited. I actually don’t think the witch was there to hurt me, but by 9 you are taught witches are scary. I remember it vividly.

  221. thomas says:

    I have had this occur many times in my life. When I was young I used to experience lucid dreams where I could do what ever I wanted in a dream. That is gone now. I still experience sleep paralysis once or twice a year, I often feel a “presence” in the room and almost panic trying to force myself to move. On other occasions I hear a loud bang that wakes me up, sometimes I am paralyzed other times I sit straight up wide awake and moving. I have also had a couple of experiences where I could see a figure moving in my room and it too had whispered something unrecognizable into my ear. I have lately read about the affects that fluoride has on the brain and specifically the pineal gland or “third eye”. I am now convinced that the deliberate medicating of the general population is intended to shut this gland down to prevent us from exploring these states of lucid dreaming, remote viewing and other phenomena. I am 48 now the last lucid dream I can remember having was when I was 19 serving in the military. I’d like to investigate ways of “prying open my third eye” and if it is even possible now or has that ability been forever lost.

  222. Heather says:

    I have had this experience several times and have found it to be very similar to a dream within a dream concept. It take several layers of waking yourself up to break out, if you want to. You have to will yourself to wake up… image slapping your face if you have to, you may go through several more layers to get out. Of course you don’t have to get out, but if you want to … well try this. It has worked for me several times. become conscious that you are not quite “ordinarily conscious.”

    • Heather says:

      if you want to check whether you are in your “ordinary experience” check the time (if you can see it near you) if you cannot read it (it is vague/obscured) you know the state is semi dream like or entirely dream like.

  223. peeweem3 says:

    I had this happen to me a couple of times when I was 18-19 years old. I am 50 now. The first time it happened, I found myself paralysed in bed just after falling asleep. I was terrified but couldn’t move or speak. I felt as if I left my body, fell out of bed and crawled towards the door to get help. I was returned to my body when I reached the front door. I was very frightened and couldn’t get back to sleep for a long time. I think I even prayed to God and I’m not a religious person The other time it happened I was close to waking, I tried to scream but couldn’t move or speak. I felt a tremendous pressure on my chest.

  224. Liz says:

    When I was 13 I woke up from a bad dream trying as hard as possible to scream the only sound I made was a small grunt . I was unable to move when I woke up . However I felt someone touching my left shoulder. ( I am native American and have had experiences with spirits throughout my life). When i got up from my very squeeky bed and stood for a minute the squeeking continued as if someone was on it.I was scared so I went in my moms room who had told me to sleep on her floor. Five minutes later she called my name she said to see if I was ok but the next day told me it had happened to her as well but she didn’t want to,scare me. Growing up I was told it was spirits holding you down but I’m honestly not sure.

  225. jennifer says:

    My clearest memory of when this happens to me is that, in my fear I will try to pray out loud, but I am prevented. I can’t utter a word, I can hardly breath. It happened most often when I was a caregiver to an old man in his last months of life. I had the over night shift in his house. I woke one time to a boy and his golden retriever dog. I felt like it was the man I was caring for, in his child form.

  226. Chris says:

    At age 24 I had my first child & I began experiencing psychic attacks after breastfeeding at night. I would put my baby back in bassinet in next room & the moment I climbed back into my bed I felt a threatening presence. I would feel like I was bound unable to move. While being paralysed I started to ‘see’ this reptilian creature & it had long hand talons. It looked demonic ! This occurred nightly every time I went to bed. I remember getting out of my bed once after one of these paralysing episodes to go look in the mirror as its hand talons always felt like it had dug into my throat. I actually thought it must have left a mark around my throat but it didn’t yet I could still feel the pressure of where they had been. On several occasions this same creature said to me ‘I am going to stop you’. I didn’t know what from? I was also seeing a shadow figure of a young man standing with his head down in my lounge room.

  227. Maggie says:

    I have experience this condition a number of times..there was a time i just finish my night shift and because im awared that the attack is coming i thought if i hide under d blankets i be safe as im too tired to fight open my eyes…when i have fallen to SP mode, there was something frm d outside of the blanket biting my lower jaw…as if doesnt want me to speak.unable to do anything i just let when d condition subside itself..
    Another attack happen again ..i can feel sort of lightness that im going to fall to SP mode..determined to fight open my eyes frm closing i play app game i read magazines …if u have d experience u would know its hard to fight d SP frm coming..ur body feel tired n ur eyes kept wanted to close..with my last effort i take my finger n swipe a prayer app tht i had installed earlier at my phone…Believe it or not..d moment d prayer sound start play frm my phone..d sudden tiredness is gone..and my eyes can be open widely with no prob..idk what people believe..but since then if im scared to sleep i play my prayer while sleeping..no attacks so far..
    All my attacks before this are like d usual symptoms..cant move cant speak eyes close but can look around..but fortunately i didnt get to see any shadow or any figure in d room..

  228. David T says:

    Experienced this a lot as a young kid. Likewise, mostly a fearful event, until such time I began to welcome the experience and accept it. Always felt as if there was some type of being or beings present.

  229. Ben says:

    This happened to me about a year ago. I woke up and it felt as if the blankets were weighted and holding me down. I did feel a warm pulsing sensation go through my body. I also felt as if someone was sitting on the left aide of my bed. I did not feel scared, but rather calm and comforted. I had left some music on while I slept that night. immediately after I was able to move I looked at my phone and took a screenshot of the song that was playing and I sent a text to my family describing what I just experienced. I’ve never been one to believe in the supernatural or “new age” ideas etc… so it was quite strange for me and I felt I had to share. since then I have been intrigued by this and how I came to find this site. I’ve never commented on any site or article until now, but this is an experience that had be so unique to me and didn’t think anyone else had experienced anything similar. I do have to mention that the presence I felt that night was so strong and overwhelming and so so familiar. I had a brother pass away 5 1/2 years ago, and at that moment I honestly thought it was him sitting on my bed. the song that was playing was “Angel of Hope” ….

  230. My experience happend around the age of 16, I remember it clear. I stayed and went to school with my sisters. Only on this particular day, I was to stay the night all alone in my house. Before the staryed I had this weird feeling of fear already in play. I was watching a movie and started to slowly fall asleep on the couch, the sec my eyes closed this dark figure came put of the right corner of my eye, this figure seemed distorted, as if very unstable, as I tried to turn my head to look, I felt paralyzed, as if this figure wasn’t allowing me to see it. My breathing was also supressed, the moment I let a sound out of my mouth this would all stop and I could begin to breath again. I sat up in fear not knowing what I was experiencing, turned the tv off, and went to my room thinking falling alseep on my bed would make it better. As soon as I layed down, closed my eyes, this figure returned. Once again I found myself paralyzed, and out of air. Letting an agonizing sound out, this figure rushed out of the room as fast ad it came in, only this time I followed it out with my eyes and caught it go throught the glass door in the living room. This was my first experience, I have many more, and they do get more interesting, add me on facebook if you are interested.

  231. Anne Follent says:

    Have experienced this a lot of times. When it first happened i was sure I was dying. Now i just keep forcing myself to relax and i gradually begin to breathe again.Have a lot of sleep problems, particularly nightmares and waking up having a panic attack. Also it is not unusual for me to have a dream and it comes true next day or some time later.That is the scariest part of all, as some dreams are about death.

  232. marta says:

    This has happened to me a couple of times, too. The first time it happened I was lifted out of bed, thrown against the wall and violated. I could not move or scream but was very aware of everything around me and even time. The second time, I was held down by my throat and was being suffocated while my body was again paralyzed. No matter how much I focused on trying to move or wake up, I just couldn’t. These are not ordinary nightmares because of the level of awareness a person has during this type of “sleep”. It is nothing like dreaming. I’d love to learn more about what these experiences really are, but most of the what I have read about Sleep Paralysis does not adequately describe or explain the experience.

  233. Riana says:

    EVERYTIME, approximately 4-6 weeks after such an experience, somebody I know would die…. EVERYTIME.

  234. Tarek says:

    I began to experience this since 2005, i went to some spirtual therapist and it stopped for about 6 years. I year ago it began to be back again and i feel like i am paralyzed again in the middle of the night, sometimes it last for seconds but most of the times a little longer. I know i am awake, i know i am not dreaming and i know i am in the middle of it and try to open up my eyes or move but i can’t. But now as i became an expert i keep on struggling and know i will wake up soon.

  235. Daniel says:

    I had a similar experience once, I woke up in the middle of the night kinda scared. When I opend my eyes I had a green looking shadow about 5feet tall, to my left and it had it hands kinda hovering over over me. I couldn’t scream, breath, or move. I just closed my eye prayed in my mind and went back to sleep

    When I was around 16, I was staying at my aunt’s house. I went to sleep pretty late and something similar happend I woke up and saw a wierd figuer standing by the door but that time I wasn’t scared. it was all blue i remember staring at it for a while kinda asking my self who it was or what it was and when i sat down to get a closer look he just vanished.

  236. shakir says:

    yeah i experienced this once few moments i was paralyzed i experienced I saw a dark shadowy figure come through the window, it seemed about 5 feet tall. after some moments i come to consciousness.

  237. Bethanie says:

    Hi Aileen, that is fascinating. I would love to hear more of your stories like that. I tried to friend request you but there is not a place on your page for that. Do you mind?

  238. Cynthia Phillips says:

    I experienced sleep paralysis once as a 10 year old. Nice to know it has a name. I’ve never seen or heard a discussion about it before. I tried to tell all the adults in my life about it and when I discovered that they just didn’t understand how significant it was I quit trying to seek the understanding. I quit telling people about it. I woke up in terror. Later in my life I thought it was the terror that created the unexplainable paralysis. I remember the confusion I felt at not being able to reconcile the terror with the physical reality of my surroundings. I was absolutely convinced that something horrible was about to happen to me or someone else in our home. After about 15 minutes or so… time is hard to estimate I was able to slip over the side of my bed and crawl to my mother’s room. This was all happening probably about 3am or so. I was amazed that I had to crawl and could not walk. I was even more amazed that my mother was not! I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t convey to her how terrified I was for everyone. By the time I realized she was staunchly dismissive I had regained enough strength that I was able to weakly walk back to my bed. Extremely disturbing experience that I’ve been lucky enough never to experience again.

  239. Chad says:

    I once had a vivid encounter. I was in my early 20s, me and my ex had an apartment together, we were sleeping close, her back to me and face toward the wall, me on my back with the bedside open to the room. I awoke promptly and opened my eyes, there was something to the left of me, although it was transparent, I could see it was the form of a body because the fan was blowing on it. It created a sight as if you had a fan blowing onto something solid, with whatever blowing moving around the body as apposed to through the nothingness. It was the first time I witnessed such, I was pretty shocked, I attempted to wake my ex, but I found I could not move, I tried to yell, and could not speak. Instead I sat and examined what was examining me, after awhile I closed my eyes and it was over, it was gone and I could move and speak freely once more.

  240. Linda says:

    I have these paralysis experiences all the time. Since I was in my twenties and I am sixty-three now. I did go through a period of about five years when they had stopped. Mine are similar to the article. When I was in my twenties and thirties I always felt it was aliens abducting me or trying to explore my brain. I would scream at them to stop, that I was not going to cooperate. The last twenty years I feel that if I do not move, something bad will happen to me. I struggle and think I am telling my husband to shake me awake but in fact I am not saying anything aloud. He never hears me! I have tried reasoning that I am trying to go to sleep and try to let myself succumb to this thought, but my body or mind resists.I had one of these paralysis the night before last. Then I am awake all night to prevent it happening again. It does sometimes happen more than once a night. I was hoping this article was going to give me a solution.

  241. Quinn says:

    Many years ago… I woke in the night to the sight of a menacing face watching me, only a foot away from my own face. It was quite dark in my room, so I couldn’t see much detail, just a dark shadowy face that was like a skull with muscle structure, but had no skin or other facial features such as eyes, nose, ears etc. I felt its presence as something dark and evil. I felt terror like I never had before, and never again since. I couldn’t move my body, and the silence sent my fear into overdrove, as I realized my panicked scream for help could only be heard inside my own head. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I’ve never forgotten that face, nor the feeling of being paralysed. I’ve had some interesting sleep experiences over the years, but that was the only time I ever saw something watching me after waking up. So was it spiritual, supernatural, extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional? Or was it just a fear induced hallucination that my mind had created in that moment of fear and panic, simply because a hallucination was the closest thing to external control that my mind could muster at the time, being that all real physical control was impossible? Was waking into a state of paralysis, possibly a side effect of an abrupt awakening from a nightmare that ended in my own death? Guess I’ll never really know for sure… But there’s no reason while all these things can’t be true and inter-connected, put simply, we see different aspects and features of a physical object when viewed from different angles, and that exact same logic can be applied to any event in time and space, not just to objects. Meaning just because a person from the front has a face, and from behind they have hair instead, doesn’t mean they don’t both exist as part of the same person. Just as this event, as an example, can be seen as spiritual from one viewpoint, supernatural from a sightly different angle, extra-terrestrial as the angle is changing more, and extra dimensional which has a slightly different angle again. Hallucinations fits in as one of those angles to view the event from, as would a bunch of others that that can be seen from angles I haven’t seen yet. Seeing things like this could be described as multi-dimensional viewing/perception, rather than 2D or 3D being only this or that, Multi-D is the ability to perceive something from all different dimensions, as we all already do, but with the slight difference of seeing how each of these things occupy the same space. So just like the front and back of a person… even though they look different, and are different, we know they are still actually just parts of the same thing, with the only proof being that they occupy the same point in space and time. An event in space and time is the same, which explains why two opposing sides to a debate can both be right. Hmmm, went off on a tangent there, but I’ll just blame that thing in my room that night…

  242. Michael says:

    I found by experience that calling in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, will immediately end the experiences involving entities and the sense of terror asphyxiation. Because Jesus literally saves. It worked until the other night when I awoke kinda half paralyzed, with a strong vibrating feeling expanding diffusely from my liver, I think, through my torso to my extremities. I called on the Lord and the experience of immobility lessened. I could slowly nearly open and close my hands and almost speak audibly. I called on the Lord several more times and didn’t get much more relief, which frightened the guano outta me and I have this impression of some thing in the door way, but I couldn’t see it. So i decided that I would innervate myself and that I needed to learn to save myself. So I think I’ll try what the author did embrace, explore the state of being and rise out of my body… see if I can go explore the mountain in spirit. If it works hopefully I can learn to do that at will, then go explore the universe OBE.

  243. christle says:

    This has happened to me one time. it was very scary and I slept with the lightson for a long time afterwards. Iwas starting to play with tarot cards. I wld light candles etc… One night I woke up I could see thru my eyes but could not open all the way. I could not move. I tried. I could see from above the bed and there was a black shorter shadowy man with a big brimmed hat a few feet away from the foot of my bed. I felt just his presence was holding me down. I could feel the tear drops fall off the side of my face. I was so scared. I couldn’t talk. When I did speak all I could say was “Jesus.” Over and over and finally I was released. People have told me it was an out of body experience… That it was all in my head. I was having very weird vivid dreams then. I actually had a dream about my now boyfriend but at the time did not know who he was. I threw the tarot cards away. And years later I tried to have this experience again… And nothing.

  244. Kim says:

    A few years back I used to experience sleep paralysis. I would awake from sleep but be unable to move. I always kept my eyes closed and would try to call for help but nothing would come out my mouth. One day I started to experience a female presence in my bedroom doorway.. It felt like a dark presence and was very scary. I never tried to open my eyes so never looked directly at it but I could feel it looking at me. This happened a lot and eventually I started to leave my body and struggle accross the room thinking the sleep paralysis had finished Befor id suddenly find myself back in my bed with sleep paralysis. One day I managed to leave my body and I ran at the entity and through her.. She was like a shadow. I ran straight through her and down the hallway into the bedroom at the back of my house. The bedroom window was open and I dived out of it, suddenly it was like I was in an ocean and I was swimming downwards towards a light. I could feel the entity behind me, following me. But as I reached the light I was suddenly back in my bed and awake and able to move my body again. Since this last experience the entity has never come to me again. Although I have still experienced sleep paralysis and on one occasion could here two females talking to each other.. Even though I was in an empty house. Whilst I was having the experiences with the entity I knew nothing of what it was and although it felt very real I wasn’t sure what it meant or if it was real. I was extremely surprised and a little reasured when I came to learn that this has happened to others… Particularly a female presence stood in the doorway.. Which I believe is referred to as the old hag? Although the presence didn’t feel particularly old.

  245. Krista says:

    Why is it that it feels like my body weight amplifies and I can’t get myself up? I have never experienced shadows or have seen anything for that matter, when it is happening. However, when its happening I can’t help but to think something or someone is holding me down…Why does this only happen to some of us. Is it a chemical imbalance or something more…

  246. Kayla Howard says:

    When I was in Union City, Cali. visiting family with my mother, just me and her. We stayed at a decent hotel and when I stepped into the room I felt something… It was like the air was heavy and I could feel it pushing down on me. I told my mom that this room isn’t ok to be in (unfortunately my vibes end up always right). That night my mother and I slept on a queen size bed she had the right side and I layed on the left next to the window. It was about 5AM when this experience happened to me.. I’m still not sure why I woke up but when I did all I could do was open my eyes. I looked towards the window and saw the stream of daylight coming thru the thin white curtains. I also saw the silloutte of a creature that took the shape of a distorted body of a man, bald from what I could tell. His head was tilted a bit and just stood leaning over my face. At that point I panicked and that’s when I realized I couldn’t move. I was screaming for my mom’s attention but nothing came out just tears. It felt like I was being held down on every single part of my body… like the weight I felt when I stepped in the room when we first arrived. This weight was heavyier though. As soon as my body began to move I rolled over towards my mom as she woke to what she described as whimppering. She claimed I was quietly whimppering in my sleep… in my mind I was screaming. The figure was gone and after explaining it to my mom I fell back asleep only to wake up to the exact same experience again..This time the figure wasn’t standing over me…and although I couldn’t move the air wasn’t heavy. To this day I haven’t seen the figure I saw that night. After some research I discovered the term “sleep paralysis”, not convinced, I dug deeper and stumbled across an old tale of a creature, the phrase was “Riding the Witches Back”. There was a drawing of it, it could of been the silloutte of the figure I saw.. it matched the description but all I have to compare is shape..no detail. Hope this helped 🙂


  247. Elizabeth says:

    I have been experiencing this since I was a child. As I got older I realized that I was picking up negative spirits and could not hang around just nyone. I also noticed that these “attacks” happened after I was in a wake/funeral or if I was around a negative person. The only thing that ever helped me was praying, so I always keep a bible and rosary close to my bed. I never talk to anyone about it because you get labeled as crazy or hallucinating. It is most assuredly a spiritual matter.

  248. Paula says:

    This happened to me when I was 14. I was asleep in my bed, then awoke for no reason at all. My body was weighed down by a heavy force and I couldn’t move or speak. In my mind I could only picture one thing… Glowing golden-yellow eyes. They looked like human eyes except slightly larger. The eyes had a mean or enraged look. I felt tremendous fear. I could hear my mom and brother downstairs talking, but not able to make out any words in their conversation. I tried to call for my mom but the “force” wouldn’t allow me to move or make a sound. I believe it only lasted for about a minute or so, and when the pressure of the force released, my voice worked and I was still saying “Mom!” But it didn’t come out as a yell because I had just eased back into having strength. It was very soft and quiet.

    A few months ago my 17 year old daughter had a similar experience. She shares a room with my other daughter, who is 15, and the 15 yr old was having a nightmare. She was saying no leave me alone in her sleep which woke up my 17 yr old, but when my 17 yr old tried to get up to help her sister, she was frozen. Like the others have mentioned, her brain was awake but her body was asleep. It lasted for a short time before she got up and checked on her sister, then ran into my room. She was also felt fear and was terrified.

    I believe in Jesus and the word of God, in heaven and hell and evil spirits. I’ve had to call on the name of Jesus a few times in my dreams because of paralyzingly fear and once I do that, it goes away. There’s power in the name of Jesus.

  249. Efren says:

    My experiences where the EXACT to what you described yours to Be. That’s very strange. Thought I was the only one.

  250. G says:

    I happened to me several times. First time I experienced what that was or what ever it’s called, I was sleeping on the couch and my uncle was sitting on another couch. I woke up, well I though I was awake, I Remember telling him to wake me up because I felt pinned down to the couch and couldn’t move. When I actually woke up I told him if he heard me asking to wake me up. He said no I didn’t say a word.it is scary experience until when the last two times it happened to me I prayed to Jesus Christ and I felt calm again.it never happened to me again after that .

  251. Michelle says:

    A lot of people talk about having this sort of experience when they are tired, taking meds, etc. I believe that being out of balance in any way can “tune” our body to a different frequency in which we are picking up things that we normally can’t perceive. Also, I’ll bet you stopped having them because whatever was there was feeding off the fear, and it lost interest when the fear was gone.

  252. Excellent article. I appreciate your balanced view of sleep paralysis.

  253. Matt Lang says:

    This has happened to me since I was a child. I experience this about two or three times a week, sometimes for seconds, other times, it feels like an hour. At first I thought I was tangled in my sheets, but I’ve realized that the blankets aren’t on me sometimes. I feel nervous when it happens, but now that it’s almost a routine event, I calm down, concentrate on breathing, and I’m released after some time. Each time, I feel like I’m in an empty room, sometimes there is a scene being played out in the room, by other people, but I am not a part of that, but observing. I’ve been curious to learn more about this. Historically, I’m not a spiritual person, so I wasn’t looking for answers, however, due to several life changing occurances lately, I’m more open to the idea. Thank you for bringing this subject forward. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Ricardo says:

      I recognize alot of comments here. Also your observing other people in conversations is something I experienced before. I can remember that in a strange buzzy type of way, I could literally hear the conversations of other people. So loud and crispy clear, like I dropped in during half of the conversation. To me it sounded like utter nonsense, but it was real and strange at the same time. Even in the sleep paralysis I thought to myself that this occurence just COULDNT be fake, it made me feel like there is something more to this world. Sleep paralysis is like a routine that happened to me every month a year ago (sometimes every day for a week). I’ve overgrown it, already know whats coming next, I just focus, take a deep breath and then try to push myself in a quick swift out my sleep paralyses. But the experience itself can change from time to time. Since I’m being brave enough to let them come. Let them know who I am and they leave quickly, I remember one time being so tired of this phenomenon that I just subconsciously screamed and released all energy out of my body in an attempt to scare the other entity. Which frankly helped. Since I was sleeping in my own bed, it happenend so now and then. It’s seems to be gone now for good…

  254. LPatagonia says:

    I’ve had this many times since I was 6 yeors old. First I heard strange long vibrating sounds, eyes open but couldn’t move and some white thing tickling me A LOT under my arms. I screamed as loud as I could but I couldn’t actually utter the screaming. I had that dream many many nights until when I was 12 years old, I told my mum about it once more, and she told me that I should ask the white thing not to bother me anymore, and so I did, and it never came back. From then on I had sleep paralysis once every two years or so, and everytime I wanted to wake up but couldn’t, and there was this noise which made me feel terrified and there was also the feeling that there was someone in the room. Everytime I wanted to wake up I sort of dreamed that I had awaken, but then I realized that I hadn’t. Some other time I felt something tried to get inside me and made me feel like my body vibrated in a kind of grave tone, but I could get it out of me shaking my leg, and I woke up but paralysed. I’ve had some other experiences, but it’s been like three years since I haven’t had one.

  255. Olirose (France) says:

    The phenomenon is known since a long time. In the Middle Age we use to design it as attacks from “incubes” and “succubes”.
    Priests use to recommand when paralysed, to pray and to keep on praying to stop the “attack”. This method is recognized for his efficiency.
    A famous painting describe this phenomenon, The Nightmare from Fussli (1781) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nightmare
    In the 80’s a movie The Entity based on the novel of the same name by Frank De Felitta (1981)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Entity http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082334/) is about this phenomenon.
    I had lived this phenomenon (attacks – trying to rape) more than three times and i had fortunately from the first moment the intuition to pray untiringly in my mind to throw this kind of intruder out my intimate space. I also notice that crossing my anckles was an good way to impeach the intrusion. I am not christian but i had read about the protective aspect of the classic christian prayers, so in my mind i have prayed untiringly the “Notre Père” (Our Father) and the “Je vous salue Marie” (Mary prayer) and it works !! Fastly !
    I have the faith and i requested God and all the saints not to allow this intrusion over my body and my soul.
    I am not crazy, i am responding my own way to unknown laws of the universe that has a reality even if it is an invisible fact.
    I hope it will help…

  256. Amy says:

    The first time I had this happen to me was early 2000s after hs / during college. I felt I was outside my body because I can literally see myself sleeping and there was a presence besides standing over me but it was just all black. I felt like I was connected to the me that was outside my body cause I can see from both angle. I woke up but couldn’t scream and couldn’t move. I still get them nowadays but have learned to release myself from that a lot quicker. I use to panic which makes trying to move or scream hard…so I’ve learned to know that I’m in that situation, I stay calm, breathe and get the hell out of my room hahahaha. In the chinese culture, people say its your spirit being taken away..that’s why there are people who are still alive but never wake up.

  257. James says:

    I have had these experiences, most of the time I woke up but I´m not available to move, it´s like a heavy force that is pressuring my body, and I felt kind of “unhooked” with my body but at the same time I was conscious about where I am. In my personal opinion, based on my experiences, I can say that my spirit was floating really close to my body, being curious with another reality or dimension, because you can feel, hear and see what is going on out there but you don´t really know what is happening.

  258. it all depends on your projection i suppose. ive been experiencing spectral entities and paranormal phenomenon since i was 3 yrs old. it’s never stopped. i just got used to it. people invite me over to literally cleanse their homes of attachments my chakra can isolate and then, literally, meld into my own being or a vessel, generally authentic citrine crystals. i’ve been across the country a few times and have cleared many homes by using my body to go through with the paralysis gambit. most people will agree they occur at night around 3-30am or sometimes during the day. in sacramento it took me three nights to wear down one pesky spectre who, like a moth to a flame, was attracted to my chakras regenerating through my ether and the unseen light it generates. i have been beyond Heaven and have dove into the chambers and vaults of the dungeons of Hell itself through astral projections in order to harness this gift i’ve been struggling to understand for 32 yrs. i’ve seen manifestations that would turn the most experienced ghost hunter or necromancer’s hair white and i’ve revealed other phenomena to non-believers as well. sleep paralysis is an indicator that a displaced/disembodied shadow entity/attachment is attempting to communicate but more often than not its attempting to leech your prana and/or heart chakra. please, don’t mistake these claims for some kooky ghost hunter running around showing people ghosts. i’ve been tortured for the majority of my life and have finally been given the ability to channel these energies and be of service to others who experience the darker realities “science” are too busy playing with their toys and their celebrity statuses to acknowledge as the key to solving the quantum riddle and the origin of the soul.

    if you experience the symptoms of daemonic entity while asleep, don’t pray to God or whatever. just go get yourself some palm sized citrine crystals, program them, rinse them, and keep one under your pillow and one in your hand or on your solar plexus. citrine, in the right hands, is an intense magnet for negative energies and it’s energy capacitor potentials go to infinity. it never requires rinsing. by displacing the spirit provoking you in your sleep (if that is the case because sometimes it is indeed neurological) you are releasing it from it’s “loop” and the alchemical exchange is your citrine now projects limitless unconditional source love relative to the “size” of the entity. pretty cool trick i taught myself and i have shared it with many others. hope that helps 🙂

  259. Essra says:

    This has happened to me A LOT. It is usually after a nightmare and I wake up but realize that I can not move and I feel so tired like I’m slipping back into the nightmare and I know that if I do, something terrible will happen to me and I have to keep trying to wake up. A lot of the times I’m tricked into thinking that I HAVE woken up because I can see my room exactly as it should be but then I sometimes see people I know and I try to ask them to help me. Other times I see things that scare me and I try so hard to move and wake up always fighting the fatigue threatening to take me back to my nightmare. When I do wake up, I feel almost drugged and have to make such an effort to move. If I go straight back to sleep I go back to my nightmare or this weird state of paralysis

  260. Eduardo LBM says:

    I’ve been experienced this phenomena many times. I’ve written an article about this in my blog too.

  261. Kaitlyn says:

    This has only happened to me twice and both were very recently. I’m not sure how I became aware of what was happening, such as a loud bang or vibrations etc. but once my eyes opened I was being “molested” I suppose you can say by a demon like entity. My body felt as if I were being sat on. I tried to scream at this thing to get off me but naturally my voice didn’t work. I tried kicking it and hitting it but my arms and legs wouldn’t move. Finally tried to turn my head to look away, because who wants to witness that sort of thing but I couldn’t will my head to move. It lasted for a good 5 minutes until I regained consciousness. The entire time I was aware of my surroundings, I knew I was in my bed in my room and I could see my brother laying next to me sound asleep (he was just a baby and I used to watch him over night). It hasn’t happened in about a month, thank goodness but it was extremely terrifying and I hope one day I can figure out why it happened. Thanks for this article, it was extremely insightful!

  262. Claudia Lozano says:

    I’ve had this happen to me since I was 4 or 5 years old. Every time it would happen, it would keep bothering me and not let me sleep. The only way it would stop is when I would finally break free & had to go sleep with my mom. As an adult, I would have to go to a friend’s house in the middle of the night. They would just open the door to me and already knew why I was there. My experiences have been terrifying and different with each experience. Some more terrifying than others. I don’t wish this on anyone especially on a child. I have countless of experiences to tell and wish for them to stop completely one day.

    • Santos says:

      Claudia, I am so sorry what’s happening to you. I been in your situation before. You need to have faith! You don’t have to be in a religion to believe in Jesus and God. Whenever you feel frozen, I want you to think of God and pray OUTLOUD! For the evil spiritual can hear you and leave you alone. Don’t be afraid, because it can’t hurt you.

  263. Rochelle says:

    I’ve had this many of times sometimes at night but mostly if I have a afternoon nap or If I have overslept. It definitely feels like my brain is awake before my body because at first I’ll be paralysed and can’t move and then I can’t breathe which is the scariest part and I can feel my heart racing and the only way to go back to sleep or wake up is to completely calm down but It feels like I’m fully awake and can see all my surroundings instead of seeing dark shadowy figures I can actually see people who would be in the house at the time I.e my flatmate, sister . But it feels like they are really there and I try my hardest to talk to them but nothing will come out. It’s only after a few hours of waking up that I remember the whole thing has happened and no one was actually in the room

  264. Good to hear this!! I have had several experiences,all of which have been with multiple entities of a malevolent nature,I am a spiritual person,non religious,and have what I would say is a rational but open minded view on this and indeed most subject’s.I must say though,it was an intensely terrifying experience every time.I had to form a sort of energy field of determined will to stop the entities intruding my body,and I could clearly feel thier intention was to steal my life force.Sound’s like some crazy science fiction story,but every word is detailed truth. Again,good to know i’m not the only one,i’d like to study this more and meet/talk to other’s who have had similar experiences. Peace and Love to All.. X ;o)

    • Blake says:

      What is our life force, and why do you believe the malevolent entities want it?

  265. me says:

    i was in my room one night, and had recently instaled a blue light bulb in my room so i turned of the light and turned the blue light on. i feel asleep laying down on my bed my mom was in the room next door watching t.v. when i woke up i felt like something was holding me down on the bed and felt a horrible presence i dont remember if i saw something because it was long ago but im sure i saw a shadow or something. i tried to scream and call my mom but couldnt i just looked at the door knob to my left and was making stregnth to get up. then it went away and I immediately rolled over on the ground and got out of my room. i told my mom she thought it was because i liked falling asleep with music on but i wasnt listening to music that time.

  266. Linda says:

    I have suffered from this for years It so frightens me it stared suddenly i can only describe it as a evil presence trying to kill me as if pushing me into my bed suffocating me couldnt see anything but felt a terrible precence i get hot sweaty and cant move i can see my husband sleeping beside me but cant wake him i try shouting and screaming but nothing comes out for the last few years it hasnt happened so much but now i hear lound drumming noise in my ears even though im asleep i am not one to swear but i find sometimes if I say pee off in my head very loud it seems to jolt me back into normality oor so I think it still terrifies me even at my age

  267. Collins says:

    I’ve had this experience before but mine was in the afternoon. I woke up, I couldn’t move. I felt like a big chunk of iron pinned to this giant magnet I call my bed. I could move my eyes but nothing more. I was extremely terrified, I tried to talk, tried to scream, tried to jolt my body into moving but I couldn’t. I felt a presence there, though I automatically assumed that it was an evil one, so I started praying and I was doing that until it stopped. It didn’t last too long and the moment I regained control I got up and ran away. That was the 1st and only time tho..

  268. Martin Cosentino says:

    “Be STILL, and know, that I am G-d.”

    We will let the academics and scientists call it whatever they want. It is truly irrelevant whatever they say. They will always define it in material terms, or as some pathology of the material body, which includes the brain or mind.

    “Ecstasy’ a state of elevated euphoria or bliss, comes from the Greek, ‘ex’- from, + ‘stasis’ – no movement.
    It is not paralysis at all, in the purest sense of the word, but a cessation of movement by the body’s muscles and systems to a state of near suspended animation, or coma, except the person is ‘fully’ conscious.

    This experience has been recorded hundreds of times by many saints, gurus, and avatars in states of meditation and prayer. I would not be afraid of it for any reason, except thinking that it may harm you in some way.

    “That which you fear shall come upon you.”

  269. Jen B says:

    I have this happen on and off for the past 6 years. I wake up out of a dead sleep, paralyzed and unable to speak/scream. I’m always alone when it happens. Sometimes I can feel something (someone) move across the bed or my legs and other times there is a large black mass above me and it feels as if I have a heavy weight on my body, almost like I’m being held down. I’m not a religious person but the first thing I thought of was The Lord’s Prayer, so I began saying it in my mind over and over again until the feeling passed. I’m not sure why it works, if it’s just something to focus me or if it really is some nasty entity, but it does. Glad to hear I’m not crazy.

    • Santos says:

      Hey, I’m glad you thought of the lord. You don’t have to be in a religion to believe in Jesus and God. This happened to me a lot, a lot, a lot. even when I was a child. You need to believe in Jesus and God. The more faith you have in your life the less evil spirituals will be around you. Thanks to God, I don’t experience this a lot like before 🙂 always think of God when you’re frozen for the evil spirits can leave you alone. Pray when you’re frozen.

  270. Rui Manuel says:

    hello. sometimes it happen to me too and in my opinion that is the begining of an astral voyage.

  271. semi says:

    I have this kind of experience since I’m 4 or 5. It started quite harmless. I woke up in the middle of the night an saw a shadow lingering close to me. I couldn’t move myself but I could scream. When I got older the entities grew more ‘evil’. There were quite a few times I couldn’t breathe for a time or had the feeling it strangled me. Since I’m 14 I wake up, see the thing (it’s red eyes) and scream very loud. Normally so loud my family wakes up but is also unable to move.
    I try to avoid this kind of situation and go clear myself of negativity and darkness so I learn to sense when this thing is close to me…

  272. Robeta says:

    They call this Riding A Witches Back!

  273. Jayne Garniss says:

    Maybe someone can help with my strange incidences. Shortly after the death of my mother I would wake up in the middle of the night and have no idea who I was or where I was. I recognized the man next to me but I didn’t know why he was sleeping with me. I realized several minutes later where and who I was. It was as though I had my mothers experiences and memories. As though she had taken over my body. Is this possible?

  274. Robeta says:

    One night I fell asleep sitting up watching tv on the couch I was sleeping when I felt this heavy pressure on my chest It was so painful it woke me up & as I looked up I saw an aura around my body & I kept trying to move & coulnt budge then finally after about 15 minutes I was free from what seemed to be an entity

  275. Maria says:

    This is gonna be a long bit of blurb but I feel that it’s important to comment on our experience/s of this for other people who have either had it, are going to have it or have been lucky enough not to have had it!.I have suffered from this condition for many, many years, on & off. I have come to the realisation that it happens when I am over-tired (i.e. been exhausted and should have gone to sleep but stayed awake) and then when I do finally go to sleep I get the paralysis. My Mum has a form of insomnia and sleeps erratically throughout the night, for short periods- she gets sleep paralysis very often and my dad has to wake her up gently as she is going “eeeerrrrrrrrr” as she is trying to get someone to come and help her. As those of you will know that have suffered any episode of this, it is the worst thing in the world. I describe it as being akin to waking up from anesthesia during surgery or being buried alive; trying desperately to wake up and move even the smallest muscle in your little finger is a major,major effort, yet you can hear everything going on around you (phones ringing. conversations etc,.) but your eyelids cannot open. I too have experienced a sense of fear/evil & have also seen black shadowy things crawling across the ceiling. I have also had an ‘out of body ‘ experience where I was lifted to the ceiling but could see myself lying in the bed. Personally I don’t discount a supernatural explanation as we just do not know, do we? I also do not discount the brains ability to direct us on certain paths e.g. it is the brains way of frightening us and getting us to avoid this experience again (could possibly be an explanation for the ‘old hag’ in the corner of the room that glides over, sits on your chest and starts to strangle you – documented over many generations in many different countries…………………? – although i must say that this is prevalent with A LOT of people that have paralysis – can ALL these people’s brains be telling them the same thing……? !! )- therefore avoiding sleep deprivation. When I get an episode I can sometimes shake myself out of it using brute inner strength inside but this is very hard to do. Most of the time I just ‘go with the flow’ as it were, as having many experiences of this I recognise what is happening and know that I will wake up eventually! I usually just relax my brain & allow myself to go down into a spiral. I can also come out of it if I am touched or the duvet is pulled off me (as per !!) by the old man! It is of course a horrendous experience but I suggest that when tired, you go to sleep and not become anxious about having an episode as I suspect this actually triggers one!

  276. Adrienne says:

    In 2004, i was pregnant and away at college and my boyfriend called one night and said he was going to kill himself. I freaked out and I, a Christian by faith, started praying for him which is something I have never done before. he was kind of screaming out and I just kept praying for him, commanding the demon that was in his body come out if there was one. eventually he calmed down and I went to sleep. I woke up later that night with a demon on my chest and I could see him sitting on me and I couldn’t move and I couldn’t talk but my eyes were wide open. I could then see myself with hi on me. I calmed down and started praying in my mind and commanding him away, staring in his eyes, eventually i started to be able to mumble, then eventually talk. Still couldn’t move. The thing got up, left, followed by others, and then i was able to move. I’m convinced it was the one i commanded out of my bf coming after me for interfering. I tried calling and telling my parents but they insisted I was sleeping, though I was fully conscious and awake. I never mentioned it to anyone again… Then someone posted this article to fb. Glad I’m not alone.

    • Caria says:

      Adrienne, what an amazing witness to the power of Christ. You did the right thing, well done!

    • Lori Bull says:

      I too was praying deeply for someone I love, that the evil spirits of addiction and depression would leave in ourLord Jesus name. Shortly after I had this same
      experience. I do believe Satan hates us to pray for those he loses.

  277. Lily says:

    I’ve had three experiences of this kind. Unfortunately, they don’t happen often, because I have experienced each with a sense of awe. I had no fear at all. The most vivid was several years ago. I was having a dream that I was watering my plants, but there was a weight on my back. The weight so heavy that I could not fully straighten. In my dream, I finally managed to straighten and look into a mirror that was on my wall. There was a man behind me, embracing me and looking over my shoulder into the mirror. When our eyes met, I woke up. I could not move, but was fully awake and aware. I still felt the weight on my back. The weight very gradually went away, and I was able to move. I was so struck by the experience, I wrote it down with date and time. A few days later, I saw an obituary in the paper with a photo of the man who was in my dream. It was an old boyfriend that I had not seen in years. The photo, and the face in the mirror were the very same. He had died on the day of my dream. I believe he entered my dream to say goodbye.

  278. I’ve had sporadic experiences all my life. I never told anyone about any of them. Then I read Dr. Hank Wesselman’s book, SPIRITWALKER, and describe in it the very thing I saw when I was about 5 or 6, maybe younger. He tells of his experiences and what it lead to and all he went through. There is a trilogy with the last book giving many explanations. Since reading the book I have had another type of experience that I wish to replicate it was so exquisite, joyful and powerful. I knew in that moment the identity of my spirit protector and have never felt so protected and loved, though love is not an adequate word for it. They say when you’re ready the teacher will come. Well, something has changed because I have found more and more instances lately where I could share my experiences. Some I won’t talk to about it ever again, but most, like on this site, are on the internet. I truly believe there is an evolutionary process going on, but I’m not sure if everyone will be included. They certainly haven’t been up to now. But I am encouraged there are so many who have. It’s proof.
    Please, only use my initials – JVD

  279. Danielle says:

    I’ve had this happen many times over the course of more than a decade. I have noticed that falling asleep on my back seems to trigger it more, as someone else mentioned. Also, as one other person mentioned, crossing my ankles when I do sleep on my back seems to prevent it. Napping in a recliner used to always trigger it until I started crossing my ankles when I napped.

  280. krystal says:

    It first happened when I was 15. I would set my alarm for morning and always be late to high school because it never went off. I’d wake up and the lever would be pushed on the back to the off switch. One night I fell asleep and woke up on my back, in bed looking at the ceiling. I saw a dark mass go across the ceiling toward me. Then terror. Instantly realizing it had moved into me, every inch of my body was being held down completely. My sight sight had changed from normal to dark vibrations. I looked at my wall by the ceiling and tried to scream for my sister but I could only barely get out a whisper. Then gone. My puppy in the room was barking like crazy and I checked my clock . It was midnight and my alarm had yet again been turned off. It happened again a year later. I open my eyes and a shadow moves across my room. Passes the tv that was on and running some show, as it passed the tv went to the snow channel and I was held down again. Couldn’t move or scream. Still not medicated. 7 years later it happened 3 or 4 times in a row. It’d been so long I convinced myself it was a night terror. I was laying on the couch napping during the day with my back exposed it held me down again. The Sight vibrations were intense when It left I thought it’s a dream go back to sleep. I did n then it came again. I woke up n decided to turn on my back and then it came again. When it passed I fell asleep and it happened again. Then I though f this and got up . I still cannot sleep on my back to this very day.

  281. SAM says:

    This is amazing… I never realized this phenomenon was so common. I experienced it when I was a kid and was terrified when it first happened. I woke up to a loud whirring noise and saw what looked like a profile of an eagle floating above me. Not only could I not move, it felt like something was trying to pull me down into the earth. When I tried to call my mom for help I couldn’t get out anything louder than a hoarse whisper. It took several long minutes before I was “released” from the paralysis. After several instances where I fought against it, I made the decision to just go with it and accept whatever happened. I let the feeling pull me down into myself and the next thing I knew, it was morning. After that I was no longer afraid and the events stopped soon after. Wish I knew what caused it.

  282. sherral Joseph says:

    Happened to me many times.

  283. BJJ says:

    I have had this happen to me a few times. It was very crushing on my chest and couldn’t move. My arms were bound behind me and I tried but couldn’t open my eyes. The evil threatened me and said it was planning to kill my children. It wanted me to say I would give into the evil and give up my faith in Jesus. I called out to Jesus and told off the evil and told it it wouldn’t have my kids. It came back another time and it was standing in my room. I was paralyzed and it showed me that the person I was praying for belonged to them and that they own them and will use them to distroy people I love. I called out to Jesus and his presence chased out the evil one. One other time I was just stuck and about to get tormented but I believe Jesus was protecting me and it couldn’t get far I was physically exhausted and hurt afterwards.

  284. Cathy Gibson says:

    This happened to me only once in 2009. It was terrifying! I was sleeping on my side and covered with blankets when I was awakened to the feel of something getting on top of me. I couldnt move because something was using my blankets to confine me so tight. I struggled to break free and push whatever was on top of me off! I couldnt see anything as my room was pitch black. But the moment I felt and heard somekind of whisper or breath in my ear, I finally was able to scream NO! And broke free! Its never happened again. But often times I am awoken to what feels like a dog or cat has jumped up on my bed. Thats startling since there is no animals in my room! But that experience has haunted me!

  285. Anwesha Paul says:

    This is really amazing.I would have similar sleep paralysis for years and finally I decided not to be scared. And absolutely similar to this experience described above. I felt light and that I was floating, I also felt a benign presence and when I could move my body I felt tremendous amount of energy coursing through my veins. It continued three to four times more. Till it stopped. Though I had my first lucid dream now few days back. Thank you for posting this. I was looking for a corroboration, especially what the experience is for PpL when they overcome fear of sleep paralysis. This I hadn’t found anywhere else .

  286. Lori C. says:

    Whenever it happens to me, I’m so paralyzed that I can barely breathe. I have to focus on breathing and nothing else so that I don’t panic. I cannot move anything, not even my eyes. There have been a few times when it suddenly stopped and I could move again, but most of the time I just fall back asleep. The first time it happened, I was in college, and I sensed a dark shadow the size of a small dog, that ended up sitting on my chest. There was one other time when I felt something sitting on my chest. 20 years later, it happens infrequently, and I find it more annoying than anything. I don’t see a purpose for it, which is why I do think it’s physiological–probably some sort of seizure; although I wouldn’t rule out a spiritual component.

  287. Jesse says:

    I have been experiencing this off and on for 15 years. Its always the same. I am very aware of my surroundings and can even see them. But I cant move, cant speak, and I hear dogs growling and muffled chanting from what I can tell from old men. Very scary.

  288. Tuong Nguyen says:

    I have this experience for as long as I can remember (I am 25). I have learned to get used to it. I sometimes feel an evil presence and sometimes nothing. My ears sometimes would ring really loud too.

    I get this more often when I sleep at odd hours.

    My conclusion based on my personal experience is that you go into “sleep paralysis” when your mind being to slip into lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dream that you can or cannot control (i.e. falling and can’t help it or willing yourself to fly, I was able to do both). Your brain goes into lucid dream after certain stages of sleep, but if the stages are skipped straight into lucid dream, you will experience sleep paralysis where you are wide awake when you’re supposed to be dreaming.

    Just remember to stay calm when you begin to feel yourself slip into this state. Negative thoughts will bring you negative experience.

  289. Rich says:

    This has happened to me every once in a while since I was prolly 12. Last was about a year ago. Best described for me as my mind being fully awake and aware but my body is sleeping. I chalk it up to over training sometimes when I push my body really hard physically. Never once has it seemed like more than just my body not being ready to wake. I usually mumble and groan as loud as I can in hopes that my wife will wake up and shake my body awake. Other times I have predicted it might happen based on how tired my body was feeling. So I purposely fall asleep with my hands close to my face so that I can flick myself awake. I can usually slightly move my fingers enough to poke myself in the face enough to awake. Though I have just given up and gone back to sleep when nothing works. Glad to read this is not uncommon.

  290. Avatar state.. #nuffsaid

  291. F says:

    Since my 40s I’ve experienced sleep paralysis several times. The mind seems awake but totally unable to make the body move, not even a finger. There seems to be an urgent need to wake up, get up, but you can’t. You can throw all you utmost willpower at it the most you can achieve is a sigh.

  292. SwanDancer says:

    I’ve had several experiences of sleep paralysis, quite similar to most of the previously posted experiences. I couldn’t move but I was fully conscious and could see my surroundings. There would always be this entity, a hag, that hovers upon me and tells me things that I couldn’t understand (maybe a foreign language). This hag would then reach for my chest and neck trying to suffocate me. It would be gone when I blink and I could move again.

    I tried researching about this phenomenon but couldn’t find anything similar until my dad shared this article. I believe there is more to this world than we know. For scientists to dismiss the paranormal as superstition or figments of the imagination don’t sound so scientific to me.

  293. Colette Savage says:

    WOW! I’m so glad I read this article. This happens to me and it is ….. I don’t even have words for it. I happens when I’m just almost asleep, You know when you just get in that nice lull. Suddenly I’m wide awake but I can’t move or even breath and when I open my eyes its utter darkness. I can’t make a sound. Then I feel the presence I don’t know what it is, I just know I want to get away from it like if it gets its hold on me I’m doomed to hell for ever. Then a warmth comes over me and a vibration and I feel as thou I’m falling into and a bottomless pit. I fight to try to wake up but I am awake, I try to call out because I know if someone just touches me I’ll be ok, but I can’t make a sound, can’t breath, can’t move. So over the years I have found if I make myself relax….. relax my body but don’t give in to it it will stop. When it stops I’m wide awake, and usually can’t go back to sleep. I just hope it never happens again, it is beyond horror, don’t have a word for how it makes me feel. I’ve had these events since I was about 18 years old, I’m now 52. If you know of a way to stop these events PLEASE PLEASE tell me.

    • Boraman says:

      I’m 29 years old and i had sleep paralysis recently for the first time. Of course I was scared to the bones but day after a felt like it’s a normal thing. I start searching and I learned a lot about it. The things that is happening during sleep paralysis is probably happening during regular sleep, we are just not able to perceive it, so it’s probably a normal thing but when we’re awake/aware of it it’s called sleep paralysis. From what I read it looks like when one strongly decides to not be afraid of that and just see what happens and go with it, the one is not having sleep paralysis anymore. i don’t know if that works for everyone but it’s worth a try.

  294. Trish says:

    I have lived with this all my life. From my earliest memories as a child.
    Now as I am getting older (53) this happens less frequently (thankfully) but I know full well it will return shortly before my death.

  295. Manika says:

    I too have this experience..and its quite often..I usually haveit if i’m sleeping during the day..that is if its not dark..If i sleep in complete darkness, then I do not have it, but even by mistake if I happen to sleep during the day, in a sunlit room then I always exeperience this..I get really terrified since I m not able to move, I try to wake myself up fully, after a few attempts I wake up, and then I don’tt try to sleep because it scares me..Now I ve stooped sleeping in sunlit rooms..

  296. Mary Janexx says:

    I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis… about 30 times in 4 years. And the last one, few weeks ago was the worst. I don’t know how are you familiar with the OBE, but that is exactly what happened to me. Usually when i have s.p., i feel like something evil is trying to pull me out of my body, it’s like if someone is grabing your feet and pulling you out of bad – very strongly. But this time I felt i was moving, because i could turn and see the room precisely, and in front of me there was some kinf of black-green-gray smokey cloud, like negative energy enetity and i was clearly seeing and feeling it. Of course it scared me the hell out, and suddenly i woke up in my body, and because i was too afraid to go back to sleep, i googled if any one ever had the same experience, and there were many..
    I think everything has to do with vibrations – frequencies, and there are many science supports for this. I can’t wait for some things to finnaly be scientificly prooven, because there are many logic and mind blowing things out there that people should know..For example, people should start to realize that counsciuss is everything, and since science uses tehnology that is activated by mere thought!!!!, it’s also good to know then that every thought has it’s unique frequency that you are sending out! In the field! And you alone, with your thoughts have effect on our world. So this entites have low frequency, and arenot in mach with out body vibrational field so we can’t see them when we are awake.. But yeah, for now this are still only ‘hallucinations’, even though i think that eveyone who will experience s.p. will change their mind about that..

  297. Dave says:

    I am 52 and had this experience when i was in my mid 20’s about 4 times. I would be asleep and even though I usually sleep on my side, any time i had this experience I would wake up on my back.

    Its been such a long time and I never really spoke about it to anyone therefore the details are foggy. But I remember waking up on my back and paralyzed not able to move my body and my eyes would be closed shut as if glued together. The feeling was terrifyingly scarey. Usually I felt that I was not alone in the room but the presence was not threatening. There would be a brief period of panic as I tried to wake up from the nightmare and I remember that I had the thought that if only could pry my eyes open, the nightmare would end. So i would try to force a hand free to open my eyes. After several panicked attempts I would be able to pry an eye open and then the other. With eyes open I would be relieved and my body would relax. I always turned on the bed lamp and even though I could still feel a presence in the room, as it was not threatening, I would be able to fall off to sleep again but with the lights on.

    This is my only experience with sleep paralysis and it occurred while I was living in a 200 year old house in Paris. My apartment was on the top floor which was originally the maids rooms. I always thought that the presence I felt in the room was someone who died in that place a very long time ago. I felt this presence a few times when I woke up throughout the night without the sleep paralysis and I remember that when this happened I would always find that I had been sleeping on my back. As the presence was not threatening I would be able to sleep with the light turned on.

    So happy to read that its a usual occurrence. I’m surprised that more is not written about it.

  298. Steph says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this, but I wonder- could this be what we consider to be “alien abduction” experiences? I truly believe those to be much more benign than we think they are; that our universal “family” is much kinder & loving than we consciously perceive them to be. I think we perceive the unknown with too much fear.

    Please research Dolores Cannon, hypnotherapist & author. Dolorescannon.com, her Youtube channel & many books, especially The Custodians and her The Convoluted Universe series. They are not fiction books.
    Maybe they will help- to put your mind at ease and to show you just how truly important & special you all are.

  299. spiritarcana says:

    I used to have this experience happen to me frequently, like once or twice a month in the house I grew up in. It only happened when I slept in one particular room, and I never understood it. It frightened me because often it felt like some presence was holding me down against the bed and I was helpless. Many years later, upon moving out of that house, I had a conversation with a neighbor who had been there for nearly 50 years. He informed me that the previous owners had killed themselves in that room in my old house. I don’t know if it’s related or not, but I have to consider that perhaps the negative energy from that person’s death lingered in that room, and probably still does to this day. I’ve always been sensitive to energies, so perhaps I was just able to pick up on it better than other people who slept in that room. I don’t know, but I agree, the scientific community needs to be more open to other possibilities beyond the physical realm. Thanks for this article!

  300. sharon says:

    I’m noticing as I look through the comments that most are females, just an observation. I had this happen to me after I had a nightmare. I wasn’t sure if I was awake or still asleep. I heard the handle of my door wiggling like someone was trying to get in. I felt I was awake yet I couldn’t move or make a sound. I was terrified. To this day I’m still not sure if it was part of my nightmare or sleep paralysis. Very scarey.
    This happened to me one time after a bad nightmare in which I was laying on my bed and sat up and from the bottom end of the bed my ex boyfriend (who was very abusive) sat up looking at first like himself but as he sat up, he turned into some kind of demon. I thought I woke up and I heard the handle of my door wiggling like someone was trying to get in. I couldn’t move or make any kind of sound. I could look around my room but I couldn’t move a mussle. I was terrified.

    • Miriam says:

      I had an experience yrs ago when I woke up to the feeling of kitty paws walking around my pillow. When I realized I didn’t have a kitty, I wanted to sit up and look behind me but I couldn’t move! I was paralyses and couldn’t move! I was terrified! After a few mins I realized I wasn’t in danger and tried to relax and then finally fell back to sleep.
      The next day, I had forgotten, but then something triggered my memory and I remembered what happened. I told my flat mate and we decided to call our medium friend Jason.
      Don’t be scared he said, someone is trying to contact you. When it happens again, say ‘if you are from the light, you are welcome but if you are not from the light you are not welcome’.
      I was a little concerned by his prediction it would happen again.
      Sure enough, about a week later, I woke up one night with this weight on top of me, as if someone has sat on my chest! It was terrifying! I totally forgot what to say and because I was so scared tried to shout to my friend… And nothing came out of my mouth.
      When I finally relaxed, the feeling went away and I was able to move again.
      The following morning, we phoned Jason again. He came to the house and to francinscense to clear the house and assured me there was nothing bad present in the house.
      It never happened again.

  301. I used to have a live/work studio space in an old feed factory building in NC down by a river. One night I awoke to a malevolent spirit tickling my ankle. I was bound to my bed and almost had a 360 view of my concrete studio surroundings. But like the writer I couldn’t look to my left side no matter how hard I tried and there was an extremely dark force whispering in my left ear. And while this demon whispered chaotically in my ear it pulled my sheets across my body but the sheets were never-ending, they just kept being pulled very quickly across my body for several minutes and it sounded like a zip line.
    Since then I moved and the only other time it happened again was when I was visiting a friend in the same town. I heard the town was built over an extensive quartz mine and that it could have something to do with it…
    Until I came across this article I haven’t thought about this for some time but in the past when I looked into this ‘sleep paralysis phenomenon’ the only thing I came up with was that it was described as a ‘classic demon rape dream.’ The Incubus was the male demon that would visit female humans and its counterpart was the Succubus (female demon) that would visit male humans. So it was believed that these evil demons would visit humans in the night in order to perform sexual deviant acts and sometimes it was believed that they were even trying to impregnate women.

  302. Lucy MB says:

    This has happened to me since I was around 12 years old. I have had obe’s where I’ve floated through the ceiling above my bed and a been shown structural damage to a supporting beam of timber in the A-frame of our roof. I told my mum about it, naturally it was dismissed as a dream until we had a man come in to look in the attic for birds/rats that we’re making noise. He not only told us we had birds but also a beam holding the a-frame in place was damaged and needing fixing ASAP. This beam was positioned directly above where my head would be when lying on my pillow.
    I often see a cloaked man come into my bedroom and stand over me. He pulls me out of my body in a real power struggle. I am unable to move, scream or attract the attention of my partner to help. There is an odd buzzing/vibration sensation and noise as though your whole body is buzzing with energy. It’s an indescribable sense, as though it’s as important as our other known senses sight, sound etc.
    I am fully able to see the room, the cloaked figure standing next to me and the layout of the things in the room as I’d left them before sleep. I sometimes am able to turn around and see myself lying on the bed.
    Once I found the courage to ask what this entity was. He mockingly replied he was ‘lucifer’ in a fast deep, but also high pitched voice. I’m not religious one bit. But I was filled with so much dread that I instinctively began reciting the Lord’s Prayer as if my soul depended on it. As though I was being tested to see if I was corrupt able or not. The entity disappeared after the 2nd recital.
    I often wake up to seeing manifestations of what I can only describe as ghosts in the room. Often they are hovering above me at a 45* angle. Sometimes they form outlines of people or shadows. Other times it will just be a face, typically a male who resembled a dead relative of mine but is not actually the same person. I have also seen a colourful torso drifting towards the ceiling.
    My partner always told me that I was hallucinating through stress. But I knew them to be spirits. I wished he’d see them too.
    Then, instantly I regretted this wish one evening. We’d stayed awake til about 1.30am for my partner to finish his dissertation due to be handed in the next morning. We got about an hours sleep before we were both woken up suddenly. We found ourselves on our backs, eyes opened at the same time, and we both began screaming at the same time. We both had opened our eyes to an entity, brilliant white, long thin arms, long thing neck, human in form but not earthly, hovering above me at at 45* angle. We were screaming as we both instinctively knew it was not of the earth. It had no facial features. No mouth, eyes,
    Nose or ears. It’s head looked as though it was pulled into a peak at the top. There where these whispy white smokey bits flying off of the entity. My partner through my screams said in horror that he could see it too. He bolted upright and ran through the entity. Our hearts were literally beating through our ribcages. The otherwise pitch black room had been lit up like a Christmas tree. Yet on running through the entity it disappeared, plunging us into complete blackness. We couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces. My partner in a blind panic was touching up the side of the wardrobe for the light switch, that he knows is on the opposite wall. I reached for my phone under the pillow and put on my torch so we could put the main light on. We tried to watch something on itv player on our laptop to calm down. Within two minutes I was in hysterical tears and we decided to get in the car and leave the house. We drove half an hour to my mothers house. Where I then hysterically shook my mother awake at 3am unable to speak. She thought I had been attacked. It was only after pointing to the stairs and saying my partners name (the only word I could manage) that she went to downstairs to see him. My mother, her husband, my partner and I were all awake til 7am (when it had lightened up ) talking about what we had seen. My partner and I were able to describe the exact same experience with ease to my mother without actually having spoken to each other about our experience. Interestingly, when asked about whether it was male or female. We both immediately said the entity was male. Unmistakeably. Despite it not having any distinguishing male features or a face.
    My partner handed his dissertation in on time having had no sleep. I visited a medium the same morning. Sceptical and not wanting to give anything away I made sure I said nothing. The first thing she told me was that I’d been having lots of problems being woken up by spirits. Those were her first words. I’ve also asked a vicar and a neuropsychologist what their thoughts were. Both said without doubt that I’d experienced something spiritual. (Which I already knew).
    Since this occurrence I have now started seeing ghosts often and they show me visions of places/messages to pass on to friends and relatives.
    I’d be more than happy to take any form of test to prove my experiences are true. It’s amazing to actually KNOW there is more to life than death. And although scary and I sometimes wish I could be ignorant to it, I do believe this to be the next evolutionary step for humankind.

  303. Boraman says:

    I had sleep paralysis recently for the first time that i am aware, I probably had as a kid a few times but it’s blurry and I though it was a dream/nightmare. Five months ago I started digging into spiritual aspect and i’m reading about that almost every day. At first I didn’t know much about sleep paralysis and I though that it’s just that (a temporary paralysis). I was terrified when it happened to me, I didn’t hear noises or see shadows, I just had been shaking violently and I had goosebumps through whole my spine, neck and head. I was like all my chakras were wide opened. After I regained control over my body, the goosebumps remained for full hour after, I just couldn’t calm down overwhelming feeling. I learned more about phenomenon and decide to go with the flow the next time it happens and not be afraid, but for now it didn’t happened again.

    Perhaps the decision to “go with the flow” next time is some kind of next step for our awakening or trigger for something else (since it doesn’t happen after that decision). I also have experience while am not sleeping (usually when i go to bed and close my eyes) to see some colored rotating circles, something like a wind speed tool but with more circles as well as some weird shapes with bright colors. This “visions” is not happening during sleep paralysis but while i’m fully aware and awake. Can anyone tell me what that is?

  304. gull says:

    Happens regularly…habitual of it now..literally..but smthing should be proved abt this by scince..enough is enough..
    My grand mother used to say put a tiny knife under the pillow or a small mirror…bt i hv always been thinking that it has somthing related to bad sleep positions or may b a bad food intake before sleep..bt after reading this artical i realize that my grand mother was right about this evil thing..

  305. Barry McCarthy says:

    Hi Arjun,

    How can I become proactive within collective evolution? I have a burning desire to get involved. Barry

  306. pamela maher says:

    happened to me only once, i know for a fact i was not asleep as had only went to bed i was restless it was pitch dark i was facing the door to the bedroom when suddenly i saw a woman that looked like an old fashioned nurse she had a band on her head with a red cross on it , the figure shoot across the room and next thing i knew i could not move cry out, it was like some thing heavy was on top of me, and after a few mins it just shifted i jumped out of bed turned on the light and nothing, i was in shock shaking and crying dont know to this day what happened but it sounds like sleep paralysis i just know i never forgot it i was sooo scared

  307. alex says:

    When I was about 12 years old, I woke up and could not move or speak. It was dark, but I could make out a dark figure. I couldn’t see details of its face but i remember knowing it was female. I felt that was an evil presence. It slowly kept moving towards me. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. It was a terrifying experience. Ive had other similar experienced of paralysis, but never felt another presence

  308. Christine Cruz says:

    Since I was about 12, I’ve had an experience like this inconsistently through out my life. I always blamed it on my Pentecostal upbringing and figured it was some type of spiritual subconscious warning. It actually happened to me a few days ago. Typically it commences as a dream, where I’m walking down a long corridor and a presence of evil lifts me up leaving me paralyzed and unable to speak or scream. I always wake up the same way ridding myself of this presence by rebuking it in my mind. When I’m “up” I open my mouth and nothing comes out. I believed at first that this only happens when I sleep by self, however it has happened to me several times with my husband beside me

  309. Tony Natola says:

    I had the same experience as the one guy in 1997 same thing it was weird as all night my one cat followed me around till I went to bed and it jumped in bed with me. So I go to sleep and I woke up around 2am and couldnt sleep so I go out to my couch and my cat follows me well the cat jumps on the arm rest above my head as I’m laying on the couch. I fall asleep and it must a been 1 hr later and I wake up, can’t move or cream and I’m trying to but can’t and trying to scream so my gf can help me and nothing comes out. My cat is hissing the whole time and there is this black figure next to me on my left side and its holding me down and it looks like the head of Medusa looking and speaking in tongues and Latin or something and I’m telling you I felt like something very bad was going to happen, I’ve never felt that terrified about anything, like impending doom. The only thing I could think of was the lords prayer and as soon as I got to deliver us from evil I felt a warmth a orgasmic warmth move up from my feet and slowly work its way through my body to my head and that is when I knew there is a god as at that time I was agnostic and the evil presence left and then I got cocky and started yelling at the demon is what I’ll call it saying I’m not afraid of you anymore, I know there is a god and hell protect me. I’m not afraid and I could now move and it felt like I had electric shocks going through my body and going up and down my spine. I started crying hysterically a happy cry for about 1/2 hour I’ve never felt anything like this and for the next few hours I felt awesome and electric. It was a trip. About 3 yrs later I had the same demon or presence do it again and I swear on my kids I thought I had it in the bag and when I went to say the lords prayer its like it knew it squeezed my balls so hard it stopped me instantly, even though I couldn’t move or speak it stopped me from saying the lords prayer. I started freaking and all I could think of was “I bind and rebuke u in the name and blood of Jesus Christ” and again it left and I could move and felt the warmth but not like the 1st time but the shits real totally.

  310. Gerardo says:

    I’ve had heard about this happening to my sister-in-law where she was sleeping and woke up in the middle of the night not being able to move and being force push down to her bed. I did not know that there was a name to it which is called “Sleep paralysis” but little did I knew most cases has been involved with women.

    Now what I’m about to said I hope that you can keep an open mind. It appears that those that encounter this so called sleep paralysis actually has to do with the spiritual realm. I would consider to examine closely to your lifestyle that what you might be doing might be inviting these demons; bad spirits. This can be any television that have some sort of demonic/ violence/lust/sinful/porn scenes. Now you may ask what does this have to do with sleep paralysis. Well if you did not know there two demons that go by the name of Incubus (male demon) & Succubus(female demon) that have sexual encounters in the forms of dreams which you are
    Not able to tell if it is real or a dream. Even masturbation may provoke this demons to be invited I’m not saying this to scare you or so but we must know for those Who have encounter this there is a way out! That is to cast all demons in the name of Jesus Christ! He is only our main salvation and savior. I’m not asking to be religious because religion sets rules but Jesus sets FREE!!!

    2 Corinthians 7:1 – Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God

    Luke 8:2 – And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,

    John 14:6(NKJV)

    6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    My prayers will all be with you and you shall find joy, peace, love, forgiveness, mercy, cleansing, abundance, belief and faith and eternal life in the name of Jesus.

  311. Depankar says:

    Yes, Many times! Could not figure out, why? To me it was scary in the beginning but got used to them. I guess the hallucinations are what our mind can see/picture in sleep while we we being physically awake. So our eyes picture dreams in real life. Something that sort. More complicated to explain.

  312. Mary DeLay says:

    I have experienced this a hand full of times in my life. It’s always the same. I wake up and can’t move. It’s dark but I can see clearly. There is a presence in the room at the foot of my bed. I am afraid of it. It seems to last only a few minutes every time.

  313. Father Ben-David says:

    40 years ago, while I lived in a monastery during my 20s I started experiencing these paralyzing visitations now being called “sleep paralysis.” At first they were terrifying, then I started to realize the terror was a PROJECTION from within me and not related to the “visitor.” SO, using spiritual techniques we monks were trained in, I invoked The Light during the visitation in order to discover who or what sort of being was initiating this. This revealed that whatever or whoever was coming was actually NOT malevolent, – quite the contrary. Despite my initial terror, this being carried what could only be described as exceedingly high Divine vibrational energy, far more intense than anything I could reference from past experience.

    I recalled that when God appeared to Abraham, biblical sources indicate that Abraham went into a state of collapse, (paralysis) and proceeded to fall on his face. I could relate. These visitations continued occasionally but consistently for over 30 years. As I learned to open myself up amidst the visitations, the power would become so overwhelming, but I could feel that I was being purified and knew that this was an expression of love. I always came away from the visitations feeling better, and somehow, confirmed in spiritual sense. In my late 50s, during a prayer circle I was leading, not during sleep, I was overwhelmed by a presence so powerful, I lost waking consciousness and fell into a very deep trance, with no loss bodily function. Amdist the trance I gave healing, and conducted some rites of blessing. When I came to, it was as though I had awakened from a deep sleep, and I remembered none of “my” actions. Witnesses explained every element of my actions during the trance and I realized that the methods of healing and blessing which were enacted were answers to key contemplations I had carried for nearly my entire life about how to bring spiritual experience to others in this era.

    As I examined what happened, I came to realize that a sentient being that can be explained as coming from a “higher plane” well above the astral had been preparing me for a temporary embodiment of its awareness. The resulting “download” of connectivity had been prepared to take place for over four decades. It remains with me at all times, I can access it at any time, in a fashion like opening a browser on a device. The experience left me with clear and present access to certain types of answers to spiritual questions of ontological and existential significance that were not readily answered “from the physical world.” Still, the answers are consistently not that sort of idealistic garbage that comes from new age “spirit channels” we occasionally hear about.

    There is much more to this account, but I will leave my comment at this point for what it may be worth to those who are seeking insight. My guidance to any who experience visitations of any kind is as follows: In any visitation, invoke The Light and ask the being to be revealed as it truly is by The Light. Any masquerade as “good” from some dark entity will be revealed, and you will be protected. Any authentic “good” beings will glory in the invocation and return the blessing. This invocation is a sovereign right of any soul, and all beings are required to yield to it. Even great beings beyond the scope of human awareness will occasionally help one of us, though it may take dozens or hundreds of visitations prior to actually fully revealing themselves, because it could be “too much for us” if we weren’t prepared in advance.

    These days, of course I know exactly who is visiting me, and when the visitation comes, I experience no terror – rather, I find myself greeting a rather extraordinary, powerful, yet kind old friend.

    • Greeting Father;
      of course I fully believe you and from your comment I know that you had more advance experiences than me – please read my comment above-
      I looked for some help but didn’t find till now .
      I just want to know what these being are; and what they want from me ; I asked them but didn’t have any answers.

      the problem is that I can’t control the time and how of the experiences ; they just happen without any pattern .

      I am eager to have even little control of these experience so may I have more answers .
      any answers from you would be highly appreciated .


      • Father Ben-David says:

        Sorry for the delay in response. First of all, while you may not be able to control the TIMING of the experience, as a sovereign being you have the RIGHT and the OBLIGATION to ascertain the intentions of any visiting being. I did not fully understand or comprehend the nature of visitations I encountered for decades… DECADES. However one who dedicates him/herself to the Service of the Creator Being is protected and this protection must be summoned. While astral projection is a possible form of exploration, we regard this as the lesser among paths. This is because the INNER BEING, the SELF which is a seed of the Divine within the soul has access to all SELF everywhere in creation and with SELF Realization, there is no need to “leave your body” as is popularized in contemporary neo-spiritualism.

        It goes without saying that a person must develop a standing wave of intention when it comes to their accessibility to beings from other realms. Being wide open, “up for anything” is not the path of the wise. One asks and affirms to be open ONLY to beings of Light, and to beings of good intention. Further, one affirms this in praryer, and backs it up by ACTIONS of integrity, goodness, charity, the sorts of deeds that are commended by the saints and sages. This should resolve the issue of interference by masked beings.

        Also, you have quite evidently been visited by astral beings, and while this is the most common, it might be more effective in the long term for you to seek that your Causal Entity Agreement be revealed if there is one. You should ask for protection from Astral Fragments and intentions that are not in accord with the purpose and mission of your own Entity of Beings, a group of nearly 1080 more or less, of which your SELF is a fragment.

        Since it appears you are from a Muslim Culture, you may find an authentic Sufi, who though he or she might not understand your experiences, can show you methods to protect yourself in the midst of spiritual endeavors. Such a person is often called a Murshid. Simply remember, there are not many people living at any time who are experienced in the range of issues we are discussing here, and as a consequence, it may take some time before you meet one in person. Fear not, however, you are NEVER alone, and you have assistance.

        It appears that you have spiritual hunger. This is fine as long as you don’t fill your belly with sweetmeats instead of real nurture. Many a soul plateaus long before attainment of genuine Salam due to inexperience and satisfaction from eating the candy and playing with trinkets that are easily found laying at the feet of the Deity.

  314. Jay says:

    I was younger, I’m 27 now. I remember being awake but not being able to move no part of my body. I couldn’t talk or move my head or arms or feet and my chest felt as though there was some invisible…thing, whatever pressing me down. I saw two figures there but I couldn’t see a face or anything to be able to describe them I just remember one was sort of like a grayish blur and the other was a couple of shades darker, but also a blur. I tried calling out for my mother, my bed was to the wall to my parents room and it was of wood. I fought for a while until i was finally able to move my hand, but only my hand, and banged on the wall as hard as I could and whatever reason I couldn’t move stopped. I yelled out for my mother and didn’t want to sleep in my room or alone that night. Ever since I have insomnia, sometimes going without sleep for as much as 4 hours in three days, I hear this sort of high pitch hum usually its just the left ear and i wake up sometimes with bruises and marks and a lot of times it feels as thought I’m being watched. I know how it might sound (crazy). I don’t know what it was or is and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to know. I’ve never been so afraid,vulnerable and helpless in my life.

    • jay_pr87 says:

      Even now at 27, (am same Jay only I signed up) I still suffer from insomnia and migraine and get goosebumps a lot.

  315. jay_pr87 says:

    When I was around 11-12 I remember being awake and feeling as though I was glued to the bed. Couldn’t move my arms, legs or head and I couldn’t talk. I could see two figures by the door, one sort of grayish and the other a few shades darker but I couldn’t see faces or anything to describe them. The best way to describe them would be like blurs. I fought to be able to at least move my hand, since my bed was to the wall to my parents bedroom. I was able to get my hand free and started banging on the wall as hard as I could, still unable to talk. My mom and dad rushed to my room but since the door was locked from the inside couldn’t go in. Whatever was there, whatever that had a hold of me let me go and I ran to the door and opened the door. I’ve never been so scared in my life, so vulnerable and helpless. I didn’t want to go back to my room that night or sleep alone. After sort of feels like I’m being watched, I have a terrible migraines, suffer from insomnia that’s so bad in three days I’ll just could sleep 4-5 hrs and there’s this high pitched hum in my left ear. I also get goosebumps a lot. I don’t know what it was or whats with the “side effects”? (insomnia, humming in ears(particularly the left) or migraines) I do know it was the single most terrifying thing I have ever experienced and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to know what it was.

  316. They all real experiences; and all the hallucination stuff are just rubbish !

    since I started to practice spiritual exercises few years ago; I had many experiences with this beings and still; though I don’t control how and when they happen .
    this practices just opened my mind and enabled me to experience beyond our realms .

    this beings I experience with are in many shapes ; some are short and thin and some are giants; most of them coming in white blueish color and rarely I see there faces .

    sometimes I feel that some of them are malevolent and some of them are benevolent specially the giants of them .

    some of them were males and some are females .
    most of the females come with sexual purposes ; and some of the females I discovered later that are males in disguise!

    most of the experiences come while I am sleeping and awaked by a presence or movements on my bed; in this point I become fully awake but my body still in sleep state;I don’t become fully paralyzed I can move my body but with great difficulty and effort sometimes specially with the females I feel some kind of a ball entering my body and moving inside it with little pain then coming out as female being .
    I don’t see them as full bodies but as phantoms with very clear details ..
    I asked some of them what they are and they said we are “jinn” in my culture jinns mean “the unseen beings” and we believe they are other kind of sentient creation.
    any way they said we have cities and life not far from yours, in spite of my curiosity I couldn’t get more information from them .

    when they talk mostly they talk in my language Arabic and sometimes they talk in English and some times they talk with gibberish voice I can’t understand .

    some of these being helped me in astral projecting my spiritual body by pulling me with there hands and some gave me push from the back !
    I always very curios to have more although sometimes it become little scary ; unfortunately I can’t control the experiences and this frustrate me !
    of course I red many things about this beings; but here I care to say about my real experience without any interpretation .

    if you have some of them, know that you are not alone.

    what I had said here are the truth; any one had such experiences will know that I am telling the truth , and I don’t care about the unbelievers !
    I hope this will help 🙂

  317. Donna says:

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis frequently (1-2X/week) since before the age of three. I can pinpoint to that age because I remember it happening in my old house, and I was three when we moved. I’m now 40, and it wasn’t until I was around 35 that I even heard the term sleep paralysis. I thought there was just something wrong with my brain and had never heard of anyone else who had the same experiences. For me, it does tend to happen right when I go to sleep. Like others, I am conscious and can open my eyes, but I can’t move and there is this overwhelming panic and fear. I always fight to jolt myself out of it. When I finally do, my eyes can’t focus, I have a bad headache, and my muscles feel like I’ve ran miles. If I don’t physically get up and splash water on my face and fully wake up, it happens over and over again throughout the night. I often try to call out for help or wake up my partner, but it doesn’t work. I had one experience years ago where I was in one of these hallucinations or whatever they are, and I saw what looked like a gaseous entity floating above my bed. Like always, I attempted to wake my now ex-husband, and he surprisingly did wake up. He saw it too and started swiping his pillow at it. It just slowly floated farther up towards the ceiling and then disappeared in the corner of the room. When I realized that I was truly awake and he’d seen it too, I freaked out and couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. I have no idea what it was. I’ve never tried to go with the flow or test things out, although I have tried to calm myself down because it seems to make the experience worse when I’m panicking. I may try testing and seeing what happens, but like others, I’d rather these just go away. I hate it.

    • Lucy says:

      This is the exact same experience that happened to me and my partner Donna. He physically ran through the white entity, it was hovering above me at a 45 degree angle. My partner and I were both screaming. We left the house shortly after seeing it at 2.30am.
      We kept the light on at night until we eventually moved house.
      They are not hallucinations. It is impossible for two people to share the same hallucination at the same time.

    • domnic says:

      The reason for sleep paralysis is not physical one ,,,like stupid people mention stress n xyz ,,,,,,its got to do with attacks,,,, mostly from negative energies , precisely demons ,or whatever u call them…..the only way to be relieved is taking gods name ,,,chanting holy beads, Chriatians can chant hail mary , or hail jesus, muslims can chant subban allah, while hindus can do shree ram jay ram jay jay ram………….

  318. Karen says:

    This has also happened to me several times, the most recent one a couple months ago was one where I couldnt move at all but my eyes were opened where at my right side I saw sort of a woman that looked like a witch floating all dress in black she was looking at me I yelled and started crying could feel my tears as she was trying to grab my toddler who was sleeping in her crib with my husband to the left side but sideways with his back towards me…horryfing the fact that I yelled as loud as I could in a desperate way to stop it from touching my child, although my legs felt heavy like cement I breakthrough crying running for my baby and my husband waking up scared asking what happened, this was very scary, but my husband who has experienced this many many times who has flown out of his body and who has helped entities breakthrough highly recommends not to sleep facing up as your body can relax in a way that can unattached from your body, even though I am very curious about this Ive decided to sleep sideways.

    • anthony patchett says:

      yes, when i first started doing this it was on my back and if you read up on astral projection thats done on back. but now i can do paralysis on side as well cos i done it so often, its not scary for me now as i use it to float around but when i first got it and fought it, i would have scary images if you do it again try to remember its nothing to be frightened of and its better

  319. Teresa says:

    When I was a small child I remember waking and not being able to move I tried to scream out but no sound would come .I have never forgot now at age 47 I have very lucid dreams of being a wake within my dreams walking around the house going to the bathroom getting coffee and then waking up thinking I was already up The most recent I woke could not move or speak I could see a dark figure stupid down beside the bed in the mirror but not beside the bed I dosed and when I awoke all was done I believe in old religions and have moved my bedroom into another room and hung a dream catcher over the bed it has not happened again YET but I am pretty sure it will it always comes back in one way or another.

  320. marisaeyes1 says:

    I experienced this once in my lifetime. It was a dream within a dream and the tall, dark shadow was over me holding me down. My body felt heavy and I was unable to move. I started to say the Our Father within my dream and it immediately let go and it has never happened to me again

    • NurseStoJ says:

      This exact experience has happened multiple times to me. Waking completely wide awake feeling a heaviness holding me down (like a lead blanket was over me), unable to move completely, with my skin crawling, sensing an evil presence. Though I never “saw” the presence, I felt it. As soon as I said “get behind me evil” & began to pray it went away & I was able to move. Very bizarre. It’s been a few years since it has happened (once I learned how to make it go away), but I have always remembered it vividly & wondered about it.

  321. MarkStoler says:

    It happened to me several times, now i’m 27 but the most scary paralysis was happened this year, I woke up around 3:00AM while I was paralyzed and some evil voice was speaking to me, I didn’t understand nothing because the language was not as we know it today, it sound like very ancient or out of this world

  322. domnic says:

    Well ,i would like to mention , i have been through this many a times , only thing i do is pray , coz if i stop during that brief period i feel something terrible will happen, coming to the point, life exists apart from the earth too, we cannot see them because they simply they dont poses gross body like us , they are bad evil souls from other world , who come for fulfillment of there pleasure or spreading evil,this may sound childish but those scary experiences are true , it is this state of mind which is neither sleep nor awakened perfect for understanding that other world which we cannot comprehend otherwise.

    Spiritual Master or Teacher is Highly Placed in Hinduism , out of all the spiritual masters , when god decides to become one such master he is regarded Poorna Brahm, such is Master Named Shree Dattatrey Maharaj , who incarnated in Satya Yuga, the very First Phase of Human life , unlike other incarnations like Shree Krishna or Lord Rama, this incarnation of god as Shree Dattatrey Maharaj , never stopped or left the earth , he is ever alive on earth for Human welfare , such Perfect Master incarnated Himself many times in Kaliyuga or darkest phase , He came as Shree Shripad ShreeVallabh, Then as Sanyasi Shree Nrusimha Sarawati and Then as Supreme Master Maharaj of Akkalkot Shree Swami Samarth,

    The very reason i have mentioned these thing is coz Lord Jesus Christ is nobody but His Incarnations,also
    if you see the Hindu revered book Shreemad Bhagvad geeta Then it stress lot on chanting the name of the lord as sure passage to heaven , there is nothing pure and beautiful than lords name , Here i suggest few names as per your faith you can chant – For Christians its HAIL JESUS OR HAIL MARY .
    FOR HINDUS there are many , but the most potent is
    1) Shree Swami Samarth
    2) Shree datta jay Datta
    3) Shreepad shree vallabhay namah
    4) Shree ram jay ram jay jay ram
    5) Jay jay Ram Krushna Hari .

    I am giving out these things for the public benefit without any intentions , India has the oldest civilization and the spiritual Capital , with many holy places and many direct incarnation of gods, and uncountable saints and true yogis . The holy land of india was invaded many times but even after such geographical turmoil the country as not lost its SANATANA DHARMA .

    Lastly about the sleeping paralaysis the only way is chanting continuously Lords name stated above , and sure way of getting his help. , these spirits or bad evil souls can be controlled only by god , so i give you some tips , which my master suggested me, everyday during transitional time between 6- 7 in the evning buring of CAMPHOR Tablet in the home, in all the rooms let smoke spread , importantly dont add any fragrance to it, as evil engeries like good smell, canphor has long standing association with hindu Pooja or prayers, these camphor tablets should be burned by taking gods name in the home , n then standing on the border of main gate of home , taking your handout rest boy inside wave 3 times your hand outside the door, and by closing the door again 3 times wave your hand with burning camphor , this way you can practice for 5 to 6 months, see visible difference , along with that before going to sleep chant Gods name for 5 to 10 mins, everyday without any expectations n see the miracles , accompanied by reading Holy Books this will relieve you from severe bad period in life may be ghost , money and as such.

    I hereby leave my facebook link , be free to drop in message.



    or domnic_d86 @ hotmail . com .

  323. brecre18 says:

    I had this happen to me twice, in my life. Once when I was at home, I had a dream where I thought “spiders” or some other evil creature was lurking under/by the bed and I couldn’t roll away from the evil presence. It just happened again, a few hours ago. I was napping and half woke up. I thought I could hear footsteps, then I thought I was pricked with a needle and couldn’t move.
    Needless to say, I thought I was being drugged and raped. It was an awful experience, it was one of the most real dreams I had. I managed to shake myself awake and I’m still terrified.

  324. Kiana says:

    I just had a out of body, sleep paralysis experience about 15 minutes ago and it was the most frightening thing to ever happen to me in my entire life. I fell asleep and then immediately started to have a dream about my grandma (who has passed away) being placed in a casket. I then tried to wake up to text my mom to tell her about my dream, and could not move. My mind was alive but my body was paralyzed and I felt a fuzzy feeling throughout my whole body. I wanted to wake up and move but I couldn’t. I then heard water draining in my right ear, and demonic screaming and scratching in my left. I wanted to get away from it but I couldn’t move or open my eyes. I then started to believe that I was dying and that my body was shutting down. I eventually was able to open my eyes slowly and wake up completely. The entire time, I could see myself from the outside of my body. I really thought I was dying. Most terrifying and horrible thing I have ever experienced.

  325. Cody says:

    So before I went to sleep I thought I heard something in the hall (my door is closed) but I figure it’s my brain just playing games. So I watched tv for about 5 minutes and rolled over to go to sleep. What felt like a short time I woke up with this loud electronic sound in my left ear that went in waves, it would center in my brain and blast through my whole body, along with this I felt weight on my chest and couldn’t move a muscle I began to try and flail my arms because I was freaking out, I than noticed a fuzzy figure coming from my door area moving towards me on the right side of bed. (The sound continued in my left ear) once it got by my face my eyes closed by themselves and the sound blasted through my brain and body I finally was able to move my head slightly after fighting to move the whole time and when I did I looked to my right and a black figure walked but the corner of my eye and went through my wall to outside

    • Alison says:

      Cody! How creepy! Just a couple days ago I was telling my husband about having a similar experience. It felt like this loud electronic vibration was trying to suck my brain out. My whole body was shaking but I couldn’t move. I just screamed and screamed but no sounds came out.

    • Scarede Cat says:

      One thing to note here; all the post here claims that ” i was able to move my head a bit,” “i was able to open and close my eyes,” and blah blah blah. In reality, its all in your dream. You only move in you dream while sleep paralysis. When i suffered sleep paralysis, i throw myself SEVERAL times 2 meter to the side out of my bed and i get happy to be “moving” my self to be awaken, but when i really wake up, its a shame that i succeeded only in my dream. In short, please stop saying the you can move THIS and THAT while in sleep paralysis because in reality You can’t.

  326. Max Jensen says:

    I have had many experiences with sleep paralysis, they started when I was about 13. When they first started I was able to breath and look around the room. At first I had no experiences with any type of beings or entity’s. They gradually started getting worse and worse. I started feeling the presence of something dark and evil in the room, and every time I felt this presence I was to afraid to open my eyes. When I finally did open my eyes I always saw a dark clouded being creeping towards me, and it would stop when I closed my eyes. The being was always in the dark corner of the room. At this point I am almost completely paralyzed, to the point where I can’t breath, I can only open and move my eyes. The only way out of this paralysis is by counting down from 3 and tensing all my muscles and most of the time I will snap out of it. Sometimes it will take me a couple tries, this is terrifying since I am not able to breath and there is also a dark being closing in. The scary part is, when I finally snap out of it, if I continue to lay there rather thanget up and walk around or eat something, I can literally feel the paralysis creep back into my heart, next thing I know I am paralyzed unable to breath again.

    • The few I have had are similar. The last paragraph of your post really strikes a familiar chord. The experience is so odd.

    • Scarede Cat says:

      Glad to know i am not alone here; i experience exactly the same symptoms as you: paralyze while sleeping, trying to wake up by stretching my muscles but could not do so, my breath shortens and i start suffering. The only part i don’t match with your story is that of a “presence” of dark something out of corner. I never felt any presence and always knew well i was getting through sleep paralysis. Never, except once, when an old lady came to my room and started messaging my dick 🙂 of course she was trying to rape me but instead of being horrified, i was already feeling horny, cause i never have had sex before. My advise, if you suffer sleep paralysis, don’t be afraid to go back to sleep, like you said that you get up and walk around, Instead, change your sleeping posture, heighten up a pillow a bit, and try to sleep in inclined posture with head up, with both nostrils and mouth open. I tried it, especially making the pillow a bit higher, and i was able to go back to comfortable sleep, instead to avoiding to go back to sleep for the fear of paralysis.

  327. SamaraZ says:

    While living in a home where the previous owner died, I would feel him sit on the end of my bed. I knew it was him because I could also smell his pipe tobacco. None of us in the house smoked so I knew when Ralphs spirit was there. The first few times he sat at the end of my bed, I would awake but not be able to move or scream out which is what I really wanted to do. After experiencing this a few times, I asked Ralph to not sit on my bed again because it startled the hell out of me. He would occasionally visit us but quit sitting on the end of my bed. The feeling of being awake and frightened without being able to move is quite disturbing. I felt completely paralyzed with breathing even difficult. I just thought it was extreme fear, I thought there was a real person there.

  328. daid says:

    Every night, thought that was normal.Lysergic acid diethylamide make bad sleepers.

  329. Hanna says:

    I also heard a loud electronic sound before I “woke up”. I tried to wake up my boyfriend and was shaking him and when I looked down I saw myself laying on the bed. It wasn’t funny at all. Before that experience I had the worst nightmare ever and I was soooo afraid. Then that noise came around and it felt like my ears would explode. When I managed to wake my body up I was so tired but too afraid to sleep again. The next time I experienced this was much more pleasant and I moved around in our apartment 🙂

  330. John says:

    Throughout my life I’ve had lucid dreams, such as being able to control my dream 100%. Being able to fly on command in any which direction, or if not able to fly, I would simply jump extremely high and levitate slowly. Only once have I experienced sleep paralysis and it was, just like everyone else said, extremely horrifying. I was about 17 during the time and I was on vacation in the Florida Keys, with both my family and my cousin’s family. I was sleeping on the bed beside my sister and all I remember is being dragged into my house. I vividly remember every single detail of my house, but the odd part was everything was dark and gloomy. I felt a presence coming towards my basement and proceeded to follow it. It didn’t seem like I had an option of wanting to go down their or not. My body wanted to see the aura that was emanating from the basement. As i moved into the kitchen (entrance to the basement) I felt the presence whatever it may be, grow in strength and I could feel it moving closer. I tried to run away but as I did it felt as though I was trapped in a web. This is when i realized the presence was a massive spider (I am unable to describe the look, but this is what my consciousness was telling me). As I was trapped in the web I started to scream and I felt as though the spider had just bit my arm. A jolt of pain shot through my arm and I shot up, I was back in the Florida Keys, but I was unable to move for several seconds (5-10). Stunned by what just happened i shook my sister and woke her up asking her if everything was OK, but all she did was grunt and go back to sleep. In the morning, my uncle said he heard a massive scream during the middle of the night that was along the lines of “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Please Help me, PLEASE”. It sounds unrealistic but this is a true story and I’ve only told close friends and relatives. I had no idea, many others experienced the same type of paralysis. I’m curious as to what causes it.

  331. AUDREY SQUIRE says:

    It has been about 40 years since I had a sleep paralysis/out of body experience, so, my memory is a little fuzzy. I just remember feeling wide awake, but,, unable to move at all, and I floated above my body, not very far. I did not have an entity that I remember. I do recall telling myself that my children were going to wake up in the morning, and find me dead in bed. This is the first time I have seen any info on this experience. I have had, over the years, some time lost incidents I have no memory about what happened or where I was during those times, but, they happened. Thank you for the information.

  332. Liz says:

    Of course now I am terrified to go to sleep every again!

  333. olga says:

    I´m 29, i had one of these experiencies approx. 5 years ago. I was sleeping in fetal position with my arms crossed over my chest, i woke up in the middle of the night like that, opened my eyes, saw my bedroom in the dark and i also saw something above my bed, in front of me, that wasn´t materialized and didn´t belong to my room, it was like a “ghostly lamp”, kind of an old streetlamp with some chord hanging to it (to turn it on or off) and i wanted to reach and pull that, and i couldn´t move or change to other position, which was what i intended, i tried so hard but i couldn´t do anything, i was freaking scared, my God, and then some kind of energy (i sorry believe a dark one) moved me, turn myself 180 degrees in the same position i was, and really fast, i was freaking out inside myself and couldn´t believe it. But, more akward is that i don´t remember what happened next, i fall asleep again sure, but don´t remember the process.

  334. Christopher says:

    All the males in my family have spiritual experiences usually good ones. I am the only one that experiences sleep paralysis. It only happens to me when I sleep in places that I get bad vibes from. It doesn’t always happen in negative places but it only happens in negative places. One old apartment I used to have in particular. Their was always a very dark and pained soul present their. Although I don’t fully understand what HE wanted I don’t feel like HE was their to harm me. It’s a very scary thing to experience at first.

  335. Sharon says:

    It’s a Sleep paralysis Demon. I prayed and took the authority I have in Christ Jesus, I named it and cast it to hell PRAISE GOD!! This had bugged me for years, I did this about 6 months ago. I never have to worry about it again.

  336. av says:

    I had the same experience when I woke up I was saying a bunch of like 6666

  337. lunaara says:

    I experience this more when I am awake than asleep. I would equate the feelings of fear/presence purely to overwhelming anxiety. I just breath through it and it passes.

  338. zia says:

    it has been happening to me for years. it used to very very intense. i have experience every horrid dark twisted scene while laying there paralyzed. dead bodies piled on my bed, my grandmother lurking in the room and stomping on my head, all my teeth being broken in at the same time, demons shaking me and whispering very fast with multiple voices into my ear, my body bending in exorscism ways, i have woken up on an ET operation table, and the list goes on and on and on and on…
    i have learned to surround my body with love and astral project or try to go through it consciously with no fear. the fear seems to be a bodily reaction and is almost inevitable..
    i feel like beings are messing with me.

  339. Mike says:

    I’ve had a couple of these happen to me and only experience beings twice. Once it was over my body pushing on my chest and I couldn’t breath, so I try to reach out and get it. “We’re going fight dammit” is what I was thinking and it stopped. The second time it reached towards my arm and it was very small. I tried to grab the Lil fucker and it disappear. Hasn’t happened since.

  340. sonja says:

    Next time you experience this, call on the name JESUS many times. Don’t stop and see what happens. God bless! #JesusLovesYou

  341. Lais Cobra says:

    I’ve had very similar experiences to the ones you describe! The first time, I was having a nightmare where I was running from a very evil creature. When it was about to touch me i had the feeling I was falling from a very high place. When I finally woke up I saw myself sleeping in my bed. I was wide awake as I got back inside my body, feet first, then legs, belly, arms and finally my head. As soon as I was back in my body, I tried to move it abd speak and just couldn’t. It took several seconds before my body responded. A few days later I saw an interview in a talk show with a guy describing the exact same thing. It felt so good to know I wasnt the only one!
    There was one time ar christmas eve, I was taking a nap and had another nightmare. i woke up and felt a presence very close to me, it felt warm and evil and it came closer. It whispered in my ears for seconds, I couldn’t understand it. I also felt a great amount of pressure on the back of my neck. It was scary, I could tell it was something evil
    Good to read other people’s experiences! Thank you! Lais

  342. Tine Jørgensen says:

    This describes perfectly experiences I have had. The first ever was when I was five or sixs years old. I remember leaving my body and floating down the stairs (I slept on the first floor) until I could go no further and got pulled back, much like an elastic band being pulled. I travelled further and further. It was an enjoyable experience and I sensed smells, sights and temperature very clearly. But my last experience two years ago was very frightening. Its hard to explain, but the place where I lived had a certain energy and it was not unusual to watch shadowy figures move around, sometimes very fast. One night I woke with the feeling of being held down, like someone sitting on my chest and holding me down by the wrists. I couldnt move, despite being fully awake. And even though I could not move my head it was possible to look around the whole room. I was terrified and had a feeling of an evil presence, an angry man perhaps? The presence started whispering (loudly) and very fast into my ear-cussing and at one point hissing “shut up bitch” when i tried to scream: “leave me alone!”. But I was not able to make a sound. Second time I tried to scream, my voice broke through what ever it was, like an airbubble from deep below the sea raising to the surface. I heard myself scream and the whole thing stopped. Very frightening, and there has fortunately not been any episodes like this since. I have moved too…

  343. Tracy says:

    This happened to me. I never knew there was a name for it, and I never told anyone about it for fear of not being believed. I remember the experience as today as the night it happened. I was falling asleep, and very suddenly a bright white light appeared. I couldn’t move. My entire body was so heavy; paralyzed. I tried several times to move, or just raise an arm or turn my head, and I couldn’t. I saw two female figures in the distance talking to each other. I recognized them to be my grandmother and cousin, both recently deceased. I tried to get their attention, but they never noticed or acknowledged me. I couldn’t look directly at them; only quick second glances, because the light was so blinding. I felt fully awake the entire time. Like if someone were to walk into my bedroom at that very moment, they would see what I was seeing. I have no idea how long I was experiencing this, but it seemed very long . Eventually everything returned to normal and I was able to move again. It was an incredible experience . I don’t understand what it was at all, but it most definitely happened .

  344. Martha Bada says:

    Yes, I remember having these experiences even back when I was still in a crib. I would float out of my body, and I would see shadows in human shapes flying around my crib. I didn’t feel fear, and I was never harmed or threatened. In adulthood, I experience the paralysis occasionally, and I actually stop breathing. I then start to mentally calm down and begin focusing on moving my foot, after a few seconds, am able to breath and move my body again.

  345. Moises Cruz says:

    I woke up one time and i felt that something was holding my arms and pushing me down, i was able to force my way up for a couple of inches but it was too strong, when i tried again it was gone and i was able to move

  346. Julie McCann says:

    I used to experience this all through my first year of university. I had a roommate & I would be either just falling asleep or just about to wake up. She would come in the room with friends or other students and I could hear them but not be able to move or speak. I remember very vividly thinking “if only I could move my finger, I would wake up” then I would be struggling to move something, anything but it wouldn’t work. I would really feel paralyzed or trapped in my body. She always thought I was lying until I would tell her exactly what they were saying; at first I think she thought I was just pretending to sleep to spy on them but it wasn’t that at all. It was a highly stressful year for me and it’s never happened before or since. Very bizarre … it happened quite frequently throughout that year and never again.

  347. c3sarneves says:

    Hello, Arjun. I had similar experiences. I remember that after losing the fear I had the best of them all. I flew through the universe at high speed. It was a great feeling, but that was short lived. I remember that when I woke up I was feeling very well and eager to be able to repeat. Since then, never happened again.

  348. julio says:

    This also happened to me those dark Shadow’s became my two younger brothers that are twins and started to choke me For about 5 seconds. Then they stopped choking me looked at me and became dark shadows again they turned started to walk away into the closet as they took the second step they grab my twin younger brothers by the feet and dragged them into the closet with no struggle I could see my brothers trying to grab on to something screaming. <—— this was like the 11 time that has happened to me. My last experience was when I got very intrigue i wanted to happened again because I wasn't scared and I wanted to explore. So it happened one night lights were off I was paralyzed could think and breath but this time it was like I was in two placeses at once it was different I was in my room laying down seeing everything in the room it was like a portal I was on both sides, the other side I was standing straight firm like a soldier couldn't move, I could feel pain on my back sharp pain, i could stand the pain wasnt that bad. I see two creatures with axes throwing them at me hitting my back they kept doing it repeatedly one after another. I wanted to talk to them but I couldn't. I thought to my self I need to move I tried with all my strength couldn't I took a second thought and decided to think I was moving and the same time I tried to move and think I did move!!!!! My left hand first moved then my body followed to the point I was facing the two creatures but they were like ten feet away with their shocked confused faces they stopped the axe throwing like did he just move about five seconds had gone by after I moved Then I was like sucked to the other side of the portal and came back to my body but I was already there it was like I was two me with one mind one thinking amazingly I been waiting to happened again so I can do more in there. So far hasn't happened.

  349. Camilo Perez says:

    I’ve experienced sleep paralysis for many years, at least once a month. I’ve experienced diverse things; shadows in the room, hands in my chest, someone sitting on my bed, out body experiences. Sometimes after this experiences I know things that are hapenning or that will happen without reading about them. Sometimes I heard voices in my mind too talking fast. Sometimes I’m scared or sometimes I’m brave and play with it.

  350. Lori Bull says:

    This is all very interesting to read. I too, had a experience about a yr ago. I never shared it with anyone , as I thought people would think I was crazy. I had recently been in a church class learning about healing prayer. We were learning that there are two powers in this world God and Satan and that we as Christians have the power to pray in the name of Jesus Christ to ask spirits to leave. I had been praying intensively to have the spirits of addiction and depression leave my sons life. He had dabbled in some Satan worship with friends, not knowing the seriousness in calling out Satan. . As I was praying I felt a overwhelming FEAR<PANIC run through my whole body. As I tried to move and scream, no words could come out. I was paralyzed and felt terror overtake me. I then immediately kept repeating the Lords name "Jesus" over and over again till this felling went away. I finally felt peace after much prayer. I often wondered if the enemy was so angry that he would lose influence over my son that he thought he could retaliate??????

  351. lumo